Monday, August 20, 2007

The fascists have opened (what for them) is Pandora's Box

Opening Pandora's Box is typically the consequence of some kind of extremism, and "extremism" is a radical understatement for what's been happening in America for the last seven years.

The religious fanatics have been going absolutely bonkers, death-wishing about "Last Days" and Armageddon. The Baptist Big Bang is set to go off any day now (we're told), and in the meantime those who hope to be lifted up would do well to support George Bush's 21st Century Crusade against the Muslim World.

NOTHING like this was happening before the year 2000 stolen Presidential Election. In those days, wacko religious cults were just that: wacko religious cults. They didn't, shall we say, have the President's ear (and soul). In those days, the Church & State division, legally mandated by our Constitution, was still reasonably intact.

That was before people like Senate Majority Leader, ("Dr."?) Frist, diagnosed Terry Schiavo from a video tape. The Senator, presumably, was "in the spirit" while he did this. Indeed, this episode was a small tipping point for the Bush/Republican juggernaut, since it proved the fundamental irrationality changing Church & State into Church & Church. The angry polls of that time made it overwhelmingly clear that most Americans preferred medicine to stay grounded in science, not some kind of born again voodoo.

It's increasingly common knowledge that roughly one percent of America controls 90 percent of the wealth. In short, we are unequivocally (just as much as your South American country of choice) a Dictatorship of the Rich. But, prior the year 2000, this was NOT common knowledge and the elites hid this "have and have not" obscenity behind a smoke screen of politics.

However, during the Bush/Republican years, the mega rich got mega, mega greedy, so they made the terrible mistake of coming out into the open to rape Mother Nature and systematically rob and destroy the American Middle Class. In short, now we see them exactly for what they are: vampires of greed who have turned our children into cannon fodder for their Bush/Cheney/Oil Wars, thieves of our retirements and health programs, murderers of our Constitutional Republic, and evil incarnate fascists.

In short, the political scam isn't working any more. We now know the conflict isn't between Democrats and Republicans (most of whom are closet Republicans anyway). The conflict, to say it most broadly is between Good and Evil. More specifically, the conflict is between fascism (including religious theocracy fascism) and Democracy.

The polls really say it all, don't they? Just as "Dr." Frist was unmasked as a disgrace to the medical profession, so do the contemporary polls, again overwhelmingly, show that Americans may have a wide range of political and religious views, but AMERICANS AREN'T FASCISTS.

History will be endlessly astounded at the infinitely ironic connection between the neocon cabal (grounded in the philosophy of Leo Strauss) and the openly Nazi policies of Bush/Republicans.

However, now to the good news, which is that most Americans simply aren't religious fanatics any more than most Americans are totalitarian fascists!

Therefore, the Bush/Republican shtick depends utterly on TOTALLY taking over America before the great majority of American citizens wakes up to what is really happening, i.e., the very soul of our Constitutional Republic is being assassinated by a relatively small group of very un American Americans, i.e., the 1% vampire elites, some dufus death-wishing religious fanatics, and a poisonous cabal of neocon Nazis.

Quantitatively, these people don't really add up to much, therefore a successful coup d'etat for them depends mostly on "shock and awe", a Judas media, and a Congress of Bush Democrats.

Well, the shock and awe doesn't really work anymore, since all the polls show that most (repeat MOST) Americans no longer trust these traitors, and the Judas media has been greatly canceled by the progressive Internet (where do you get your news?).

And so far as the Bush Democrats are concerned (speaking of traitors), that's a tough one, but we just have to keep the faith that the now very liberal/progressive will of the American people will out IN SPITE OF Judas Joe Lieberman and the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll and all those Republican/Democrats who keep voting to give away what is left of our Constitution to G. W. Bush.

May I finish this straight out, one on one, as one American talking over the fence to his neighbors? What I'm struggling to say here (call me a dreamer if you wish) is that I deeply, deeply believe that these last 7 fascist coup d'etat years have FINALLY catalyzed a massive reaction in America. Dishwater Democrats, for example, just haven't got it yet that their base has TOTALLY LEFT THEM and we will find other spokes men and women for our dreams, conscience, intelligence, and values.

Also, we've got the Internet (and blessings upon it!). And the Internet is now seething with passionate, enraged, violated Americans -- Democrats, Republicans, whatever. The point is we all want our Constitutional Republic back and we're bloody willing to play whatever kind of political (or even apolitical!) hardball it takes to get it back.

This isn't 6 years ago! It's not even 2 years ago. This is now, today, and this piece isn't merely a voice crying in the wilderness. It's more like a seabird of an approaching, patriotic American tsunami.

God Bless America.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bugles are blowing that now is the time for America to challenge the Bush/Republican "spinn" on 9/11

Seabirds of an approaching 9/11 tsunami are everywhere. New 9/11 sites are appearing almost every day. "Defensiveness” no more! Now we need to take the OFFENSIVE and once and for all seek out the historical and factual truth of this horrific event.

The pugs continue to dominate the diaper dem Congress, but they aren't dominating US! Just look at the polls! We are Americans and we love our country and we will do WHATEVER WE HAVE TO DO to get our beloved nation back into touch with reality.

The Internet should be smoking with town hall meetings about 9/11. Forget our "non representatives". OK, so we got blind sided and most of this “Democratic” Congress has turned out to be closet Republicans.

However, sometimes in the midst of overwhelming confusion and chaos, the sun breaks through the clouds and we see something with a kind of perfection of clarity. And that "something" is 9/11.

9/11 should be the Battle Cry of America! Indeed, it should be the Battle Cry of the Earth. 9/11 is the ultimate scene of the crime, probably forecasted by the mysterious death (assassination?) of honorable Senator Wellstone and all that anthrax that was mailed only to high profile Democrats.

Remember the political toilet George Bush was in BEFORE 9/11? But then "abracadabra" and president pinhead was metamorphosed into a "hero". A hero! Dear God, what an obscenity. George Bush, this killer of America’s middle and lower classes, this killer of our children in Bush/Cheney Oil Wars, this killer of hope in the Israeli/Palestine conflict, this member of the Royal Bush Family with multiple historical ties to Adolph Hitler’s 3rd Reich, this raper of Mother Nature (and on and on and on) is a "hero"!

It makes you nauseated to use that word in connection with such a man.

9/11 is what mathematicians or philosophers would call the alpha and the omega. It's the core event since the year 2000 stolen presidential election.

It's redundant to review the mountains of data, pictures, news stories, and interviews with generals, scientists, and the most highly placed intelligence officials to make it see spot run simple, but here it is: they KNEW it was going to happen and they did NOTHING to stop it.

May we say that again? They KNEW it was going to happen and they did NOTHING to stop it.

So forget about being defensive about Bush/Republican lies. They ran that scam very effectively for a time, but then is then and now and is now and independently of Bush Democrats (thank God, not all of them), "We the People" want to get to the absolute bottom of 9/11.

And the only way to do it is by being aggressive (not "defensive"). We have as right to know the manner and degree to which Bush/Republicans "facilitated" 9/11. And we should NEVER forget that the control center of the Bush/Republican Administration is the neocon cabal.

We also have the right to know how and why bin Laden and George Bush seemed to be joined at the hip. Remember bin Laden's timely photo op before 2004 which was probably the main thing that got Bush elected (however illegally).

The polls show Bush is back in his toilet, so now is the time for "We the People" to stand up and be counted. If we have to act independently of the nonexistent Democratic Congress, so be it. Our Constitution makes provision far many more options than we think, e.g., referendums, petitions, demonstrations, letters to the editor (and local politicians), and boycotts all DEMANDING the truth of 9/11.

Billionaire Murdoch propaganda factories would do well to go with not against this American inevitability. We don't need Bush's dem toilet slaves to bring this off and neither do we need the Judas media.

WHAT WE NEED, WE HAVE. We have the Internet and we have the great majority of the American people. And most of all, our patriotic, moral outrage about the evidential Bush/Republican role in 9/11 blots out the sun.

So long as we don't commit to learning the absolute truth of 9/11, America will have no soul.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps. Forget 2008. We don't need that crystal ball and we have already waited YEARS to deal with this, so let's turn the Internet into a national/international 9/11 conflagration. Jesus, as always, said it to perfection: “The Truth shall set you free.”

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Let's face it guys; Civilization is in dire need of the Goddess

The historically destructive social structures of institutional religion and traditional politics were chiefly invented by MEN.

Said, differently, the Middle East is a sewer of conflict among the world's three most patriarchal religions: Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

Sure, lots of small exceptions in each of these religions, but these are the exceptions which prove the rule. All those councils, for example, in the history of Catholicism were basically tumultuous aggregations of old men.

Mythologically speaking, what the Earth needs now is the Goddess, e.g., less violence and more communication.

But isn't that precisely what's happening now on the Internet? The Internet is less a "male thing" than the Goddess in action. Sure these are images, but as Joseph Campbell used to virtually stand on street corners to remind us, mythology is saying things which can be said NO OTHER WAY.

Consider the following possibilities:

(1.) The human species must transcend the have and have not inhumanity in the very near future. Pig, pig rich people simply HAVE TO GO. However, the point here is less moral than biological, i.e., the going ballistic social tensions generated by Greek God like elites are rapidly killing our species and much of the biosphere and evolution will simply not let that happen. One way or another, the elites are going to be selected out.

(2.) If the human species doesn't radically factor the feminine take on things into our social structures, our "male thing" civilizations are going to careen into oblivion. Human civilization is dying of "imbalance". To borrow some oriental symbols, too much yang and virtually no yin leads to disease and death.

History has survived these twin insanities for lots of reasons. At least they weren't species threatening as they are now. Perhaps that's due to quantum jumps in murderous technologies and the exponential growth of human kind.

In any event, it's probably game over in the very near future unless yin/female/Goddess energy starts profoundly infusing our social structures. So I guess this is a cry for help. Ladies, please help us out here. We need your wisdom and sanity. Perhaps only you can defuse the religious fanatics and pour oil on the troubled waters of limitless masculine greed.

It's not that masculine energies are always toxic. That's not the point. The point is that human civilization lacks Yang/Yin BALANCE. To much salt spoils the stew and too much "man" in mankind is a form of species suicide.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Post 2008, the wheels of justice will be grinding 9/11 traitors.

Post 2008, the wheels of justice won't be grinding about impeachment but about the imprisonment and execution of 9/11 traitors.


How easy to forget in this Bush/Republican phantasmagoria that traitors aren't just not re-elected or impeached, they are locked up and put to death. The neocon lobby (which has never lobbied for the national security of United States of America) would do well to remember this. To borrow a phrase from the orient, their "bad karma" is catching up to them as we speak.

It's time to 100% take off the gloves and see things like they are. In this last 6 to 7 years, study after study demonstrates that in 9/11 the Bush/Republicans weren't just asleep at the wheel, they were actively facilitating this national atrocity. God in heaven, there was a virtual BLIZZARD of warnings before 9/11, specifying the probable time, place, and methodology of the attack, but Bush was too busy playing cowboy at his ranch to be bothered, and Cheney (alias, Cheney/Halliburton) was too busy engineering the corporate take over of our government. Mussolini did basically the same during WW2 and indeed defined his Dictatorship as corporate fascism. Sound familiar?

So why are we talking about apples and oranges when we should be talking about dragons and snakes? TREASON is the name of this game and it may well extend to the mysterious death (assassination?) of Senator Paul Wellstone (which gave the pugs the Senate!) and anthrax in the mail which was so peculiarly sent only to high profile Democrats. Could this be a partial explanation of why the frightened dems are still wearing diapers to work?

And bin Laden. Jeez, is this man joined at the hip with George W. Bush? His family was certainly rushed out of American only a matter of hours after 9/11 and bin Laden's photo op right before the 2004 presidential election was almost certainly the single most important event that gave Bush his second stolen election. But what are friends for, right?

The thing is, this emperor has no clothes! Not a stitch and in the year 2000 (the FIRST stolen election!), America fell down a rabbit hole so surreal that we have never climbed back out of it. Since that date, Americans have been in shock in awe.

We have been lied to so many times by this pinhead president (including during State of the Nation Address'), that black seems to be white and up seems to be down.

So, isn't it time for a universal solvent. Let's dissolve this fascist crap and SEE THINGS LIKE THEY ARE.

And that means BEGINNING with 9/11, since that is the ultimate scene of the crime of these political/religious denizens from hell.

EVERYTHING, 100% of what the Bush/Republicans have told us about 9/11 is self protective propaganda and until and if we get this horror show event in American history straight once and for all and all the way through, America will have no soul.

And while we're at it let's note again that in study after study and interview after interview with generals and the most highly placed intelligence officials, the international consensus is that America has NEVER been in such absolute danger from terrorism as we are now. It's common knowledge that Bush imbeciles and greed heads have under funded the protection of our ports, atomic centers, and airports (that money for tax breaks for multi millionaires and billionaires has to come from some place!). Even our bloody bridges now are collapsing under us, so abandoned is our governmental infrastructure. So what's the deal? Are these people "trying" to engineer another terrorist attack?

And this is all in addition to the terrorist breeding grounds we have created all over the planet.

And this is all in addition to the fact that this administration has NEVER tried to deal with the terrorism problem diplomatically and financially. Only barnyard animals wouldn't understand that ALL options should be open when dealing with what to a profound degree is a symptom of local unrest and despair. Can these Bush goons even spell "diplomacy"?

Bush & company are rapidly turning our beloved country into a Police State and they aren't doing it with politics and prayers. They are doing it with terrorism and the time has come to draw a line in the sand and hold these traitors ultimately accountable.

Perhaps the wheels of justice won't catch up to these criminals until after 2008 (please note that we are increasingly hearing that Bush and Cheney are going to try cancel the 2008 elections!), but in the meantime we can use the Internet to collectively stir this treasonous pot to the boiling point.

Remember, in the 30's, Bush's grandfather tried to help engineer a Nazi coup d'etat in America. This is a matter of historical record, just as it's a matter of historical record that the Bush Royal Family (it's the whole tribe) has been lying to America about EVERYTHING. Our president has the morals of a retarded scorpion and we should deal with him accordingly as soon as possible.

9/11 is the key.

Viva America!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The free ride is over. Civilization has to put up or shut up.

Social process has "cusps". A cusp is when status quo patterns must either be transcended (in order to survive and keep growing) or surrendered to (which is called beating a dead horse). Surrendering to status quo patterns is the Heart of Darkness of fascism. In this sense institutionalized religion is the very paradigm of fascism.

Notice our obsession with fossil fuels. And please notice that (fossil fuels) = (the status quo). God forbid we turn to alternative energy technologies, such as wind, solar energy, and a multitude of others. All of these alternatives are already totally cost effective, but (1.) they aren't owned by Texas energy corporations, and (2.) they are profoundly new and different forms of energy. It's that "new and different" business that terrifies the fascist mind set.

It's critical to see that what's now happening on the planet isn't just greed; it's also a "psychological/spiritual" block (to say it in an odd way). It's terror of change and abject worship of the status quo. Look at the last 2 Catholic Popes (religious fascists to the max). And look at the supreme importance of oil. But why this obsession with the dirtiest form of energy on the planet and an energy source which in five years or less is going to be extinct? Our preemptive invasion of Iraq was and is all about oil. The "Bush Oil War's" are how history is going to remember these obscene Bush/Republican years and everyone on the planet knows it.

The point is, the issue isn't "alternative energy". The issue is an "alternative reality". The paradigm of Dictatorships of the Rich (i.e., basically every country on the planet) with one party systems (in our case the Democratic/Republican Party), is blatant social suicide. In short, WE ARE STUCK.

This social/political/financial/religious structure called the human condition is at a life and death cusp. Our only hope is to find the well organized and financed sanity, conscience, and intelligence to quantum jump into a radically different mind set. It's time for an altered state (and the Internet may just get us there!).

Bottom line, very rich people have GOT TO GO. However we do it, THEY HAVE TO GO. And this includes the Gore's and Kennedy's every bit as much as the Bush's, Murdoch's, and Paris Hilton's. We are talking about a tiny, tiny international country club of astronomically rich people (many of whom are multi billionaires) who are killing America and the entire planet. This isn't hyperbole. This is objective fact. No civilization every survived with health and longevity that wasn't MOSTLY democratic. Call this socialism if you wish. Call it common senseism. Call it a humanity-grounded social structure, but it does NOT include the Paris Hilton's and this tiny pantheon of defective, socially/biologically inbred Greek Gods like elites.

The have and have not cusp is the ultimate cusp, but we must remember this cusp is chiefly a spiritual/psychological cusp. Human beings who are not terrified of cultural/scientific change never kill their neighbors in the name of god (lower case). Only hard core civilization-terrorists do that. Only people who have their heads so far up the you know what of "holy books" (gag!), succumb to infinitely self righteous genocide and 21st century "Crusades". Even barnyard animals see through the toilet of mutual hypocrisies called the Middle East.

The religious fanatic is the archetypal example of a status quo terrorist. This person if afraid of EVERYTHING. The vistas of science for these betrayers of intelligence are swept under the collective rug of denial. How pitiful to imagine people so totally in the grip of fear of science. But they fear science because science, perhaps more than anything else in our social dynamic is always plunging headlong into CHANGE.

Of course, many other rivers feed into the rising ocean of change. Our sheer numbers are bankrupting Mother Nature, e.g., climate changes that formerly took ten thousand years are now taking ten. Ozone holes are widening at a frightening rate and dreaded "global warming" is going ballistic. Ironically, the ONLY thing that can save us from this catastrophic unraveling of what's left of our ecosystem is science, but since brain dead religious fundamentalists and corporate fascists are running America's show, our salvation card (i.e., science) is no longer in the deck.

Notice that science is both a source and medicine for social/biological change.

Looked at one way, this piece is very "philosophical" and some will see it as intellectualizing when practical politics is the only game in town. It's hard to find a gentle way of saying that such a view is criminally foolish, since practical politics is exactly what got us into this pit of despair in the first place. Politics is MEANINGLESS in the context of present Earth events and if we don't find the courage and brains to transcend it once and for all, we are dead meat.

So what is this piece about? Very simple. It's suggesting that only a quantum jump into a radically different human mind set can save the Earth (because the Earth is going down the toilet right along with America).

But quantum jump into what? That's easy. More than anything else it's an altered state in which the have and have not horror no longer exists. If we can't find the strength, wisdom, and rage to rid the planet once and for all (HOWEVER WE DO IT!) of astronomically rich parasites, everything else is nauseating moot.

To say it in ordinary language, "rich people" are the cancer of this planet. Jesus saw this to perfection and preached about it much more than anything else -- even though institutionalized Christianity consistently refused to acknowledge this truth by encouraging geezers in dresses to "theologize" away the heartbreak and social passion of Jesus.

If the human race doesn't do whatever it takes to rid the human condition of Greek God like elites, we are doomed to rapid extinction. And it must be said again that politics will NEVER do this, since politics is now and always has been the lapdog (e.g., the Democratic/Republican Party) of the pig, pig rich.

So if not politics, then what? You tell me. This is the dead center of our transcendental challenge, but you can take to the bank that such a mind set change will manifest in some form of passionate, apolitical hardball.

The alternative, make no mistake, is a cancerously metastasizing Police State that used to be America.