Friday, October 26, 2007

Diplomacy -- the civilized alternative to the Dogs of War.

Over the centuries and millennia, diplomacy has always been the "way out" of allegedly inevitable and fatal and national/international conflicts.

This is why all countries have State Departments, not just Defense Departments. Indeed, millions of Earthlings think all countries should have "Peace Departments".

The Israeli/Palestine conflict is probably the supreme example in recorded history of what happens when diplomacy is urinated on by religious and political fanatics, and a plague on all these houses of hate.

Diplomacy WORKS! Civilization has never been nurtured or evolved by war. War is the certain death of Civilization. Diplomacy is jiggling the key, not nuking the lock -- softly, softly, catchee monkey.

God only knows what would happen if the psychopathic Middle East was rained on by the gentle and healing rains of diplomacy. Instead of diatribes; dialogue. Instead of lies; honesty. Instead of screaming; listening. Instead of rage; respect. Instead of killing; hope.

An infallible measure of social maturity is the degree to which humans (and countries) turn to communication, not violence, to deal with the inevitable conflicts of life. History (and our personal lives) have shown us over and over again that practically anything can be "worked through" when given a chance.

Does this apply to "terrorists"? Well, for openers the very word stops diplomacy in its tracks. Who is calling who a terrorist, and why? Wouldn't it be better to just drop inflammatory name calling AND DEAL WITH ISSUES?

This is what works in business arbitration. When union reps and company lawyers cut the crap and spend an hour or two just being people together, that's when things get done!

So why don't the Israeli's and Palestinians cut the crap for an hour or two and just be human beings together and actually LISTEN TO EACH OTHER -- without unveiled threats and religious hatreds (and as everyone knows, there's no hatred like religious hatred).

But what if all of that stopped, say, for an afternoon. Let's say for one enchanted afternoon the coming together REALLY WAS a "coming together" and the religious fanatics and war mongrels were bared at the door and ordinary people got a chance to really communicate with each other. Probably there would be much empathy and sorrow that so much time had been wasted by the righteous hate machines.

There used to be a chant that said, "Give Peace a Chance." Let's start another one that says, "Give Diplomacy a Chance."

But diplomacy with who? You name it. With ANYONE! With so called terrorists. With the Iranians -- God knows, DEFINITELY with the Iranians. Imagine a world in which diplomacy blossomed here and there like roses. Not just the Israeli/Palestinians (since its unfair to single out this one region) but with the multiple national/international groups which are at each other's throats.

Could all this happen? Really, really, could all this authentic mutual communication really take place? Of course, in a heartbeat.

So why aren't we doing it? May I repeat that question? Why aren't we doing it?

How simple and tragic is the answer. Diplomacy has been banished in the 3rd millennia by the international vampire elites. It's not happening in America, for example, because America is a textbook Dictatorship of the Rich, and the main way astronomically rich people BECOME astronomically rich people and STAY astronomically rich people is by inventing pseudo war after pseudo war after pseudo war.

Very, very rich people have always been the black heart of Civilization-destroying wars. Look at Iraq. Billions and billions of dollars are being skimmed off by Cheney type oil companies along with literally hundreds of different multi millionaire and multi billionaire scams. These scams are robbing the Iraqis just as much as they are robbing American taxpayers (and that certainly doesn't include the elites!).

Said point blank: The Bush Iraq Oil War is a cash cow for vampire elites. The same will be true for Iran and it is already true for Afghanistan. Daddy Warbucks indeed!

Hence, the "Have's" fear diplomacy above all else, because they know if human beings are simply human beings together, they will quickly work out who are the peasants and who are their Greek God-like elite masters.

The elites also know that IF the "Have Not's" (basically all of us) EVER get our act together, we will take our lives and planet back with apolitical hardball (VERY hardball if necessary). We won't play meaningless establishment political games anymore since politics is our jailor, not our savior.

We should bear in mind that the only group on the planet that is NEVER accessible to diplomacy are the vampire elites, since the elites are greed incarnate and will destroy Mother Earth a hundred times a hundred times over before they share their God-like wealth with the rest of the "Have Not" human race.