Sunday, October 21, 2007

Extinction or the elites. Choose

Human civilization is actually see spot run simple to analyze. What science calls "critical variables" are the vampire elites, i.e., the one percent or less of humankind who are the literal Gods and Goddesses of planet Earth.

Jesus knew all about the elites and so did Karl Marx. Marxism is now dead and buried (probably just as well as it was so easily perverted in Soviet totalitarianism), but at least it was 100% clear that astronomically rich people are the terminal cancer of human existence.

The problem is what to do about it, since establishment politics (like establishment religion) is ruled absolutely by vampire elites. The "vampire" modifier here is more than poetry, since the elites are literally sucking the life blood out of Mother Nature. Again, the metaphor fits the rape and murder of our bleeding planet by Texas energy corporations.

It's a little like being told you are dying (rapidly) from a disease for which there isn't any cure. We know EXACTLY what the disease is (vampire elites), but "traditional medicine" (i.e., establishment politics & religion) is part of the illness, never the cure.

Take Bill and Hillary Clinton as a case in point. Bill Clinton may have charisma, but he spends so much time licking the jack boots of Daddy Bush, that his tongue must be as black as his conscience. Also, let's never forget he was elected as a liberal who turn coated into a corporate centrist.

And we don't know if the DLC Hillary Clinton Doll even exists! She/it never takes a stand about ANYTHING, so she, like her husband, is an incarnation of those zero change politicians (i.e., fascists) who the elites manipulate like video games.

So, no help from the house-trained Clintons. But also, no help from establishment politics (i.e., our dem/pug ONE party system).

Thus, this brings us back to square one. The supreme evil of human existence is the Have and Have not distinction, i.e., the vampire elites, but how do we get the majority of the planet to realize this? NOTHING could be more self evident, but our planet suffers not only from the pathology of greed, but also, alas, from the pathology of sloth.

Indeed, to borrow psychological terminology, sloth is the "enabler" of greed, i.e., no sloth, no greed. God in heaven, we are talking about a international cabal of elites who have kept at least 99% of the human race under their boots since the beginning of time.

SO WHY DON'T WE BLOODY DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT? Mostly because they created these b.s. social game rules to justify and maintain their infinite selfishness (which we slavishly obey, e.g., sloth) -- but we also have the MORAL RIGHT and a 99 plus percent majority.

In short, it all comes down to why are we agreeing to play by social rules which forever condemns the "Have Nots" (i.e., practically ALL of us!) to a Middle Ages peasant existence. We still pay all the taxes. Our children are used as cannon fodder for their contrived Greed Wars. We watch the heartbreaking rape of murder of Mother Nature, and whenever we get representatives who miraculously speak for the human race, they promptly get assassinated, e.g., J.F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Senator Paul Wellstone, Bobby Kennedy, and all those targeted high profile Democrats who got anthrax in the mail.

We have learned over and over again that the elites don't hesitate for a heartbeat to assassinate whomever speaks for humanity, even though millions and millions of people all over the planet are passionately convinced that 9/11 was "facilitated" by Bush/Republicans (i.e., the elites), just as they believe all the Bush Oil Wars (Afghanistan included) are all about MAKING MORE MONEY for the elites.

Of course, the Judas media writes off these possibilities as conspiracy theories, even though "conspiracy" here means establishment denial. Again, however, we should never forget that millions and MILLIONS of people in and out of America believe all these Bush/Republican treasonous horrors to be true, just as they believe the neocon cabal and lobby (which NEVER lobbies for the well being and national security of the United States of America) is the ultimate cancer of planet Earth.

It is always useful to follow the money and whatever families, organizations, countries, and communities who symbolize and incarnate the pig, pig rich are the precise Heart of Darkness monsters of civilization.

If an extraterrestrial planetary physician examined our desperately wounded Earth, its (his/her?) diagnosis would be that the only hope of human civilization and its ecosystem is to DO WHATEVER WE HAVE TO DO to emancipate our planet from very rich people. These anti-humanity "social game rules" are blatantly suicidal. We have to find in our hearts and souls whatever it takes to "transcend" these rules with apolitical hardball.

The face of God may be mysticism beyond measure, but the face of evil is the elites, and how much longer are we going to allow our lives, the lives of our children, our planet, and civilization to be literally eaten alive by these bloated vermin?

If we don't find SOME way to get rid of the Have and Have Not horror, the abyss of oblivion is but a few steps away. Remember New Orleans. Remember the biological insanity of fossil fuels. Remember we have a Yale cheerleader president who has trouble even "pronouncing" the word science. Remember that we have Oil War after Oil War whose sole purpose is to MAKE RICH PEOPLE RICHER . . . and please remember that brutal, self righteous, hypocrisy of the "Christian Right" about tragic Terri Schiavo.

Extinction or the elites. Choose