Monday, July 28, 2008

How did God Bless America get reduced to an attack dog for the Israeli right wing?

And while we are at it, how did we get reduced to the atomic weaponry sugar daddy for the Israeli right wing?

Here's another question that never seems to be asked. What in God's name is the convoluted relation between Muslim fossil fuels and the Israeli right wing?

Over and over and over again we come back to the Israeli right wing. The Bush’s neocon cabal is all of a piece with the most extreme radicals of another country (our friends and allies?) and they have been wagging American foreign policy like a tail for the last eight plus years.

What ever happened to Americans controlling our OWN foreign policy? Back to the title of this piece, the question of questions is how did we get metamorphosed into the attack dog of another country? It's OUR children who are being turned into cannon fodder for the agendas of right wing crazies -- both American and Israeli.

Talk about a marriage made in hell, we also can't overlook the vile bond between that army of Christian Fundamentalists and their Israeli counterparts. A connection which dragging both Israel and Americans straight to hell.

Most of this is never talked about because these psychos keep trying to hide behind the smoke screen of anti Semitism. But this has NOTHING to do with anti Semitism any more than it has to do with the Jewish community at large (which seems overwhelmingly to want a two country solution to the Israeli/Palestinian "conflict").

It also has NOTHING to do with the State of Israel in general. God knows, we don't want (or deserve) the United States of America to be identified with our right wing crazies, and neither does Israel want or deserve that. For example, we shouldn't forget that Israel's Labor Party is courageously more liberal than what used to be the American Democratic Party.

No, the issue is ONLY Israel's right wing crazies, but these people are off the chart psychotic and righteous. Multi millionaire and billionaire religious fanatics are the absolute bottom of human spiritual/moral existence. So why do we bark when they tell us to bark, and why do we bite when the tell us to bite? And most of all, why do we slaughter our children when the tell us to slaughter our children?

God in heaven, it's time to take away from them their ONLY defense, which is to totally ignore their hypocritical phrase, "anti Semitic". Tragically, there are depressingly many times when that ugly shoe still fits. Of course, exactly the same thing is true for the slurs endured by basically all other countries, but when used by the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing, it is simply a strategic smoke screen to cover their self obsessed agendas. And if that weren't disgusting enough, they don't even use it properly historically. They should do their homework and dig into the deep historical roots of "Semitic".

But I'm not going to do it for them, these evil, right wing, vampire rich psychopaths have got to do it for themselves.

Surely giving them a river of our children's blood and enough atomic weaponry to annihilate half the planet should be enough.