Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Onion of Evil: first establishment politics & religion and then vampire elites.

How ironic that religious fanatics have demonstrated to the human race that evil is palpably real -- by their own hypocritical, hateful, and murderous behavior. And no religion or culture has any monopoly of these monsters. They foul the nest of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity equally.

Is it more than a metaphor to see George Bush as the Anti-Christ of the 3rd millennia, since he's already responsible for the deaths of over a million and a half people? Hey, this guy's catching up with Hitler and Stalin fast. All he has to do is start another Oil War in Iran and he'll be the murderer of more human beings than any man in human history. Of course, he’s deluded himself that he's doing his mass murderer thing "in the name of God", but the very rocks and trees know he's evil incarnate.

Now "evil" is a word many us feel very uncomfortable with. It just doesn't seem to have anything to do with scientific reality for openers and anyone who discounts scientific is, let's just say, pitifully intellectually challenged. In fact, study after study has shown that in general human beings trust science over institutional religion and have done so for centuries.

So, what's the story about all this evil business? Well, it seems to be the only way to for account for this tsunami of Bush/Republican heartlessness, hatred, and violence. Somehow the "psychological" explanations just don't cut it. Psychology (and sociology) seem to getting only pieces of it. And even the more hard core sciences like genetics and neurology still seem to be missing some kind of "essence".

Another aspect of this (which many of you are probably already anticipating) is that if you take evil seriously (shall we call it metaphysical evil?), then you also end up taking good seriously, and THAT opens the door to God thinking, since the it seems plausible that "God" can be a word/metaphor for the ultimate good.

So this twists around into so many ironies it’s hard to keep track. First, it means religious fanatics (basically the lunatic right wing of any institutional religion) are where religion, goodness, and God (if that works for you) are NOT. Indeed, they are the exact opposite of God, with their drooling righteous hatreds and blood lust.

Right wing Israeli religious fanatics have NOTHING to do with the Hebrew Prophets (those beacons of justice), any more that Muslim "holy warriors" (that ultimate contradiction in terms) have any thing to do with the wise and compassionate teachings of Mohammed, any more than that army of Christian right wing rapture raptors who hate EVERYONE, have any spiritual connection with the loving presence of Jesus Christ.

And yet there is still another door which opens even more deeply into this onion of evil and that is the door which leads to the vampire elites. And here again, no country has a monopoly on the elites as they truly are vampire-like and live wherever it suits them.

We now have reached the have and have not layer of the onion and it simply doesn't get any more evil than this. What pig, pig rich people do to keep and expand their pig, pig wealth is literally satanic. This is that Heart of Darkness which has broken the hearts of people steeped in love and compassion since the beginning of time.

Indeed, one could convincingly argue that pure and absolute evil is found only in the dead hearts of the Earth's vampire elites. As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be?

Examples are legion. Iraq, for example is ALL ABOUT OIL (i.e., more money for the elites). Afghanistan is ALL ABOUT OIL (i.e., more money for the elites). And Iran will also be ALL ABOUT OIL (i.e., more money for the elites).

Global warming is all about financially exploiting our dying (and it IS dying) planet. Fossil fuels are planetary suicide, but the elites want the oil profits AT ANY COST. Well, the cost is going to be the death of human civilization if not the literal extinction of the human species -- but the elites want more money.

99% of what has happened, is happening, and will happen (unless we start playing going-all-the- way apolitical hard ball) is because THE ELITES WANT MORE MONEY.

So behind the meaningless games of establishment politics and religion are the Earth's blood-sucking vampire elites. This one percent (probably less) of human beings are and always have been the true God's and Goddess's of planet Earth.

Note that the question still remains as to what evil really is. But theology, psychology, genetics, etc, aside, whatever it is, IT'S REAL and it has our planet in its claws as we speak. Perhaps the only thing we truly KNOW about evil is that its manifestation on our desperately wounded and vulnerable planet is through religious fanatics and vampire elites. These are the true children of a Heart of Darkness blacker than a black hole.

God help us.