Thursday, October 11, 2007

9/11 and the neocon cabal will be the the twin foci of the post 2008 "Nuremberg Trials

9/11 and the neocon cabal will be the twin foci of the post 2008 "Nuremberg Trials".


The neocon cabal is the stinger of the scorpion. This profoundly UN American coterie of special interests has limitless funds and zero patriotism. It has taken American foreign policy hostage for the last seven years (or more) and its secret agendas have NOTHING to do with the well being and national security of the United States of America. The masters for whom the neocon lobby lobbies never sing God Bless America.

This cabal, more than any other political force (even the irrational Armageddon fanatics) is responsible for our national horror show from year 2000 on. For the neocon cabal, George Bush was too good to be true; not because of his Napoleonic stature, but because of his pitiful, puppet mentality. Here was a man who basically went to work with the words "manipulate me" stamped on his forehead. And manipulate him, they did! Remember the visible box under his coat during the Kerry debates? Ugh. An obedient air head, but the PERFECT Judas to give away the American farm to these un-American, Midas rich, lunatic fringe, right wingers.

And then, 9/11! The literally hundreds of internet sites that offer objective facts, empirical evidence, pictures of imploding buildings that scientifically COULD NOT have come from the impact of one medium sized plane, and mountains of documented records and conversations pre, during, and post that infinitely treasonous event, will be the other focus of these American soul-healing trials.

Predictable and tedious shouts of "conspiracy theory" and "tinfoil hats" will be drowned out by a tsunami of fact, facts, facts, facts, and more facts. 9/11 is the turning point in American history, at least as important of the Civil War. Indeed, 9/11 in its own way IS a civil war, since the scientific evidence, data, and facts all overwhelmingly point to an event that didn't just "happen" because Bush was asleep at the wheel, but to an event that was TOTALLY KNOWN IN ADVANCE WOULD HAPPEN by Bush/neocon Americans(?). Only the second Neunberg Trial will revel the degree to with the Bush/neocons facilitated 9/11.

The supremely important question to bear in mind about 9/11 is WHO BENEFITED FROM IT? The answer is self evident. Before 9/11, Bush had already disappeared down the political toilet, but then (April Fool, 9/11!) and suddenly he became a presidential hero. Gee, interesting timing, right? Bush a "hero"? Talk about putting lipstick on a pig. This man is literally responsible the deaths of around a million an a half people. How about calling him the 3rd millennia Anti-Christ -- that shoe fits a lot better.

OK, next question. What COUNTRY benefited by 9/11? Or said differently, did 9/11 help or hurt the neocon agenda? That's a rhetorical question.

As mentioned earlier, it's not only useful to think that (post 2008) we're headed for another Nuremberg Trial. It's also VERY helpful to see 9/11 as the "first shot" of America's second Civil War, since the evidence is that to some very significant degree (we don't know how much -- yet) it was an "inside job".

God knows, these are heartbreaking and tragic events and possibilities we're now talking about. At no time in the 20th Century did we think such treasonously horrific events could happen to us.

Well, its turns out such unspeakable tragedies as having our government's foreign policy taken over by the neocon lobby (which sure as hell has never lobbied for the United States of America), and the almost certainly "allowed" terrorism of 9/11, is so outside the box that it's almost impossible to take it in.

But if you have what is almost certainly a large cancerous growth growing on your body, this is not the time to sweep the unthinkable under the rug.

What would the noble authors of our Constitutional Republic have done? Probably exactly what they did the first time when they had a mad King George to deal with.

Now more than ever we need Tiny Tim's, "God bless us all, every one"