Sunday, September 28, 2008

Total War, not escapist politics is now the God of America.

It's time to cut the crap. We are in a war. All this political sound and fury signifies nothing. The 2004 "Democratic Congress" was filled with closet Republicans. Never in the history of our country, did we have such a collection of filth that spat on morality and rationality like the Nancy Pelosi types who were (and still are) dem puppets of George W. Bush.

And yet, even that is secondary to the self-evident theme of this paper. Forget television (corporate or otherwise), forget meaningless elections. Forget the duh-duh-duh "debates" -- unless your meds no longer put you to sleep. Also, forget nearly all forms of religious b.s. (not just the fundamentalists). Those guys in dresses and babblers in tents are barely primates, much less functional IQ children on the universe

But most of all, forget the supreme smoke screen of our species: "politics". Life forms which take politics seriously are bound for extinction. Evolution is ultimately impatient with such consensus denial of reality. And yes, Virginia, reality IS within reach of advanced life forms (all over the universe). How could it be otherwise? This is our home. Sarah Palin airheads notwithstanding, the universe is not a Motel 6 we're just passing through on our way to comic book salvation or damnation.

Probably nothing is a better measure of the degree to which a random human is in touch with reality than knowing in your bones that "This is It". Ultimate realness is where we already are.

But alas, for the Sarah Palins (and probably billions of religiosos) such knowing is equivalent to mind-blown insanity. Tough. The bubble heads who DON'T realize this are simply defective life forms which Evolution, in due course, will "select out".

But back to the supreme repression of America. Our country is now up to its neck in total war. And be careful, this isn't poetic imagery, this is LITERAL FACT.

Look, the elites/fascists/religious fanatics aren't only killing us on a genocidal scale, they are robbing us blind and boiling our bones before they turn to the "assassination solution" (the international symbol of American society).

Exaggeration? Only human ostriches get to play the moronic and infinitely cowardly game that the God of War is not the God of American society.

It would take a monograph to site a list of proofs that America = War. Go back to Senator Wellstone and the attempted anthrax assassinations of high profile Democrats. However, much more devastating are the strategies these organized crime type devils from hell are using to, let's say, "wean the working class population".

Note that nearly all of our hard won legislative protections of food (poison meat is now EVERYWHERE, -- just one of hundreds of examples) have been trashed. So also, out the window with governmental protection of near point of return pollution of our rivers, skies, and oceans.

Also don’t let it fall through the cracks that pharmaceutical giants are now so totally unmonitored that they can literally make anything make ANYTHING and claim it is medicine. Yeah, in your dreams. People are dying in hordes from taking certain kinds of “medicine”. Pretty efficient, huh? It sure worked well in Africa. Next, the “lower classes” will probably be treated with bleeding and leeches.

Global warming?. Well mindless Sarah has giggled that out of the conversation. Widening ozone holes (and VERY widening ozone holes), no problema. Chances are, Sarah doesn't even know what ozone is. Oh well.

And where's McCain in all this? Well . . . no offence but he's already slipped so for into dementia that he'll probably start drooling on his shirt 30 minutes into the debate. And what do you think? Any chance his mind is every occupied with much of anything besides Sarah Palin's bod. It's really embarrassing to watch a contender for the Presidency of the United States of America ogle his VP's derriere every time he gets a chance.

Again, this list of elite/fascist murder could go on and on, but the critical point is that the elites are systematically trying to kill of the human cattle (that's us) down to a more manageable size. Too many human cattle are like too many blacks. Of course that's now being fixed by white Europeans who introduced aides to Africa -- also reminds you of New Orleans doesn't it, which even grade school children know Bush literally murdered (hey, too many blacks and progressives).

Is there more? Oh dear God, is there more. How about this form of murder? Canceling the health insurance and programs even for the children of the cattle classes (middle and lower) is just another form of genocide.

And perhaps most blatantly of all is sending the children of NON elite Americans to be cannon fodder in the Bush money cow oil wars for the American vampire elites. Blood for Oil. Pretty good deal if you get to sell the oil.

And please note, as an aside, the "vampire" elites fits our world to perfection since these human cancers exist ONLY by draining the blood (money, life, etc) of American peasants.

We supply everything for this country: the energy, the work, the wealth, the brains, even our lives. But who sits at the top of the food chain? Well, Paris Hilton for openers. Now please, please take that in. THIS is an example of parasitical, retarded elite. Imagine, 10,000 Paris Hilton's. Oh God, the Earth would implode into such a vacuum. And scum-in-a-suit Murdoch, who wasn't even an American, and is trying to 100% own Wall Street.

You know, the core theme of this piece is hard for even the writer to keep in focus, because it is a kind of social horror, and nobody wants to get real with horror.

But (and here's the bottom line), if we don't DON'T get real with this horror; if we DON'T look square in the face that our Constitutional Republic is now in a FIGHT TO THE DEATH with the vampire elites and Republican fascists, we will continue to masturbate (excuse my French) away our lives in the fantasy land that the only big picture now in America is 100% escapist politics, plus miscellaneous religious pap.

And why is this a mistake? It's a mistake because at this stage in the game, only defective life forms see our world in terms of politics and/or religion. Once upon a time, such things may have been marginally relevant and who knows what the future will bring, but where we are NOW is vastly more grim and real.

Where we are NOW is up to our necks in a fight to the death civil war (perhaps we can call it that). In any case, it has NEXT TO NOTHING to do with politics or religion.

It has to do with the agonizing fact that our country is being totally taken over by limitless evil. Europe in WW2 had nothing on us. Change the details, and we are in EXACTLY the same place -- and even fighting basically the same people. However, they're a little more clever, since they don't wear uniforms (which must disappoint the Bush Family which has long since sold it soul to these monsters).

Tragically, it's not just the VERY alive and well residue of the 3rd Reich, we're also in a total war with religious psychopaths (who are so retarded they think the world is going to go boom any day now). They live in a world that is beyond duh.

And lastly, throw in "organized crime" as yet another form of pure evil we have on our plate. Remember, criminals flourish when the laws and constitution of a country have been flushed down the toilet. We all know Bush said our Constitution "is just a piece of paper". When your country trashes the rule of law, organized comes rushing in like flies on a corpse (a pretty good description of what’s left of America).

OK. Enough already. This is depressing me just as much as you.

But my fellow countrymen and women, we have ZERO chance of saving our country, the lives of our children, our Constitutional Republic, and even the very Earth itself, unless we stop the unforgivably cowardly game of pretending that the reality behind the political/religious appearance, is not TOTAL WAR.

War is now the God of America, and we are losing because we keep pathetically pretending that it is NOT the God of America. This one sentence says everything.