Friday, September 5, 2008

Did McCain pick Palin because of creeping dementia?

Palin is a zero. She's not even loose cannon. She's more like a loose TV sitcom.

The corporate media spin is that this was an extraordinarily clever choice Indeed; some people speculate it was really a Karl Rove choice.

But what if it was 100% a McCain choice AGAINST the advice of all his advisors? Indeed, what if it was a choice McCain made for, let's just say, intensely personal reasons.

And what might these very personal reasons be?

Well, two come to mind (however painful it is to look at such things), and both of them have to do with his age. But it's not only his age; it’s also his discombobulated appearance, fumbled talking, sniggering sexual remarks whenever he appears in public, and ogling his VP.

In short, one very real possibility is that this was a creeping Alzheimer’s choice.

The other very real possibility is that it was a male menopause choice.

Look, if someone makes a decision that is indescribably stupid (such as Sarah Palin for VP), you have to wonder if something fundamentally defective or secretive is going on in the decision making process.

Don't forget, McCain's first wife was a beauty queen, and don't forget McCain's SECOND wife was a beauty queen, and now "his" 3rd beauty queen (albeit topless) who he wants for his VP? Is there a pattern here or is there a pattern here?

We also shouldn’t discount the bogglingly inappropriate and public fact that McCain has sex on the brain (hey, he finds ways to leer and sneer about sex in virtually every public speech!). Sure makes you wonder what ‘ol John has been up to during the pre-Palin years.

In any case, corporate PR and Republican convention spin aside, Palin is beyond belief. Most of her speech was defensively talking about her family. Duh.

The sad, brutal fact is that Sarah Palin is going to have a VERY brief free ride. She's already the clown d'jour on most late nite talk shows. And this is just the beginning. Probably 95% of America knows in their heart of hearts (Republicans included) that, like an Alaskan vein of gold, Sarah Palin is going to be a treasure trove of sleaze, naughty relationships, family dysfunctionality, and general air headism.

Some folks think we should all turn the other way and decorate her past (and present) with flattery and fantasy virtues and accomplishments, but since this lady is now in the national fast lane, thanks to the personal eccentricities (and lusts?) of John McCain, let the buyer beware.

In fact, it is our life and death responsibility to shine the reality spotlight on McCain, Palin, and the exceedingly odd relationship between these two people, and IF we find sexual funny business, we should bloodily well shout it out to the planet. And if we find empirical evidence that John McCain is slipping into profound irrationality, we MUST examine the possibility that traces of dementia are starting to appear.

The litmus test in all of this is McCain's choice of Sarah Palin for VP, which (this writer predicts) is going to turn out to be an act of suicide for the Republican Presidential campaign.

Yes, you can sew together a cloak of minor political capital such as her grade school belief that global warming is NOT man made and her comical religious fanaticisms (both of which will appeal to similar quasi humans), but the truth will out, and already the truth is that this woman virtually doesn't exist when it comes to substantive adult maturities and political experience. The more you look into her past, is the more your find vulgarity, cruelty to animals and children, a mindless contempt for the environment (i.e., our one and only human race environment), and frightening illiteracy.

You really can't even imagine this fatuous woman having ANY kind of depth conversation with another head of state. She would have to have someone in the background holding up cue cards to keep the conversation going. Of course, one wonders how much the same is already the case, and will be INCREASINGLY be the case for John McCain.

So what do we have here: an "intellectually challenged" man in the grip of male menopause who has the hots for a fantasy high school student?

Never in the history of our country have we had such a lose/lose combo of clown like defectiveness.

Feel compassion for either or both of them if you wish, but in the name of God, keep these two losers away from the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States of America!

Contrasting them to the presidential and vice presidential experience, intelligence, and morality of Barrack Obama and Joe Biden is like comparing a half eaten, wet hot dog to a five star restaurant.