Wednesday, July 23, 2008

America for Americans -- not the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing.

In a bathtub or small river and lake, you can splash around with a kind of dominance. But in the North Atlantic, the "forces of nature" are God.

It has been wonderfully said that Nature doesn't belong to us; we belong to nature. And that includes politics, religion, and the vampire rich.

A "paradigm shift" is a fancy way to say the context and matrix of events is mutating from the outside in. The "current" of events is turning and simmering in unpredictable ways.

In placid (often cowardly) times, the currents are passive and obedient, and the future is a predictable status quo. This is the DLC and these are the Republican Democrats whose stench gags bacteria on Mars.

BUT, April Fool!, what's coming up from the depths of planet Earth is a paradigm shift revolution. The "mind set" of the human species is changing and forces are at work which are beginning to roll over the trash of institutionalized religion and fascist politics like a tidal wave.

The seabirds of revolutionary change are everywhere. Now we must be very clear about this. This change is not "up to us" to create. This is change which is changing us. The human species itself is in a "growth spurt".

For years the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing controlled American foreign policy like a dog wagging a tail. They still do, but increasingly Americans are waking up to truths like Joe Lieberman answers to multi millionaire and billionaire Israeli right wing extremists. Indeed, the whole neocon cable belongs to Likud Party types.

Hence, one of the paradigm shifts is waking up to the nauseating realization that our country, our God Bless America BELONGS to these Israeli right wing extremists. Meaning? They are not our "friends and allies"; they are vampire rich, brain dead religious fanatics who are lethal parasites in America. They are using our children like cannon fodder to further their self obsessed agendas. Just listen to a speech by Joe Lieberman and you'll hear it all.

And our press and entertainment industry? Also puppets of the same Israeli right wing fanatics.

So long as we play this 60 IQ game that the Israeli right wing has ANY allegiance to the United States of America, we are doomed to keep squandering our wealth, atomic weaponry, and the lives of our children in order to idiotically march to the agendas of what may well be the most concentrated collection of murder-in-the-name-of-God nutcases on planet Earth.

Do they represent the State of Israel in general? Of course not, any more than OUR right wing crazies speak for our nation in general. However, they have wormed their way into Bush's brain pan (or pot?) and play him like a puppet. The neocon cabal has been the true control center of the United States of America for the last 8+ years.

But, back to the paradigm shift which the neocon cabal totally didn't anticipate. There's chemistry now at work in our country which is increasingly challenging our mindless obedience to Israeli right wing extremists.

One measure of this is the degree to which Senator Joe Lieberman has become the very archetype of betrayal and disloyalty to the United States of America.

Hey Joe, it's one thing to trash your allegiance to the Democratic Party, but it's quite another to do the same to America. Why don't you just move to the country you suck up to -- and even barnyard animals know that's not the United States of America.

And oh yes, while you’re at it, please take the cancerous, anti American neocon cabal with you while you're at it.