Sunday, October 12, 2008

Civil or interntional war could be triggered if the pugs steal the election, McCain dies, and Palin becomes President..

Actually, a civil war (whatever form it takes and however gradually it picks up momentum) could even be catalyzed if the pugs blatantly steal their 3rd Presidential election.

It’s obvious to life forms on Jupiter that the ONLY way McCain/Palin could win this presidential election (my God, look at the poll numbers!) would be if Diebold black boxes (dem in, pug out) and thousands of Republican strategies to discount, miscount, or intimidate Democratic voters, killed the soul of Democracy once again at the voting place.

We already know they're going to try to steal the election, just as we know Sarah Palin is trying to incite pickup, gun rack, good ol' boy psychopaths in her audience to get beered up and assassinate Barack Obama. Boy, behind those 20 year old glasses and hairdo is a leering devil from hell.

So, what happens if the fascist/pugs DO steal the election and McCain gives out in the first year? Sarah Palin is what happens. That evil airhead would be PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!

I don't think so. I really don't. There's too many MILLIONS of Americans who would, let's just say, "intervene". Probably, first they would try to dethrone her with diplomacy and deal making, but by now we have leaned that this woman/thing would eat her children if she thought it would give her more power. Remember, she let in slip in the Biden debate that even as VP she wants to be more powerful than Cheney.

Sarah Palin is an infinitely hypocritical religious fanatic who would continue to spit into the face of Mother Nature. Indeed, this is probably the main reason we would have to pull this woman like a tooth out the halls of power. The Earth absolutely can't afford a "President Palin" (God, it makes you puke to even say those words).

Look, may we use marriage as an example? To begin with, marriage is often at least mildly positive, but frequently one or both of the spouses realize this was the ultimately stupid and self destructive choice they ever made in their life. Sound familiar. Yeah, I bet it does!

So what happens? Well, for the people with spiritual grit, you bite the bullet and say goodbye (usually forever) to all the religious crap that keeps imprisoning you in an institutional prison. In short, you don't just divorce your spouse, you ALSO (and this can be much more difficult) divorce the oppressive religious mind set which has probably programmed the whole of your life.

OK, the comparison is obvious. In order to politically/socially "divorce" Sarah Palin, we would have to ALSO start playing the social/political game BY OUR OWN RULES. Just as we escaped the "religious marriage prison" (hey, is this OUR life or what?), we would also have to do the same to the social/political game rules that keep us obedient robots (for the elites, of course!).

In other words, we would have to choose between these anti-working-class, elite/fascist game rules (which would keep Palin as the Queen of America), and our own souls, God Bless America, and our beloved and rapidly dying planet. Probably the most repressed truth of humanity is that the necessary ecosystems of our species (and countless others as well) truly are “going down for the third time”.

Thus, axiom one is that Sarah Palin would kill what's left of the human ecosystem (and thousands of others) in probably a year or two.

Axiom two is that Sarah Palin would ALSO kill what's left of our dying Democratic Republic in probably a year or two.

Axiom three is that Sarah Palin would start not one but several wars in the name of her twit God against her Muslim countries of choice (one can imagine she would do this with a dart board). Of course Russia (which Palin tells us she can see clearly with her superwoman eyes) and China and others would then declare war on us -- after all, it’s their planet too which Palin would be destroying.

My God, she would be a hundred times worse than McCain, even though he is the Alzheimer's God of War.

End result of Axiom three: more nukes would be flying around our planet than birds, and human civilization itself would probably return to the dark ages, if not disintegrate into extinction.

Of course, for President Palin, this would not be a negative. Indeed, it would be a plus since her tiny mind sees the Earth as merely a motel she and her religious dingbats are just "passing through" on the way to salvation or damnation, and, hey, a nuclear Armageddon would be their door into the promised land (a philosophy clearly shared by our current president pinhead).

The thing to bear in mind is that millions and millions of Americans have a similar (perhaps, very similar) take on Sarah Palin. They know she's a brainless, religious fanatic who has as much contempt for the Earth as she has for our Democratic Republic.

You know, it really makes you wonder if reincarnation has something to it, since she is such a clone of the WW2 fascist, psychopathic monsters.

So, all this being basically known by millions of Americans, are we really going to let this would be assassinator of Barack Obama with at most a 2 digit IQ, have her way with our country, our children, and the very Earth?

I think not. So help me God, my fellow Americans, I believe in my quarks that if in addition to stealing the 2008 election, McCain shuffled of this mortal coil and Palin stepped in, I think this would be the beginning of America's second Civil War.

As said earlier, it probably wouldn't happen overnight and it would take forms impossible to predict (like internet warfare), but for all of that it would be honest to God war to the death.

Because we would be fighting for the very soul of America, our children's future, and our mortally wounded planet.

The alternative would be the certain death (in probably less than two years) of all these things. My God, if your spouse is feeding you and your children ground glass, are you really going to submit to social/religious "rules" that say you must NEVER get a divorce?

Also, since Palin would be doing basically the same thing to all countries of the Earth (directly or indirectly), you can take it to the bank that if WE don’t rid our county if this dufus, religious fanatic, psychopath, the rest of the world will do it for us!

Thus, in one form or another, Sarah Palin would almost certainly catalyze a civil or international war.

Especially after eight years of the Bush Family 3rd Reich, SHE MAY SIMPLY NOT BE ALLOWED TO BE PRESIDENT . . . whatever the cost.