Sunday, September 28, 2008

Total War, not escapist politics is now the God of America.

It's time to cut the crap. We are in a war. All this political sound and fury signifies nothing. The 2004 "Democratic Congress" was filled with closet Republicans. Never in the history of our country, did we have such a collection of filth that spat on morality and rationality like the Nancy Pelosi types who were (and still are) dem puppets of George W. Bush.

And yet, even that is secondary to the self-evident theme of this paper. Forget television (corporate or otherwise), forget meaningless elections. Forget the duh-duh-duh "debates" -- unless your meds no longer put you to sleep. Also, forget nearly all forms of religious b.s. (not just the fundamentalists). Those guys in dresses and babblers in tents are barely primates, much less functional IQ children on the universe

But most of all, forget the supreme smoke screen of our species: "politics". Life forms which take politics seriously are bound for extinction. Evolution is ultimately impatient with such consensus denial of reality. And yes, Virginia, reality IS within reach of advanced life forms (all over the universe). How could it be otherwise? This is our home. Sarah Palin airheads notwithstanding, the universe is not a Motel 6 we're just passing through on our way to comic book salvation or damnation.

Probably nothing is a better measure of the degree to which a random human is in touch with reality than knowing in your bones that "This is It". Ultimate realness is where we already are.

But alas, for the Sarah Palins (and probably billions of religiosos) such knowing is equivalent to mind-blown insanity. Tough. The bubble heads who DON'T realize this are simply defective life forms which Evolution, in due course, will "select out".

But back to the supreme repression of America. Our country is now up to its neck in total war. And be careful, this isn't poetic imagery, this is LITERAL FACT.

Look, the elites/fascists/religious fanatics aren't only killing us on a genocidal scale, they are robbing us blind and boiling our bones before they turn to the "assassination solution" (the international symbol of American society).

Exaggeration? Only human ostriches get to play the moronic and infinitely cowardly game that the God of War is not the God of American society.

It would take a monograph to site a list of proofs that America = War. Go back to Senator Wellstone and the attempted anthrax assassinations of high profile Democrats. However, much more devastating are the strategies these organized crime type devils from hell are using to, let's say, "wean the working class population".

Note that nearly all of our hard won legislative protections of food (poison meat is now EVERYWHERE, -- just one of hundreds of examples) have been trashed. So also, out the window with governmental protection of near point of return pollution of our rivers, skies, and oceans.

Also don’t let it fall through the cracks that pharmaceutical giants are now so totally unmonitored that they can literally make anything make ANYTHING and claim it is medicine. Yeah, in your dreams. People are dying in hordes from taking certain kinds of “medicine”. Pretty efficient, huh? It sure worked well in Africa. Next, the “lower classes” will probably be treated with bleeding and leeches.

Global warming?. Well mindless Sarah has giggled that out of the conversation. Widening ozone holes (and VERY widening ozone holes), no problema. Chances are, Sarah doesn't even know what ozone is. Oh well.

And where's McCain in all this? Well . . . no offence but he's already slipped so for into dementia that he'll probably start drooling on his shirt 30 minutes into the debate. And what do you think? Any chance his mind is every occupied with much of anything besides Sarah Palin's bod. It's really embarrassing to watch a contender for the Presidency of the United States of America ogle his VP's derriere every time he gets a chance.

Again, this list of elite/fascist murder could go on and on, but the critical point is that the elites are systematically trying to kill of the human cattle (that's us) down to a more manageable size. Too many human cattle are like too many blacks. Of course that's now being fixed by white Europeans who introduced aides to Africa -- also reminds you of New Orleans doesn't it, which even grade school children know Bush literally murdered (hey, too many blacks and progressives).

Is there more? Oh dear God, is there more. How about this form of murder? Canceling the health insurance and programs even for the children of the cattle classes (middle and lower) is just another form of genocide.

And perhaps most blatantly of all is sending the children of NON elite Americans to be cannon fodder in the Bush money cow oil wars for the American vampire elites. Blood for Oil. Pretty good deal if you get to sell the oil.

And please note, as an aside, the "vampire" elites fits our world to perfection since these human cancers exist ONLY by draining the blood (money, life, etc) of American peasants.

We supply everything for this country: the energy, the work, the wealth, the brains, even our lives. But who sits at the top of the food chain? Well, Paris Hilton for openers. Now please, please take that in. THIS is an example of parasitical, retarded elite. Imagine, 10,000 Paris Hilton's. Oh God, the Earth would implode into such a vacuum. And scum-in-a-suit Murdoch, who wasn't even an American, and is trying to 100% own Wall Street.

You know, the core theme of this piece is hard for even the writer to keep in focus, because it is a kind of social horror, and nobody wants to get real with horror.

But (and here's the bottom line), if we don't DON'T get real with this horror; if we DON'T look square in the face that our Constitutional Republic is now in a FIGHT TO THE DEATH with the vampire elites and Republican fascists, we will continue to masturbate (excuse my French) away our lives in the fantasy land that the only big picture now in America is 100% escapist politics, plus miscellaneous religious pap.

And why is this a mistake? It's a mistake because at this stage in the game, only defective life forms see our world in terms of politics and/or religion. Once upon a time, such things may have been marginally relevant and who knows what the future will bring, but where we are NOW is vastly more grim and real.

Where we are NOW is up to our necks in a fight to the death civil war (perhaps we can call it that). In any case, it has NEXT TO NOTHING to do with politics or religion.

It has to do with the agonizing fact that our country is being totally taken over by limitless evil. Europe in WW2 had nothing on us. Change the details, and we are in EXACTLY the same place -- and even fighting basically the same people. However, they're a little more clever, since they don't wear uniforms (which must disappoint the Bush Family which has long since sold it soul to these monsters).

Tragically, it's not just the VERY alive and well residue of the 3rd Reich, we're also in a total war with religious psychopaths (who are so retarded they think the world is going to go boom any day now). They live in a world that is beyond duh.

And lastly, throw in "organized crime" as yet another form of pure evil we have on our plate. Remember, criminals flourish when the laws and constitution of a country have been flushed down the toilet. We all know Bush said our Constitution "is just a piece of paper". When your country trashes the rule of law, organized comes rushing in like flies on a corpse (a pretty good description of what’s left of America).

OK. Enough already. This is depressing me just as much as you.

But my fellow countrymen and women, we have ZERO chance of saving our country, the lives of our children, our Constitutional Republic, and even the very Earth itself, unless we stop the unforgivably cowardly game of pretending that the reality behind the political/religious appearance, is not TOTAL WAR.

War is now the God of America, and we are losing because we keep pathetically pretending that it is NOT the God of America. This one sentence says everything.

All that's lacking are the fascist uniforms. This is war!

There's a Japanese parable about a Japanese boy who was up on the slopes minding the rice fields when he saw in the distance a tsunami roaring towards his village. He knew he had no chance of warning the villagers (and his family) in time, so he set fire to the rice fields, knowing everyone would run up to put out the fire, and thereby saving the village.

Moral: sometimes crying wolf is the highest act of intelligence and morality.

Well, yours truly certainly isn't a saint, but I know it's time to cry wolf that our country is now up to its neck in TOTAL WAR.

But I don't have any fire to light to snap people out of the illusion that things like politics and religion are the big picture for what's now happening in America.

But, thinking that is an act of suicide.

Maybe it's easier to see this theoretically. Imagine there's a country which has group A and group B, and that group A is systematically committing genocide on group B, plus literally turning them into social slaves of group A.

They do this in a great variety of ways:

(1.) They don't tax group A, but have back breaking taxes on group B.

(2.) Group A starts wars based on lies because the wars make the multimillionaires of group A, multibillionaires. In short the SINGLE AND ONLY function of the war is make group A rich beyond the dreams of Midas.

(3.) Group A has stolen much (most) of the retirement and health programs from group B, which is another indirect form of genocide. Hey, if you’re very sick and can't afford a doctor, chances are you're going to die.

(4.) Naturally only the children of group B get to be the cannon fodder for group A's money cow wars. More genocide.

(5.) Group A has devil from hell connections with the pharmaceutical giants and permit them to make ANYTHING and call it "medicine". Yeah, in your dreams. We should never forget that white Europeans radically reduced the African population by "requiring" certain inoculations that led to aides! This is one of the ultimate horror stories of the last millennia and it should NEVER be forgotten. So be very careful when your Doctor prescribes some "new medicine"

(6.) Group A has removed nearly all government inspection of food; hence poison meat is now EVERYWHERE -- and hundreds of other examples.

(7.) Group A is raping Mother Nature in ways that radically increase global warming, radically increase the ozone holes, and in general radically increase the pollution in America's water, skies, and even the oceans.

This is merely a small sample of a vastly larger collection of real world strategies by which group A is consciously and systematically KILLING OFF great quantities of group B (which the A group thinks needs to be "weaned"), and consciously and systematically transforming group B to 21st Century peasants and servants of group A.

Well, we know who group A is, don't we? Basically group A are the vampire elites, religious fanatics, and the very alive and well residue of the WW2 Third Reich. Also throw in organized crime, since criminals just LOVE it when the Constitution and laws of a country are flushed down the toilet.

Group B? Just us, just millions and millions of patriotic suckers -- which alas, is what we are to the degree we don't realize that the above list adds up to being victims of literal WAR.

You see, that's the essence of this. The only thing that's missing are the uniforms because when your social world is being deliberately KILLED and robbed, that’s light years away from candyass politics or escapist religion.

See, the insight in America we supremely repress is the WAR/MURDER one. And God in Heaven, when you are being systematically and secretly killed and financially raped (does the "bail out" ring any bells?), this isn't playtime or "let's talk about it", this is TOTAL WAR.

It's as if we're England in WW2, but (unlike the real English) we are just going about our business, watching our sitcoms, and talking political talk (like Chamberlain!). And while we are doing this, WE ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED.

So, I wish I could be that brilliant Japanese boy who saved his village, but if I can even be 10% of that boy, maybe that means I have helped my American neighbors to WAKE UP and "see it like it is". Because seeing it like it is means acknowledging the horror that, uniforms or no uniforms, we have been declared war on and the killers are crossing their fingers that, at least for a little while longer, they can brainwash us into believing that only business as usual politics is our world.

No, no, no, no, no.

May I return to the title: War is now the God of America, and we are losing because we keep pathetically pretending it is NOT the God of America.

Never has the Earth been so threatened as by Sarah Palin.

In balance, she's probably about 15 times more dangerous than McCain, who seems to be a sort of Alzheimer’s God of War, but Palin is like a creature from the other side of the universe sent to the Earth to destroy our (one and only) planet.

Many of us simply don't realize the limitless danger of this mindless and scientifically illiterate woman.

Look, here's Sarah Palin's bottom line (which she has reinforced over and over again): She REALLY believes the Earth is a Motel 6 she's just "passing through" on her way to comic book salvation or damnation.

Wow! Is that retarded, or what? I guess this means quasars are part of the wallpaper and quantum mechanics is somewhere down there in the rug. I think it also explains why religious fanatics are always stealing the towels (e.g., the intrinsic wealth of the planet) and why they always leave it to the human grown ups to clean up the mess after they "beam up" (?) to la la land.

In a word, she's criminally stupid (if only we could get our hands on her IQ, I'd bet big bucks it's beneath 100). And having a criminally stupid and scientifically illiterate VP in the 21st Century is like drinking ground glass.

God in heaven, even the pugs and moderates must realize that such a thing MUST NEVER, NEVER HAPPEN.

To make a point, may I be personal? I feel a little embarrassed to be so frank, but like many of you I have a PhD. It happens to be in mathematics, but you can take it to the bank that I had to work my you know what off to obtain it.

MD's, PhD's, hey this is killer challenge stuff, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that you (hopefully) acquire the skill and confidence (the confidence is almost more important than the skill)

to stand up and be counted as a highly functional adult Homo sapien child of the universe (whew! that was a mouthful).

I mention all this because for those of us (and this CERTAINLY isn’t limited to the academic and medical worlds) who know what it feels like to achieve some kind of mastery, we have a very, VERY short fuse with life's pretentious airheads.

In short, we see Sarah Palin as basically a different life form -- you know, she didn't just "get stuck" in the 4th grade, she got stuck in the Paleolithic Era. Just a tad too many reptilian vibes in this quasi human.

Still on the personal theme, I'd like to get Palin in a conversation about, say, Einstein's Special Relativity, since it turns out it really isn't that hard to fairly quickly get a sense of inertial motion (or inertial reference systems) and from that to get a sense that since apparently nothing is absolutely stationary in the universe (Palin's Motel), you can never say that a given inertial system is absolutely moving or stationary. And from this follows much.

And my point is? Well, I just don't think I would get even a dollop of interest or understanding from such a conversation with Sarah.

OK, the big idea here is that if you crank up the intelligence level past a certain point (probably, not very high) all indications are that Palin would get glassy eyed.

And a glassy-eyed VP would do EVERYTHING WRONG about the escalating and exceptionally demanding challenges of being stewards of this planet (which, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, is NOT a "model").

I threw in the Einstein thing as just one of thousands of examples a reasonably literate and disciplined mind would have no great trouble genuinely understanding.

But what do you think? I think Palin would fade out after the "science" word, and if she got though that, she would think I was talking about the Devil (capital "D" for Palin, lower case "d" for me) when I started talking about Einstein's Special Relativity.

Hell, if I had her on the run, I would probably start talking about GENERAL relativity (and the relevant equations), just to see if her arms would fall off.

Sorry, but this subject is so INFINITELY dangerous, I've got to have a little fun to keep from despair.

Because to think this person who McCain can't keep his eyes off of when she's walking off the stage (give it up John, that's just male menopause), could be in a decision making position which would be grounded in her religious "Motelism", that should be studied by a small army of scientific professionals from diverse disciplines, is, frankly, horrifying.

I mean, what's she going to do about the ozone holes -- cover them up with curtains? And global warming? Well, for openers she doesn't even think fossil fuels (for example) have ANYTHING TO DO with global warming. But even barnyard animals know global warming is grounded in the combustion of fossil fuels! Maybe her governmental fiat will be for all of us to keep our refrigerator doors open.

Lastly, I guess for me the Palin braindeadism is the most dangerous and plausible scenario we all face. Not to be unkind, but it seems most Americans (of any political persuasion) sense that McCain is on the dementia skids and some people are probably already forming betting pools about when he drops out of the debates.

And when McCain has shuffled off this mortal coil (assuming the pugs succeed in stealing their 3rd Presidential election), it will be total insanity time for America. Palin will be worse than our first crazy King George. She will be three standard deviations to the left of the mean of mature, rationally functioning adult Homo sapiens.

Thus, this individual human being, Sarah Palin, would literally be the worst thing that ever happened to the Earth.

Lastly, please note that if (God forbid!) she became President it would almost certainly catalyze America's second Civil War and/or America would be declared war on by most of the international community (who, after all, are living on the same planet as we are!).

Would we or the world realistically have any other alternative when dealing with such a duh-brained. religioso psychopath?

Monday, September 22, 2008

The Obama/Biden passivity is becoming treasonous.

Look, it's time to bring down the hammer on Barack Obama. Biden is looking more and more like a hologram, so let's just let him keep playing the see not evil, hear no evil, and say no evil game with himself.

Really, my fellow Americans, what do we do? Nobody likes to kick someone else's a__, but Obama, more than anyone else alive, is MURDERING AMERICA.

His passivity is so (what?) "neurological", that we now know with absolute certainty he WILL NEVER STAND UP AND FIGHT FOR AMERICA.

Hell, he wouldn't stand up and fight about being overcharged for pair of socks, much less the criminal lies Alzheimer's-McCain and airhead-Palin are continuously puking into his face.

Imagine what would have happened if our founding fathers shared his cowardly (because, that's what it is!) passivity? Well, the first King George would have yucked his way to an American Police State, just like the second King George is doing exactly the same.

I bet when the word "Obama" is brought up in Republican conversations, the religious fanatics cry out that he is the answer to their prayers, while all the other pugs laugh themselves into unconsciousness.

Everyone was distracted by the Palin business (and McCain's pathetic male menopause lust for his VP), but now the dust is settling and the Palin bubble (which the pugs hoped wouldn't break until after the election) is already losing clouds of gas. Not surprisingly, since Haekel's "gaseous vertebrate" describes this pathological liar to perfection.

The tragedy, however, is that it is now obvious that Palin (first impressions to the contrary) is the non event in this election. Sure the pugs like everyone to talk about her, but even the late nite talk shows are getting bored with such a contemptibly immoral twit.

No, all roads do NOT lead to Palin, they lead to (whoops, I forgot his name!) Barack Obama.

We could have searched the solar system and still never found such as metaphysical loser as Barack Obama.

And no, I don't feel the least guilty calling to task the America-betraying liar who in the primaries spoke so eloquently of progressive values and policies, but who now kowtows to Bill O'Reilly. I suppose it's just a matter of time before Obama starts carrying around Ann Coulter holy cards.

Well, back to the two honest to God possibilities.

(1.) You know, it's really quite easy to make "dissolving darts" that deliver their drug and then cease to exist. And after 9/11 and the attempted anthrax murders, the entire world knows the pugs are capable of anything! So a far out possibility, maybe, but it really would explain a lot. Unless Obama has bipolar personalities, it's almost beyond comprehension to account for his TOTAL personality transformation after the primaries.

(2.) The second possibly, alas, seem far more likely to the writer. If there's any phrase in human existence we all know is true, it's "money talks", and if Obama is living in a virtual palace a few weeks after the (God forbid) pug presidential victory, the truth will out that he sold his soul to fascist/Nazis and infinitely betrayed our already mutilated Constitutional Republic.

Time will tell about both of these explanations of why Barack Obama has totally abandoned America.

Of course, there's always the possibility that the buck 100% stops with Barack Obama himself. Maybe he's just a very ordinary guy who got in so far over his head that he had a kind of moral breakdown.

But forgiveness later (if at all). Now it's time for point blank realism. No denial or wishful thinking. Sometimes in life EVERYTHING depends of "seeing it like it is", and my fellow patriots we're nearly out of time, so let's get shoulder to shoulder and win this election (both presidential and congressional) with the full knowledge that Obama and Biden are kiss of death handicaps.

They have betrayed us. They are betraying us. They will keep betraying us.

So it's time for US to mount the barricades! Can we stand up to these devil fascist elites and pugs? Yes, a thousand time yes, but ONLY if we grow teeth and claws. Eagle beaks will also help to save the soul of our beloved country.

These people are evil incarnate, the destroyers of civilizations and families. So it's now 100% up to us to STAND UP AND BE COUNTED.

Is America worth fighting for? Is our Constitution worth fighting for? Is a moral America worth fighting for? Is Mother Nature worth fighting for?

Well, Obama and Biden clearly wet their pants at the thought of fighting for anything, but if we take inspiration and courage from our country's early patriots and heroes, we too (all of us) will fight the good fight.

Viva America!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Rove isn't a genius. He's just an evil pig who fights dirty.

So, can we please, please stick a pin once and for all into the "deification" balloon of Karl Rove by Democrats?

Nothing could be more absurd than intellectually intimidated Democrats by Republicans! Hey, will everyone please WAKE UP? The Democratic/Progressive Party (progressives MUST be included in this) is the ONLY truly literate, scientific, and broadly civilized party in America.

WE pass all the bills supporting medical research, all levels of education, scientific research in general, the fine arts, life and death alternative energy projects, etc.

In short, the Democratic/Progressive Party is the party of science, culture, and human civilization at its best.

But perhaps most of all, the D/P Party is the party of conscience, compassion, and humanity. Said differently (if a little oddly), if Jesus Christ were alive now and he wanted to participate in politics, you tell me, would he be spending time with Karl Rove? Or, more generally, would Jesus Christ (or Buddha or Mohammed or the Hebrew Prophets) be members of the Republican Party or the Democratic Party? Every heart in America knows the answer to this question would NEVER be the Republican Party.

But back to Rove. Please think about this. There's something profoundly self destructive and limiting about putting other people on "pedestals".

Remember the book, "Bush's Brain"? This came out when people were practically genuflecting in front of the Republican PR creation of Karl Rove. I half expected little Rove "holy cards" or small statuettes to be handed out on street corners. Of course, the "Bush's Brain" book (which was NOT deifying Rove, by the way) was enormously entertaining in the sense that discovering you were the "brain" of George W. Bush would be a ghastly realization.

Indeed, I for one am perfectly willing to think of Rove as Bush's pea brain.

However, such grotesqueries aside, let's focus on the heart of the matter.

May we try out this syllogism?

(a.) Karl Rove gets results.

(b.) People who get results are intelligent.

(c.) Therefore, Karl Rove is intelligent

Formerly, the argument is correct, but the problem is the second claim (or premise), which is now going to be unconditionally challenged.

The "result getting" of Rove is not proof of exceptional intelligence, but proof of exceptional evil.

Karl Rove is merely a high profile example of a phenomenon all of us have seen over and over again (usually starting in school). People who "fight dirty" almost always win. This is blatantly obvious in sports competitions when, say, a fighter keeps "hitting beneath the belt" of another fighter. Well, if he keeps getting away with it, the dirty fighter is going to win.

But this isn't only true for sports, it's also true of business (I bet several of you have been on the butt end of dirty business tactics), and its ALSO TRUE FOR POLITICS.

Hence, this is the see spot run simple explanation of Rove's "result's". Yes, the schemes he cooks up can be somewhat convoluted and secretive, but that's not what makes them work (of course, most of his schemes actually HAVEN'T worked, but that's another story).

What make's Rove's strategies work (when they do), is not his "genius", but the fact that he is exploiting the good will and decency of people who DON'T fight dirty. If EVERYONE fought dirty, Karl Rove would be invisible, but the humanly admirable fact (even though it's accompanied with vulnerability) is that most human beings wouldn't dream to sinking to Karl Rove tactics.

So, intelligence belongs to Democrats, not Republicans (and the objective evidence for this is mountainous) and it is very counter productive not to take credit for kick ass IQ, especially when it manifests itself in society in such a variety of forms.

Not to be unkind, but compare EITHER of the Clinton's to Sarah Palin and John McCain. Enough said?

And no, I certainly haven't forgotten our splendid Barack Obama and Joe Biden, but it's almost cruel to remind Republicans that class, intelligence, and humanity are qualities they can only see, but never touch.

And while we're at it, why not compare an amphibian (look it up, George) to George W. Bush (the first president in American history to have an IQ in the negative numbers).

God in heaven, guys and gals, if Palin, McCain, Bush, and Rove are the best the pugs can come up with, it's time to seriously examine the thesis the Republicans are a different species. I guess at least they're bipedal, erect primates.

Another important aspect of fighting dirty is that even if team A (the dirty fighting team -- or political party) wins and gets results in the short run, frequently once team B (that's us) realizes their losses have NOTHING to do with the prowess of team A and/or the ineptitude of team B, this can be a liberating moment of truth, and team B comes out of the locker room after half time "pumped up" for victory, victory, and nothing but victory -- and after the game, the remnants of team A are shoveled off the field.

So, forget the prowess of Karl Rove. He doesn't have any. He's just a piece of filth who takes advantage of kind and innocent people.

And if you're a Democrat, please celebrate the fact that you belong to the American Party that has ALWAYS been the cutting edge of civilization.

One last thing. Perhaps it’s a little weird for me to say this, but my Doctorate is mathematics and I doubt Karl Rove couldn't pass ANY of my math classes.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps: You folks can delete this if you wish, but I’m going have a little fun and cook up 3 o4 math questions as a kind of pretend entrance exam for Karl Rove. Who knows, maybe he’ll answer. J I’ll make them very conceptual so we don’t get bogged down in mathematical notation or symbology. I’ll also include some “answers” below – naturally, Karl will look at them in advance.

(1.) Speaking of which, here’s a kind of philosophical math question. True or false. The essence of mathematics IS the notation/symbology, e.g., the notation for derivatives and integrals.

(2.) What happens when you try to find the indefinite integral for the pdf (probability density function) of the normal random variable? Note, the graph of this pdf is the famous bell shaped curve.

(3.) The quadratic equation has the quadratic formula for its closed for solution. Does the fifth degree (quintic) polynomial also have a closed from solution? If not, why not?

(4.) Fermat’s Last Theorem argued that x^n = y^n + z^n (sorry about the carrot notation for exponents) was true only if n = 2. For example if n is a counting number greater than 2, it would always be false. This was undecided for hundreds of years, but fairly recently a proof was found. Did the proof confirm or deny Fermat’s conjecture?


Ok Karl, here’s the dope;

(1.) Absolutely not. Indeed confusing mathematics with its symbology may well be the most common misunderstanding of mathematics. Math is what the notation is “about”, not mathematics itself, almost exactly like musical notation which is itself not music, but “directions” that tell you what to do to make music. Now of course math music is mental, but it can still be exceedingly beautiful.

(2.) Nothing happens because the normal pdf is a transcendental function without a corresponding indefinite integral. Said differently, there IS NO function whose derivative is that pdf. So, April Fool, not all functions can be integrated.

(3.) No, there is no closed form solution (even though there is for linear, quadratic, cubic, and quartic polynomials). The “why” question was a dirty trick, since this discovery helped to open up a vast area of abstract math called modern algebra (VERY different from ordinary algebra).

(4.) Yes, it was proved to be true a few years ago, but take a deep breath before you look at the proof, because it is a very long, convoluted monster of subtlety.


What do you think, folks? Did “genius” Karl Rove answer even one question?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Did McCain pick Palin because of creeping dementia?

Palin is a zero. She's not even loose cannon. She's more like a loose TV sitcom.

The corporate media spin is that this was an extraordinarily clever choice Indeed; some people speculate it was really a Karl Rove choice.

But what if it was 100% a McCain choice AGAINST the advice of all his advisors? Indeed, what if it was a choice McCain made for, let's just say, intensely personal reasons.

And what might these very personal reasons be?

Well, two come to mind (however painful it is to look at such things), and both of them have to do with his age. But it's not only his age; it’s also his discombobulated appearance, fumbled talking, sniggering sexual remarks whenever he appears in public, and ogling his VP.

In short, one very real possibility is that this was a creeping Alzheimer’s choice.

The other very real possibility is that it was a male menopause choice.

Look, if someone makes a decision that is indescribably stupid (such as Sarah Palin for VP), you have to wonder if something fundamentally defective or secretive is going on in the decision making process.

Don't forget, McCain's first wife was a beauty queen, and don't forget McCain's SECOND wife was a beauty queen, and now "his" 3rd beauty queen (albeit topless) who he wants for his VP? Is there a pattern here or is there a pattern here?

We also shouldn’t discount the bogglingly inappropriate and public fact that McCain has sex on the brain (hey, he finds ways to leer and sneer about sex in virtually every public speech!). Sure makes you wonder what ‘ol John has been up to during the pre-Palin years.

In any case, corporate PR and Republican convention spin aside, Palin is beyond belief. Most of her speech was defensively talking about her family. Duh.

The sad, brutal fact is that Sarah Palin is going to have a VERY brief free ride. She's already the clown d'jour on most late nite talk shows. And this is just the beginning. Probably 95% of America knows in their heart of hearts (Republicans included) that, like an Alaskan vein of gold, Sarah Palin is going to be a treasure trove of sleaze, naughty relationships, family dysfunctionality, and general air headism.

Some folks think we should all turn the other way and decorate her past (and present) with flattery and fantasy virtues and accomplishments, but since this lady is now in the national fast lane, thanks to the personal eccentricities (and lusts?) of John McCain, let the buyer beware.

In fact, it is our life and death responsibility to shine the reality spotlight on McCain, Palin, and the exceedingly odd relationship between these two people, and IF we find sexual funny business, we should bloodily well shout it out to the planet. And if we find empirical evidence that John McCain is slipping into profound irrationality, we MUST examine the possibility that traces of dementia are starting to appear.

The litmus test in all of this is McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for VP, which (this writer predicts) is going to turn out to be an act of suicide for the Republican Presidential campaign.

Yes, you can sew together a cloak of minor political capital such as her grade school belief that global warming is NOT man made and her comical religious fanaticisms (both of which will appeal to similar quasi humans), but the truth will out, and already the truth is that this woman virtually doesn't exist when it comes to substantive adult maturities and political experience. The more you look into her past, is the more your find vulgarity, cruelty to animals and children, a mindless contempt for the environment (i.e., our one and only human race environment), and frightening illiteracy.

You really can't even imagine this fatuous woman having ANY kind of depth conversation with another head of state. She would have to have someone in the background holding up cue cards to keep the conversation going. Of course, one wonders how much the same is already the case, and will be INCREASINGLY be the case for John McCain.

So what do we have here: an "intellectually challenged" man in the grip of male menopause who has the hots for a fantasy high school student?

Never in the history of our country have we had such a lose/lose combo of clown like defectiveness.

Feel compassion for either or both of them if you wish, but in the name of God, keep these two losers away from the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States of America!

Contrasting them to the presidential and vice presidential experience, intelligence, and morality of Barrack Obama and Joe Biden is like comparing a half eaten, wet hot dog to a five star restaurant.