Sunday, September 28, 2008

All that's lacking are the fascist uniforms. This is war!

There's a Japanese parable about a Japanese boy who was up on the slopes minding the rice fields when he saw in the distance a tsunami roaring towards his village. He knew he had no chance of warning the villagers (and his family) in time, so he set fire to the rice fields, knowing everyone would run up to put out the fire, and thereby saving the village.

Moral: sometimes crying wolf is the highest act of intelligence and morality.

Well, yours truly certainly isn't a saint, but I know it's time to cry wolf that our country is now up to its neck in TOTAL WAR.

But I don't have any fire to light to snap people out of the illusion that things like politics and religion are the big picture for what's now happening in America.

But, thinking that is an act of suicide.

Maybe it's easier to see this theoretically. Imagine there's a country which has group A and group B, and that group A is systematically committing genocide on group B, plus literally turning them into social slaves of group A.

They do this in a great variety of ways:

(1.) They don't tax group A, but have back breaking taxes on group B.

(2.) Group A starts wars based on lies because the wars make the multimillionaires of group A, multibillionaires. In short the SINGLE AND ONLY function of the war is make group A rich beyond the dreams of Midas.

(3.) Group A has stolen much (most) of the retirement and health programs from group B, which is another indirect form of genocide. Hey, if you’re very sick and can't afford a doctor, chances are you're going to die.

(4.) Naturally only the children of group B get to be the cannon fodder for group A's money cow wars. More genocide.

(5.) Group A has devil from hell connections with the pharmaceutical giants and permit them to make ANYTHING and call it "medicine". Yeah, in your dreams. We should never forget that white Europeans radically reduced the African population by "requiring" certain inoculations that led to aides! This is one of the ultimate horror stories of the last millennia and it should NEVER be forgotten. So be very careful when your Doctor prescribes some "new medicine"

(6.) Group A has removed nearly all government inspection of food; hence poison meat is now EVERYWHERE -- and hundreds of other examples.

(7.) Group A is raping Mother Nature in ways that radically increase global warming, radically increase the ozone holes, and in general radically increase the pollution in America's water, skies, and even the oceans.

This is merely a small sample of a vastly larger collection of real world strategies by which group A is consciously and systematically KILLING OFF great quantities of group B (which the A group thinks needs to be "weaned"), and consciously and systematically transforming group B to 21st Century peasants and servants of group A.

Well, we know who group A is, don't we? Basically group A are the vampire elites, religious fanatics, and the very alive and well residue of the WW2 Third Reich. Also throw in organized crime, since criminals just LOVE it when the Constitution and laws of a country are flushed down the toilet.

Group B? Just us, just millions and millions of patriotic suckers -- which alas, is what we are to the degree we don't realize that the above list adds up to being victims of literal WAR.

You see, that's the essence of this. The only thing that's missing are the uniforms because when your social world is being deliberately KILLED and robbed, that’s light years away from candyass politics or escapist religion.

See, the insight in America we supremely repress is the WAR/MURDER one. And God in Heaven, when you are being systematically and secretly killed and financially raped (does the "bail out" ring any bells?), this isn't playtime or "let's talk about it", this is TOTAL WAR.

It's as if we're England in WW2, but (unlike the real English) we are just going about our business, watching our sitcoms, and talking political talk (like Chamberlain!). And while we are doing this, WE ARE BEING SLAUGHTERED.

So, I wish I could be that brilliant Japanese boy who saved his village, but if I can even be 10% of that boy, maybe that means I have helped my American neighbors to WAKE UP and "see it like it is". Because seeing it like it is means acknowledging the horror that, uniforms or no uniforms, we have been declared war on and the killers are crossing their fingers that, at least for a little while longer, they can brainwash us into believing that only business as usual politics is our world.

No, no, no, no, no.

May I return to the title: War is now the God of America, and we are losing because we keep pathetically pretending it is NOT the God of America.