Wednesday, July 9, 2008

We are a slob species with glorious potential for transcendence.

Morality should be our breath. It shouldn't be a fatuous word in meaningless religious games.

We are such cowards. This is our essence: cowardice. Many readers will object to this, but if we had the courage of our potential, this world would be a heaven on Earth.

The ultimate challenge for human beings is to integrate spirituality with nature. This, after all, was the vision of the Holy Grail legends. Even in the 12th Century, most people well knew morality didn't belong to inauthentic priests or bishops.

For example, the knowledge was somewhat esoteric, but many people also knew that (1.) love between two adults was real, and (2.) it had nothing necessary to do with marriage (a convenient nonsense the clergy invented to manipulate the populace). The "sacrament" of marriage -- not on this or any other planet. The priests did everything but get in bed with the married couple.

The Tristan and Isolde story deals with such things. Love, marriage, and sex. That's a real juggling act, isn't it? But with institutional marriage factored out of the equation, then humans go back to directly relating (and loving!) other humans.

The core problem is that we are (hopelessly?) entangled in social games, mostly invented by the vampire rich -- such as "politics". We are brainwashed into thinking that "political action" is the God of human existence, so we obsess about rules and laws and elections, and (pain in the ass) "commandments".

But social reality is froth and babble (as in Tower of . . . ). We aren't "social beings". We are children of the universe and have no soul or being independent of nature. This should be see spot run obvious, but most of us think nature is a virtual illusion which we much transcend with religious wackosity.

How is it possible people can think that? How is it possible that such psychosis can be the pseudo soul of our species. How can we not realize that the sky above and the heaving oceans and the morning sunrise are REALITY? Yes, use the right word. Nature is our home. It is what we are born out of and die back into.

And back the 12th Century; Nature is also spiritual. Indeed Nature and Spirituality are the same thing and we don't need words like "God" to realize it. There's certainly nothing wrong with using God as a metaphor, but that doesn't change the fact that the metaphor is a metaphor for ultimate mystery and that this ultimate mystery is all of a piece with Nature.

And it must also be added that this ultimate mystery has NOTHING essential or critical to do with institutionalized religion. Or politics. Or marriage Or ANY of the social games invented by religious fanatics and the vampire rich to enslave the human race.

Society is pragmatics. We use it like we drive a car or comb our hair, but it is not who we are! And it is not the reality which defines who we are.

Our slob civilization is grounded in social existence. EVERYTHING for us is social.

But what about the reality of nature? Is a hurricane the creation of a conversation? Can we think or talk our way to eternal life? Does religion (any religion!) even microscopically transcend nature?

The big, big intuitions and truths have caught up with us. The criminally simplistic and abstract social games have turned into the home of evil.

The out of the box analogy says it to perfection, because our true nature IS an out of the box nature. The box creatures are rapidly killing the planet because we don’t bring 10 dimensional solutions to 3 dimensional problems.

If we only “actualized our human potential”, we would transcend evil and worldly civilizations of boggling stupidity.

An ancient intuition is, “You don’t wipe off blood with blood.” Meaning, in the box problems don’t have in the box solutions. You don’t vote or buy or talk your way out of hell.

Transcendence is all. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.