Friday, July 4, 2008

Evolution is the rule, not the exception. We're the exception.

In statistics, when an observation is too many standard deviations away from the mean it's called an "outlier". Outliers are often discounted by professional statisticians because they radically diverge from the collective trend of things.

The collective trend of things on this planet is evolution and evolution is integrated and harmonious process.

Now if we shrink our focus to the human game, what we see are extreme "outliers" in the form of a few thousand billionaire elites.

It is common biological knowledge that if "outliers" (used in a broad sense) are allowed to run amuck, that life form or, more importantly, that ecological system, is in grave danger of going extinct. Indeed, it is a near certainty that extinction will follow since the outliers are destroying any possibility of creative harmony which is the homeostasis of healthy evolution.

Thus, the Earth's vampire elites are the metastasized cancer of our dying species.

This isn't weirdness, or empty speculation, or doom saying. This is FACT. This is the way evolution works. This is the way the world works.

Evolution needs magnificent harmony, balance, and energy. The ideal human society for Mother Nature would be socialism. This isn't complicated or debatable. This is the high rationality of nature.

Said in language perhaps many would prefer, nature is functional Democracy.

It is NOT an oligarchy (dictatorship of the rich), theocracy (brainwashed robots), and perhaps least of all some version of monopolistic capitalism. In short, it is not EXACTLY what now rules the Earth.

So it seems we're in a life a death race to rid the planet of pig, pig rich people.

From the point of view of evolution, the "means" to this end is irrelevant.

So it should also be for us.