Thursday, November 15, 2007

In the jaws of the Liberal Paradox: a trashed Democratic Party vs. no win 3rd Parties

Well, here we are trapped between a trashed Democratic Party and politically suicidal 2008 3rd Parties.

On the one hand, the probable Democratic candidate for the 2008 elections is the Hillary Clinton Doll (alias the Hillary Bush Doll). But this woman has never taken a stand about ANYTHING in her life! In fact there's a rumor afoot that Hillary is really a DLC android whipped up by James Carville. Plus, her hubby did a lot of sucking up to Daddy Bush, so wouldn't it be wonderful if we can just take a pass on the "Clintons".

And as a matter of fact, aren't you sick to death of wall to wall Clinton's and Bush's. Jeez, when they run out of spouses and children, will they start running their parakeets? Of course that might not be so bad, since President Parakeet could well be a lot better than dolls and Nazis.

OK, now the other hand. We all KNOW in our heart of hearts that any third party we might slap together by 2008 will be the answer to the pugs prayers (do Republican "pray", or do they just have Skull and Crossbones Yale "ceremonies"?) Even most of us who still throw up at the sound of Ralph Nadir (spelled with an i), don't blame the Greens. To the contrary, most of these folks are fighting the good fight to honor American values at their best, BUT as a realpolitik 3rd Party, even Tinkerbelle wouldn't vote for them.

That's the crunch. We're damned if we do and damned if we don't. Having to choose between Hillary Clinton/Bush and some glassy-eyed fascist Republican is NO CHOICE.

In philosophy, there's a phrase called a tertium quid (which means a "third thing"). God in heaven, THAT'S WHAT WE NEED, we need a third thing. Something or someone who isn't a reincarnate Nazi and who isn't a DLC android.

Karl Marx was wrong about a lot of things, but he observed that the "subjective revolution" had to come before the "objective revolution".

Now revolution here simply means the resurrection of the American Dream (which clearly doesn’t have to be violent). But maybe Karl had something there, since the core of it all is the "mind set" of Americans, and maybe, just maybe, most Americans are now in mid mutation because we are so SICK TO DEATH of this gutless Democratic Congress of traitors AND this lunatic fringe of 70 IQ religious fanatics, fascist psychopaths, and neocon agents that TOTALLY control what used to be the Republican Party, that perhaps Americans are now changing more profoundly than we realize "from the inside".

The good news is the Internet belongs to liberals. Face it fascists. You blew this one to the max. And where the Internet is, there is the collective American consciousness.

So, if, if, if, any of this is significantly true, then all we have to do is "act it out". The dog isn't the un American neocon cabal, or the beltway dems, or 3rd Reich Republicans.

The dog is US, so let's get that tertium quid going!

I'm just one patriotic American talking over the fence to my neighbors, but TOGETHER hopefully we can turn this conversation into a tsunami of liberal/progressive change.