Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Progressives are not Democrats!

Progressives are not Democrats because Democrats are Republicans. Duh. Simple, simple, simple.

America is still a two party system, but it's time to categorically acknowledge that our two party system has long ceased to be Democrats and Republicans, but Progressives versus "Republican/Democrats" or "Democratic/Republicans".

And how are these two parties different?

Oh, ask us a hard one.

(1.) Progressives support the lower and middle classes. Said differently, progressives support the "have not's". Democrats (alias, Democrat/Republicans) suck up to the "Have's". Bill Clinton spent years sucking up to Daddy Bush and so it goes.

(2.) The dem/pug Party are the obedient domestics of the pig, pig rich. And we mean the REALLY pig, pig rich, i.e., the one percent of the human race who ruthlessly dominates nearly all the wealth of the planet. It may force us to lose our political virginity to admit this, but America is a textbook Dictatorship of the Rich. Sad, sad, sad, but it has always been so and the elites will kill the Earth thousand times over to STAY pig, pig rich. Look what Texas Oil corporations are doing to Mother Nature. Look at what George Bush did (and very consciously did!) to New Orleans. Look at how this ego maniacal one percent of the human population is literally committing global-warming suicide for the entire human species (and countless other species) – plus thousands of other vampire elite atrocities.

(3.) Progressives commit to spirituality and humanity; not 70 IQ religioso cults that claim the world (or is it the local group?) is going to go boom in the next week or two. Just think about that for a second. What kind of synapse sludge would think the world is going to go boom in the next week or two? Perhaps we should ask our pinhead, Yale cheerleader president (lower case).

(4.) Conversely, progressives commit to intelligence, rationality, and science. I N T E L L I G E N C E. Sound it out, George Porgie. And with your Daddy Degree from Yale, maybe now you can at least pronounce the world science. Jeez, how far can a country go with a president who thinks the quadratic formula is baby food, or, that quantum soup comes out of a can, or that stars are object d'art for hominid religious fanatics. Oops, I guess we should to be a little more mono syllabic for these loony tunes bipedals.

(5.) Progressives believe in DEMOCRACY. And you know what? We're the only one's who do. More specifically, we believe in our Constitutional Republic. The dem/pugs believe in money. That's all they believe in. That's all they have ever believed in. GOP (Greed on Parade)! So Democracy vs. Money pretty much sums it up. Fascism vs. Democracy probably says it better. The dem/pug party is an army of greed machines (just like all institutional religions). Establishment politics: dem/pug greed machines.

But fun and games is the sideshow. Center stage is the FACT that our two party system has gradually, gradually evolved away from "Democrats" (whatever they used to be) and Republicans. Now it’s Progressives fighting to good fight against dem/pug lackeys of the vampire elites.

The thing is, THIS IS WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING. We play meaningless political games "as if" our two party system is dems and pugs. But here's PROOF that the dems and pugs are two different sides of the same coin:

Nancy Pelosi: A new progressive swear word. This woman is betrayal incarnate. More specifically, SHE IS A DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN.

Harry Reed: Samo, samo. Harry is such a wimp he must get nauseous whenever he has to look into the mirror to shave.

But most of all, the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll (alias the Hillary Bush Doll). This thing/person has never taken a stand about ANYTHING (does she/it even "exist"?) She/it would have a nervous breakdown if you asked her what was her favorite color. In other words, Hillary Clinton/Bush is a DEMOCRATIC/REPUBLICAN.

And all these American traitors are as opposed to what?

Progressives! Progressives are the very soul of God Bless America and it is literally life and death that the consolidating Progressive Party keeps racing to be THE party of America's future, because that's the ultimate choice we face. Progressive values and policies, or a dem/pug, vampire elite, Police State.

Fascism is the essence of what progressivism ISN'T and Hillary Clinton/Bush is the uncrowned dem/pug Queen of American fascism.