Monday, July 28, 2008

How did God Bless America get reduced to an attack dog for the Israeli right wing?

And while we are at it, how did we get reduced to the atomic weaponry sugar daddy for the Israeli right wing?

Here's another question that never seems to be asked. What in God's name is the convoluted relation between Muslim fossil fuels and the Israeli right wing?

Over and over and over again we come back to the Israeli right wing. The Bush’s neocon cabal is all of a piece with the most extreme radicals of another country (our friends and allies?) and they have been wagging American foreign policy like a tail for the last eight plus years.

What ever happened to Americans controlling our OWN foreign policy? Back to the title of this piece, the question of questions is how did we get metamorphosed into the attack dog of another country? It's OUR children who are being turned into cannon fodder for the agendas of right wing crazies -- both American and Israeli.

Talk about a marriage made in hell, we also can't overlook the vile bond between that army of Christian Fundamentalists and their Israeli counterparts. A connection which dragging both Israel and Americans straight to hell.

Most of this is never talked about because these psychos keep trying to hide behind the smoke screen of anti Semitism. But this has NOTHING to do with anti Semitism any more than it has to do with the Jewish community at large (which seems overwhelmingly to want a two country solution to the Israeli/Palestinian "conflict").

It also has NOTHING to do with the State of Israel in general. God knows, we don't want (or deserve) the United States of America to be identified with our right wing crazies, and neither does Israel want or deserve that. For example, we shouldn't forget that Israel's Labor Party is courageously more liberal than what used to be the American Democratic Party.

No, the issue is ONLY Israel's right wing crazies, but these people are off the chart psychotic and righteous. Multi millionaire and billionaire religious fanatics are the absolute bottom of human spiritual/moral existence. So why do we bark when they tell us to bark, and why do we bite when the tell us to bite? And most of all, why do we slaughter our children when the tell us to slaughter our children?

God in heaven, it's time to take away from them their ONLY defense, which is to totally ignore their hypocritical phrase, "anti Semitic". Tragically, there are depressingly many times when that ugly shoe still fits. Of course, exactly the same thing is true for the slurs endured by basically all other countries, but when used by the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing, it is simply a strategic smoke screen to cover their self obsessed agendas. And if that weren't disgusting enough, they don't even use it properly historically. They should do their homework and dig into the deep historical roots of "Semitic".

But I'm not going to do it for them, these evil, right wing, vampire rich psychopaths have got to do it for themselves.

Surely giving them a river of our children's blood and enough atomic weaponry to annihilate half the planet should be enough.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

America for Americans -- not the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing.

In a bathtub or small river and lake, you can splash around with a kind of dominance. But in the North Atlantic, the "forces of nature" are God.

It has been wonderfully said that Nature doesn't belong to us; we belong to nature. And that includes politics, religion, and the vampire rich.

A "paradigm shift" is a fancy way to say the context and matrix of events is mutating from the outside in. The "current" of events is turning and simmering in unpredictable ways.

In placid (often cowardly) times, the currents are passive and obedient, and the future is a predictable status quo. This is the DLC and these are the Republican Democrats whose stench gags bacteria on Mars.

BUT, April Fool!, what's coming up from the depths of planet Earth is a paradigm shift revolution. The "mind set" of the human species is changing and forces are at work which are beginning to roll over the trash of institutionalized religion and fascist politics like a tidal wave.

The seabirds of revolutionary change are everywhere. Now we must be very clear about this. This change is not "up to us" to create. This is change which is changing us. The human species itself is in a "growth spurt".

For years the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing controlled American foreign policy like a dog wagging a tail. They still do, but increasingly Americans are waking up to truths like Joe Lieberman answers to multi millionaire and billionaire Israeli right wing extremists. Indeed, the whole neocon cable belongs to Likud Party types.

Hence, one of the paradigm shifts is waking up to the nauseating realization that our country, our God Bless America BELONGS to these Israeli right wing extremists. Meaning? They are not our "friends and allies"; they are vampire rich, brain dead religious fanatics who are lethal parasites in America. They are using our children like cannon fodder to further their self obsessed agendas. Just listen to a speech by Joe Lieberman and you'll hear it all.

And our press and entertainment industry? Also puppets of the same Israeli right wing fanatics.

So long as we play this 60 IQ game that the Israeli right wing has ANY allegiance to the United States of America, we are doomed to keep squandering our wealth, atomic weaponry, and the lives of our children in order to idiotically march to the agendas of what may well be the most concentrated collection of murder-in-the-name-of-God nutcases on planet Earth.

Do they represent the State of Israel in general? Of course not, any more than OUR right wing crazies speak for our nation in general. However, they have wormed their way into Bush's brain pan (or pot?) and play him like a puppet. The neocon cabal has been the true control center of the United States of America for the last 8+ years.

But, back to the paradigm shift which the neocon cabal totally didn't anticipate. There's chemistry now at work in our country which is increasingly challenging our mindless obedience to Israeli right wing extremists.

One measure of this is the degree to which Senator Joe Lieberman has become the very archetype of betrayal and disloyalty to the United States of America.

Hey Joe, it's one thing to trash your allegiance to the Democratic Party, but it's quite another to do the same to America. Why don't you just move to the country you suck up to -- and even barnyard animals know that's not the United States of America.

And oh yes, while you’re at it, please take the cancerous, anti American neocon cabal with you while you're at it.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Everything Game

What would you do if you began to realize you were playing a vast social/political/worldly game whose number one game rule was that the game wasn't really a game at all?

The problem is how would you communicate this to the other game players? After all, wouldn't they be mystified or offended or even threatened if you suggested they were "lost in a game"?

Let's think of this as the "Everything Game", because it would be a game, so to speak, without boundaries. So long as you played the game, you would be defined by the game and you could never, never find any secret, hidden place within the game in which the game wasn't king.

Even if you tried to stop playing the game, that would just be a new variation of the game.

You could take drugs; go to Tibet, pray, meditate, be a scientist, whatever, whatever, but the Everything Game would always have the last laugh. Paying bills, getting into arguments, going to funerals, watching movies, fantasizing about the future, regretting the past, etc., etc., etc. All Everything Game.

Now let's imagine that you woke up from this game, like waking up from a nightmare or a waking dream. You just "snapped out of it" and were living and breathing in a non game place or dimension.

In fact, what if the social/political/worldly game turned out to be "you"?

Then what?

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We are a slob species with glorious potential for transcendence.

Morality should be our breath. It shouldn't be a fatuous word in meaningless religious games.

We are such cowards. This is our essence: cowardice. Many readers will object to this, but if we had the courage of our potential, this world would be a heaven on Earth.

The ultimate challenge for human beings is to integrate spirituality with nature. This, after all, was the vision of the Holy Grail legends. Even in the 12th Century, most people well knew morality didn't belong to inauthentic priests or bishops.

For example, the knowledge was somewhat esoteric, but many people also knew that (1.) love between two adults was real, and (2.) it had nothing necessary to do with marriage (a convenient nonsense the clergy invented to manipulate the populace). The "sacrament" of marriage -- not on this or any other planet. The priests did everything but get in bed with the married couple.

The Tristan and Isolde story deals with such things. Love, marriage, and sex. That's a real juggling act, isn't it? But with institutional marriage factored out of the equation, then humans go back to directly relating (and loving!) other humans.

The core problem is that we are (hopelessly?) entangled in social games, mostly invented by the vampire rich -- such as "politics". We are brainwashed into thinking that "political action" is the God of human existence, so we obsess about rules and laws and elections, and (pain in the ass) "commandments".

But social reality is froth and babble (as in Tower of . . . ). We aren't "social beings". We are children of the universe and have no soul or being independent of nature. This should be see spot run obvious, but most of us think nature is a virtual illusion which we much transcend with religious wackosity.

How is it possible people can think that? How is it possible that such psychosis can be the pseudo soul of our species. How can we not realize that the sky above and the heaving oceans and the morning sunrise are REALITY? Yes, use the right word. Nature is our home. It is what we are born out of and die back into.

And back the 12th Century; Nature is also spiritual. Indeed Nature and Spirituality are the same thing and we don't need words like "God" to realize it. There's certainly nothing wrong with using God as a metaphor, but that doesn't change the fact that the metaphor is a metaphor for ultimate mystery and that this ultimate mystery is all of a piece with Nature.

And it must also be added that this ultimate mystery has NOTHING essential or critical to do with institutionalized religion. Or politics. Or marriage Or ANY of the social games invented by religious fanatics and the vampire rich to enslave the human race.

Society is pragmatics. We use it like we drive a car or comb our hair, but it is not who we are! And it is not the reality which defines who we are.

Our slob civilization is grounded in social existence. EVERYTHING for us is social.

But what about the reality of nature? Is a hurricane the creation of a conversation? Can we think or talk our way to eternal life? Does religion (any religion!) even microscopically transcend nature?

The big, big intuitions and truths have caught up with us. The criminally simplistic and abstract social games have turned into the home of evil.

The out of the box analogy says it to perfection, because our true nature IS an out of the box nature. The box creatures are rapidly killing the planet because we don’t bring 10 dimensional solutions to 3 dimensional problems.

If we only “actualized our human potential”, we would transcend evil and worldly civilizations of boggling stupidity.

An ancient intuition is, “You don’t wipe off blood with blood.” Meaning, in the box problems don’t have in the box solutions. You don’t vote or buy or talk your way out of hell.

Transcendence is all. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Evolution is the rule, not the exception. We're the exception.

In statistics, when an observation is too many standard deviations away from the mean it's called an "outlier". Outliers are often discounted by professional statisticians because they radically diverge from the collective trend of things.

The collective trend of things on this planet is evolution and evolution is integrated and harmonious process.

Now if we shrink our focus to the human game, what we see are extreme "outliers" in the form of a few thousand billionaire elites.

It is common biological knowledge that if "outliers" (used in a broad sense) are allowed to run amuck, that life form or, more importantly, that ecological system, is in grave danger of going extinct. Indeed, it is a near certainty that extinction will follow since the outliers are destroying any possibility of creative harmony which is the homeostasis of healthy evolution.

Thus, the Earth's vampire elites are the metastasized cancer of our dying species.

This isn't weirdness, or empty speculation, or doom saying. This is FACT. This is the way evolution works. This is the way the world works.

Evolution needs magnificent harmony, balance, and energy. The ideal human society for Mother Nature would be socialism. This isn't complicated or debatable. This is the high rationality of nature.

Said in language perhaps many would prefer, nature is functional Democracy.

It is NOT an oligarchy (dictatorship of the rich), theocracy (brainwashed robots), and perhaps least of all some version of monopolistic capitalism. In short, it is not EXACTLY what now rules the Earth.

So it seems we're in a life a death race to rid the planet of pig, pig rich people.

From the point of view of evolution, the "means" to this end is irrelevant.

So it should also be for us.

The core explanation for human tragedy is that we are a species uncommitted to wisdom.

Exceptions, yes, and God speed to them. Science, for example, can be an exception, but we shouldn't forget that science is a function of scientists and a random sample of scientists is simply a representative sample of the human race.

Is this being negative and perverse? Well, Jesus said to judge us by our fruits and George Bush (and Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin, etc.) are fruits of the Homo sapien tree.

But, that's a minor point because WHY DO WE ALLOW SUCH TRASH to mutilate human existence? Another question: WHY DO WE ALLOW VAMPIRE RICH ELITES to treat us like human cattle? We allow it because we're so g.d. incompetent as a life form. The absolute truth of the matter is that we don't have to allow ANY of these things any more than we have to suck up to brain dead religion cults.

However, it also needs be said that none of this discounts the reality of human evil. Evil, too, is all too real, but it’s a symptom of feeble or nonexistent wisdom. Wisdom is more than equal to the challenge of evil. Indeed, foolishness is the host of evil; hence the buck stops with the human species, not some transcendent higher evil power. When you bury your life in 40 IQ sitcoms (television and otherwise) you abandon your children to cars in the street – and murder in Iraq.

Here's another way to say all this. We don't have the courage or "character" to be in touch with reality. That's the dead center of human existence, i.e., we are creatures profoundly out of touch with reality.

Look, there are BILLIONS of human cattle and only a literal handful of international elites. Is that pathetic, or what? And we've been living like this or at least 6,000 years. Why do we allow a few thousand human beings to enslave literally billions of the rest of us?

We aren't "overpowered", that's b.s. Neither are we "brainwashed" by religion. More b.s. Excuses are meaningless since ultimately all human atrocities and tragedies are "allowed" and only a life form that's a walking vacuum of wisdom would allow such things.

Can we change? Of course we can change since global stupidity is ultimately a choice. So why do we choose it? Hard to say, isn't it? All the "deadly sins" come to mind. Probably, mostly cowardice, since we have the neurological equipment to split the atom and write Bach Partitas, but our brains are clogged with the sludge of fools.

The unequivocal claim of this piece is that social/political/religious/etc foolishness is a CHOICE. We don't have to be living like this. May I repeat that? We don't have to be living like this.

We are living like this because we are indifferent or cynical about "wisdom". Wisdom is more real than foolishness, but we took the wrong turn. We are a foolish species, not a wise species. One can imagine that our galaxy is teeming with wise species . . . but we aren't one of them.

If we WERE a wise species, would we be living like this? Would we keep allowing the Have and Have Not Horror? Would we be selling our souls to dufus religions (talk about being out of touch with reality!)? Would we be sending our children to cannon fodder oil wars for the vampire rich? Would we keep allowing the billionaire religious fanatics of the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing to TOTALLY dictate our foreign policy? Would we keep obfuscating a massively objective examination of what REALLY happened in 9/11?

Bottom line? Our species has made the fool choice, not the wisdom choice, and the human condition is the inevitable consequence.

The Buddha’s First Nobel Truth is that life is suffering. Not to realize this is not to be alive.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps Buddha’s Fourth and last Nobel Truth is that consummated wisdom is Nirvana . . .