Sunday, September 28, 2008

Never has the Earth been so threatened as by Sarah Palin.

In balance, she's probably about 15 times more dangerous than McCain, who seems to be a sort of Alzheimer’s God of War, but Palin is like a creature from the other side of the universe sent to the Earth to destroy our (one and only) planet.

Many of us simply don't realize the limitless danger of this mindless and scientifically illiterate woman.

Look, here's Sarah Palin's bottom line (which she has reinforced over and over again): She REALLY believes the Earth is a Motel 6 she's just "passing through" on her way to comic book salvation or damnation.

Wow! Is that retarded, or what? I guess this means quasars are part of the wallpaper and quantum mechanics is somewhere down there in the rug. I think it also explains why religious fanatics are always stealing the towels (e.g., the intrinsic wealth of the planet) and why they always leave it to the human grown ups to clean up the mess after they "beam up" (?) to la la land.

In a word, she's criminally stupid (if only we could get our hands on her IQ, I'd bet big bucks it's beneath 100). And having a criminally stupid and scientifically illiterate VP in the 21st Century is like drinking ground glass.

God in heaven, even the pugs and moderates must realize that such a thing MUST NEVER, NEVER HAPPEN.

To make a point, may I be personal? I feel a little embarrassed to be so frank, but like many of you I have a PhD. It happens to be in mathematics, but you can take it to the bank that I had to work my you know what off to obtain it.

MD's, PhD's, hey this is killer challenge stuff, but the light at the end of the tunnel is that you (hopefully) acquire the skill and confidence (the confidence is almost more important than the skill)

to stand up and be counted as a highly functional adult Homo sapien child of the universe (whew! that was a mouthful).

I mention all this because for those of us (and this CERTAINLY isn’t limited to the academic and medical worlds) who know what it feels like to achieve some kind of mastery, we have a very, VERY short fuse with life's pretentious airheads.

In short, we see Sarah Palin as basically a different life form -- you know, she didn't just "get stuck" in the 4th grade, she got stuck in the Paleolithic Era. Just a tad too many reptilian vibes in this quasi human.

Still on the personal theme, I'd like to get Palin in a conversation about, say, Einstein's Special Relativity, since it turns out it really isn't that hard to fairly quickly get a sense of inertial motion (or inertial reference systems) and from that to get a sense that since apparently nothing is absolutely stationary in the universe (Palin's Motel), you can never say that a given inertial system is absolutely moving or stationary. And from this follows much.

And my point is? Well, I just don't think I would get even a dollop of interest or understanding from such a conversation with Sarah.

OK, the big idea here is that if you crank up the intelligence level past a certain point (probably, not very high) all indications are that Palin would get glassy eyed.

And a glassy-eyed VP would do EVERYTHING WRONG about the escalating and exceptionally demanding challenges of being stewards of this planet (which, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, is NOT a "model").

I threw in the Einstein thing as just one of thousands of examples a reasonably literate and disciplined mind would have no great trouble genuinely understanding.

But what do you think? I think Palin would fade out after the "science" word, and if she got though that, she would think I was talking about the Devil (capital "D" for Palin, lower case "d" for me) when I started talking about Einstein's Special Relativity.

Hell, if I had her on the run, I would probably start talking about GENERAL relativity (and the relevant equations), just to see if her arms would fall off.

Sorry, but this subject is so INFINITELY dangerous, I've got to have a little fun to keep from despair.

Because to think this person who McCain can't keep his eyes off of when she's walking off the stage (give it up John, that's just male menopause), could be in a decision making position which would be grounded in her religious "Motelism", that should be studied by a small army of scientific professionals from diverse disciplines, is, frankly, horrifying.

I mean, what's she going to do about the ozone holes -- cover them up with curtains? And global warming? Well, for openers she doesn't even think fossil fuels (for example) have ANYTHING TO DO with global warming. But even barnyard animals know global warming is grounded in the combustion of fossil fuels! Maybe her governmental fiat will be for all of us to keep our refrigerator doors open.

Lastly, I guess for me the Palin braindeadism is the most dangerous and plausible scenario we all face. Not to be unkind, but it seems most Americans (of any political persuasion) sense that McCain is on the dementia skids and some people are probably already forming betting pools about when he drops out of the debates.

And when McCain has shuffled off this mortal coil (assuming the pugs succeed in stealing their 3rd Presidential election), it will be total insanity time for America. Palin will be worse than our first crazy King George. She will be three standard deviations to the left of the mean of mature, rationally functioning adult Homo sapiens.

Thus, this individual human being, Sarah Palin, would literally be the worst thing that ever happened to the Earth.

Lastly, please note that if (God forbid!) she became President it would almost certainly catalyze America's second Civil War and/or America would be declared war on by most of the international community (who, after all, are living on the same planet as we are!).

Would we or the world realistically have any other alternative when dealing with such a duh-brained. religioso psychopath?