Thursday, November 22, 2007

American elites and fascists are beginning to realize that the internet (i.e., knowledge) is their ultimate enemy

Over the centuries and millennia, the "Have's" controlled and enslaved the "Have Not's", not only with police terrorism, but also by keeping the peasants, peons, serfs, etc. (i.e., US!) propagandized into impotent stupor. And how absurd to call this a Class War. This is like saying a class war exists between cattle and the factories that butcher them.

This point is infinitely important! Elite terrorism has NEVER been enough to permit the 1% to enslave the 99%. This has always been the paradox of history. How can Greek God like elites (the 1%) so abjectly subjugate all the rest of the human race (the 99%)?

The answer is obvious. The pig, pig rich have always been masters of propaganda. They have contrived thousands of different ways to convince the rest of the human planet that “being a slave” is not only normal but pathologically moral.

Extreme examples of this stand out like: "Divine Right" or "survival of the fittest" (political/social, not scientific), "Manifest Destiny" (a sadistic fairy tale of American elites), and on and on.

The point is, WITHOUT this brainwashing and basically totally lack of communication among the "lower and middle classes" (shall we say it like that?); the pitiful 1% would be eaten alive, sadistic goose steppers, or no sadistic goose steppers.

But now, the internet! And FOR THE FIRST TIME IN HUMAN HISTORY the suckers and slaves are communicating among ourselves in the millions.

Very rarely in human history has some event or technology "quantum jumped" the human race into a different dimension. Certainly atomic energy would be a candidate, but far less spectacularly, so has the internet.

There's probably no human being alive who comprehends even a TENTH of how the internet is mutating the human condition.

Communication is power. May we say that again? Communication is power and the internet is communication gone ballistic. The only mathematical model equal to the challenge is exponential growth, and probably the communication change between now and five years from now will be a hundred times greater than the change between five years ago and now.

In short, in the language of calculus, the rate of change is itself changing. That's the difference between velocity (first derivative) and acceleration (second derivative). It's not just that communication keeps growing; it's that communication change is ACCELERATING.

Of course the Devil's Advocate would say, so what, who cares? Well, let's just hope that retarded Devil's Advocate continues to influence the international "secret society" of the planet's vampire elites, because, again for the first time in human history, dynamics are at now work which are declaring unconditional war on the fascist Police State and the Earth's astronomically rich.

There's JUST NO WAY the Earth's vampire elites can continue to murder Mother Nature, literally millions of "Have Not" children, and all the world's Democratic Republics and get away with it, since the world's 99% is getting closer and closer to some version of "Take this job and shove it!”

In other words, "we're finding ourselves" and realizing that we don't HAVE to be butchered in cattle factories.

So to HELL with this "lower class" crap and "Have Not" crap, and yes even "middle class" crap.

We're all children of the universe and we have a God given and constitutionally given birthright to SHARE THE WEALTH EQUALLY WITH the entire human species. And this applies to Africans, ghetto victims, those wretched New Orleans families Bush seems to hate so much, Independents, Democrats, Republicans (all those nonsense political names), our neighbors, diverse religious groups, atheists, homosexuals, and people with and without facial hair.

NOTHING SHORT OF THIS is humanly acceptable. These's so much wealth on this planet that EVERYONE should be living fulfilling, creative, and healthy lives.

So why aren't we?

It's because there's a literal hell on Earth made of international elites and these "devil's" (metaphor or reality?) have succeeded since the dawn of human history in terrorizing (these are the REAL terrorists) practically all the rest of us into mooing our way into butcher factories.

But all is not lost. They didn't count of the internet and the internet may well be the Salvation of the human race. It's almost as if a technological/scientific God has taken pity on us and has given us the means to reach out to each other in the millions (billions?) and share our pain, loss, and rage.

We cattle people DON'T HAVE TO LIVE LIKE THIS, but until we began to realize that a mere 1% of vampire people (hey, they're totally feeding on our lives -- isn't that a vampire?), we just bowed our heads and "resigned ourselves to the inevitable".

See, that's the key phrase, resigning ourselves to the inevitable, and that resignation was grounded in ignorance. Before we used to live in "pockets" of ignorance. No communication beyond our glorified neighborhoods. No BIG PICTURE understanding of what's really happening "out there".

But, by God now we DO know what's really happening out there and it's enough to make you "take this job and shove it"! Now we know WE'RE the 99% and the multi millionaires and multi billionaires are the 1% (probably significantly less than one percent), but this tiny fraternity/sorority of infinite greed heads is virtually controlling the very breath of our lives.


Politics is the bone they throw to us to gnaw on while they continue to live like Gods.

Fascism is an appendage of the vampire elites. It's their "police force" to keep us playing by THEIR arbitrary paper rules. It’s our ONE party dem/pug system, and if we need any proof, just look at the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll who is a virtual clone of George W. Bush. The only political distinction in America that now means ANYTHING is between dem/pug fascists and passionate progressives who are desperately holding the line against Nazi fascism. That’s all that’s left of land of the free and the home of the brave.

But (and let's end on this hopeful note), they didn't anticipate the internet. The anti American neocon cabal didn’t anticipate that the cattle and suckers and servants and lower classes and have nots and brainwashed "unwashed" (that’s their word for us -- they also call us the "masses"), would be given the means to communicate with each other on a scale never dreamed by our forbears.

Look, if you've got a million people in a corral and one percent of them have cattle prods and the other 99% is wired to nonstop propaganda about how the 1% DESERVE to live like Gods, this setup can go on (and has!) indefinitely. Indeed, is has been going on since the beginning of recorded history.

But if the 99% suddenly discover that they don't HAVE to listen to all that propaganda crap and that somehow, almost miraculously (the internet!) they discover that they can all talk to each other and share their intelligence, creativity, and rage (which by now is nearly infinite), then all bets are off on the future. Imagine a million cattle straining against the fence all at the same time.

That's all that's necessary. In fact, it’s a thousand times MORE than what is necessary. And the cattle prods? How about sticking them where the sun doesn't shine up the elites.

Revolutions don't have to be violent. Indeed, most of the time they just make things worse when they are violent. But how about revolutions of the spirit? How about revolutions grounded in our souls.

Arguably, the critical mass here is not basements full of guns. No, the critical mass here is simply 99% of us taking our world back because it is the sane, rational, and ethical thing to do.

Yes, the elites are still protected by their fascist thugs. It has always been so. But what has NOT always been so is that now all the rest of us are discovering our common humanity and our common POWER. The internet is empowering us almost beyond belief, but it's not the power of guns and cattle prods. It's the power of the collective human consciousness waking up and realizing that elites are almost certainly going be to "selected out" (one way or another) by the spontaneous processes of evolution.

It's fairly common knowledge that certain species of dinosaurs were both protected and burdened of enormous nose horns. In the end, some of these creatures were literally "brought down" by these counter productive nose horns. This could be a good analogy for the greed vampire international elites in the context of social and biological evolution. Their fabulously specialized wealth inevitably generates nearly limitless toxic by products for the infrastructures of nature and nature has never had any patience with ecological cancers.

All indications are that the human species will survive ONLY as a classless society, and what a coming together of science and religion this would be, since morality, justice, and sanity may well turn out to be the necessary if not sufficient ingredients for human species survival, and correspondingly, the "evil" of elites and fascists is almost certainly the royal road to human extinction.

And factoring the internet into this unimaginably convoluted social/biological stew is catalyzing a quantum jump in the human condition. The human race is now rapidly "waking up" from millennia of cattle conditioning.