Friday, August 3, 2007

Post 2008, the wheels of justice will be grinding 9/11 traitors.

Post 2008, the wheels of justice won't be grinding about impeachment but about the imprisonment and execution of 9/11 traitors.


How easy to forget in this Bush/Republican phantasmagoria that traitors aren't just not re-elected or impeached, they are locked up and put to death. The neocon lobby (which has never lobbied for the national security of United States of America) would do well to remember this. To borrow a phrase from the orient, their "bad karma" is catching up to them as we speak.

It's time to 100% take off the gloves and see things like they are. In this last 6 to 7 years, study after study demonstrates that in 9/11 the Bush/Republicans weren't just asleep at the wheel, they were actively facilitating this national atrocity. God in heaven, there was a virtual BLIZZARD of warnings before 9/11, specifying the probable time, place, and methodology of the attack, but Bush was too busy playing cowboy at his ranch to be bothered, and Cheney (alias, Cheney/Halliburton) was too busy engineering the corporate take over of our government. Mussolini did basically the same during WW2 and indeed defined his Dictatorship as corporate fascism. Sound familiar?

So why are we talking about apples and oranges when we should be talking about dragons and snakes? TREASON is the name of this game and it may well extend to the mysterious death (assassination?) of Senator Paul Wellstone (which gave the pugs the Senate!) and anthrax in the mail which was so peculiarly sent only to high profile Democrats. Could this be a partial explanation of why the frightened dems are still wearing diapers to work?

And bin Laden. Jeez, is this man joined at the hip with George W. Bush? His family was certainly rushed out of American only a matter of hours after 9/11 and bin Laden's photo op right before the 2004 presidential election was almost certainly the single most important event that gave Bush his second stolen election. But what are friends for, right?

The thing is, this emperor has no clothes! Not a stitch and in the year 2000 (the FIRST stolen election!), America fell down a rabbit hole so surreal that we have never climbed back out of it. Since that date, Americans have been in shock in awe.

We have been lied to so many times by this pinhead president (including during State of the Nation Address'), that black seems to be white and up seems to be down.

So, isn't it time for a universal solvent. Let's dissolve this fascist crap and SEE THINGS LIKE THEY ARE.

And that means BEGINNING with 9/11, since that is the ultimate scene of the crime of these political/religious denizens from hell.

EVERYTHING, 100% of what the Bush/Republicans have told us about 9/11 is self protective propaganda and until and if we get this horror show event in American history straight once and for all and all the way through, America will have no soul.

And while we're at it let's note again that in study after study and interview after interview with generals and the most highly placed intelligence officials, the international consensus is that America has NEVER been in such absolute danger from terrorism as we are now. It's common knowledge that Bush imbeciles and greed heads have under funded the protection of our ports, atomic centers, and airports (that money for tax breaks for multi millionaires and billionaires has to come from some place!). Even our bloody bridges now are collapsing under us, so abandoned is our governmental infrastructure. So what's the deal? Are these people "trying" to engineer another terrorist attack?

And this is all in addition to the terrorist breeding grounds we have created all over the planet.

And this is all in addition to the fact that this administration has NEVER tried to deal with the terrorism problem diplomatically and financially. Only barnyard animals wouldn't understand that ALL options should be open when dealing with what to a profound degree is a symptom of local unrest and despair. Can these Bush goons even spell "diplomacy"?

Bush & company are rapidly turning our beloved country into a Police State and they aren't doing it with politics and prayers. They are doing it with terrorism and the time has come to draw a line in the sand and hold these traitors ultimately accountable.

Perhaps the wheels of justice won't catch up to these criminals until after 2008 (please note that we are increasingly hearing that Bush and Cheney are going to try cancel the 2008 elections!), but in the meantime we can use the Internet to collectively stir this treasonous pot to the boiling point.

Remember, in the 30's, Bush's grandfather tried to help engineer a Nazi coup d'etat in America. This is a matter of historical record, just as it's a matter of historical record that the Bush Royal Family (it's the whole tribe) has been lying to America about EVERYTHING. Our president has the morals of a retarded scorpion and we should deal with him accordingly as soon as possible.

9/11 is the key.

Viva America!