Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is Obama the final nail in the coffin of our pseudo two party system?

You know, what is happening now isn’t all bad. Sometimes things have to get unbelievably terrible before people wake up. In AA, this is called “hitting bottom’ – and the good news about hitting bottom is that’s where all the bounce is.

Nearly everything Obama has done since the primaries isn’t only non progressive, it isn't even centrist. He spends most of his time sucking up the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing, corporate Texas energy vampires, etc, etc. There's really no point is listing all the stuff, since he's basically doing EXACTLY the same things our dem/pug congress has been doing.

So now, I guess we can talk about the dem/pug/Obama convention. One party of hog troughers. God, people will be able to hear the squeals of greed on the other side of the planet when Obama makes it clear all that "liberal/progressive" stuff in the primaries was crapola.

Probably the high point of the convention is when Judas Joe Lieberman gives him a big sloppy kiss.

So, what's the story?

(1.) We now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that the United States of America is a Dictatorship of the Rich.

(2.) We now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that we have a one party political system.

(3.) We now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that our one party system is abjectly under the control of 1% of the country, i.e., the vampire rich.

(4.) We now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY the our Democratic Republic (what a laugh!) is rapidly turning into a Police State.

(5.) We now know with ABSOLUTE CERTAINTY that we are up to our eyebrows in a Class War -- and guess who the suckers are who pay all the taxes (hey, no taxes for yachts in California!) and sacrifice their children as cannon fodder for vampire rich oil wars. Yes, you guessed it. They all belong what's left of the middle and lower classes.

(6.) Millions of Americans profoundly believe 9/11 was an "inside job". Let's spell that out. 9/11 wasn't the mere result of Bush Administration ineptitude; it was the direct result of Bush Administration engineering. In other words, 9/11 happened BECAUSE OF the neocon/Bush administration. They made it happen to justify the preemptive invasion of Iraq, and to tax out of existence the cattle class (that’s us), but most of all to turn Iraq into a "money cow" oil war for billions and billions of graft money -- and on and on. But the main thing to bear in mind is that 9/11 was ENGINEERED by the Bush/neocons.

(7.) Speaking of the neocons, millions of Americans have finally got it that Bush's neocon "advisors" are all of a piece of the lunatic right wing fringe of Israel: meaning for the last eight years (actually more) our foreign policy has been a tail wagged by the dog of American/Israeli right wing crazies. Sure would be nice if American foreign policy was determined only by Americans, wouldn't it?

Of course, this list could go on an on.

So, do we have a moral here? Indeed we do. Millions and millions of Americans would agree with most of the above. There might be a debate here or there about this or that, but the big picture is that we are living in Dictatorship of the Rich that is willing to do ANYTHING (e.g., treasonously engineer 9/11 and lie about Iraq even in presidential addresses) to keep a relative handful of multi millionaire and billionaire international elites unimaginably rich (and still getting richer).

And of course there's a marriage in hell between the international elites and right wing sociopaths of the two countries in question. Indeed, these sociopaths fuel the Police State master plan of the elites.

Simple: Dictatorship of the Rich with an evolving Police State. That's what's really out there.

Now let's see if Obama will address ANY of this at the convention.

He should, you know, since we're talking about the total and very rapid extinction of our human freedoms and Constitutional Democracy.

But, this American thinks "hitting bottom" includes seeing our dem/pug/Obama one party system for exactly what it is, i.e., a 6,000 year old strategy to keep the elites living like Greek Gods and all the rest of us living like cattle.

Oh by the way, let's not forget that elites are totally willing to indulge in genocide. Look at what white Europeans have done to black Africans. And for that matter, on a smaller scale, look at Bush's assassination of New Orleans. Gotta keep that black population down.

And lastly, look at what the dem/pug/Bush/neocons have done to our life and death health protections and plans. All those chemicals in our food and water are steadily killing us you know. Is that just fate or chance, or are the elites "weaning the cattle". They need us (who else will clean their commodes), but they don't want "too many" of us.

Probably nothing would be more horrifying for Americans than a massive examination of how hundreds of things are now being allowed and encouraged in our country in order to gradually kill off millions of us. No inspection of poisonous meat, unnecessary pesticides, avoidable pollutants in our water supplies, even verifiable hanky panky in our pharmaceuticals ("medicine" that ain't medicine). Hey, too many cattle just can't be allowed -- especially as the bad karma of raping Mother Nature starts kicking in more and more.

Now many Americans realize some, most, or all of these things (again, debate about details doesn't change the monstrously evil big picture). And make no mistake, we are talking about monsters. Unfortunately our country is now under to total control of literal monsters.

They certainly control the political game.

And they certainly seem to be controlling Barack Obama.

And oh yes, the bounce. Let's not forget the bounce. We are clearly hitting bottom, so let's talk about the bounce.

The bounce, such as it is, will come from one thing only! It will come from being in touch with reality. It all comes down to how many Americans are willing to puke out the fantasy version of America. You know, that America the elites have brainwashed us into thinking is real.

But IT'S NOT REAL. What's real is the Dictatorship of the Rich. What's real is the oncoming Police State. What's real is that 1% of the human race (including in America) owns and has control of virtually everything on the planet What's real is that, compared to the Greek God like elites, all the rest of us are living like human cattle.

No one knows what percentage in-touch-with reality-Americans will catalyze a social cataclysm, but when that critical mass is reached, the “bounce” will happen and Americans will start DOING WHATEVER THEY HAVE TO DO to resurrect our Constitutional Republic. We shouldn’t kid ourselves about this. If and when that critical mass of “enlightened” American is reached, all bets are off on everything. Radical change will happen, no matter what the cost! Most of all, the elites will be “dealt with”, since they are the core cancers of planet Earth. The Have and Have Not horror will be challenged ultimately and permanently.

Case in point: When the full truth that the 9/11 atrocity was actively engineered by the Bush Administration (and friends), only God can predict what will happen . . .

And Barack who?