Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden makes it A, B,C simple: there’s not going to be any "lesser of the evils"

In a recent interview, Biden opined, "Rich folks are as patriotic as poor folks, but we don't talk that way."

He also criticized the left wing of his party for "demonizing" the rich and Republicans.

Wait, wait, wait!

This man is a Democrat and he's comparing the financially murdered middle and lower classes to vampire rich elites?

Yeah, I just bet if you're a multi millionaire or billionaire you have VERY positive things to say about the country that's letting you get away with moral, financial murder. And you know what (are you listening, Joe), I bet New Orleans is filled with folks who feel abandoned and betrayed by the American Dictatorship of the Rich.

Who IS this guy? Jesus, have a little finesse, Joe? Don't be so pathetically obvious. On your first day of being a VP, you let the world see that you have your head TOTALLY up the you know what of the fascist elites?

Wow, what a beginning. We get to choose between no brain McCain and two (three, four?) faced Barack Obama. The very people Biden was dumping on (the patriotic and vital "left wing" of his party) are the same people who got Obama through the primaries in the first place.

So, let's pause a moment to see if that fact sinks into the Biden brain. Oops, forget that the Biden head is out of commission. Oh well, we'll probably just have to get used to that.

In due course, we now know he'll have many more negative things to say about progressives and how billionaires should be canonized for kindness, so let's just say that in this presidential horse race the convention showed us we don't even HAVE a bloody horse.

All we need now is the last clown. The 3 stooges of Biden, Obama, and McCain need a one more stooge, i.e., McCain's VP.

But in the meantime, Joe's probably set the tone for the next few months:

(1.) anti progressive slurs from the presidential dem candidates

(2.) elite sucking up from the presidential dem candidates

(3.) ZERO confrontation of any life and death political, environmental, and moral issues from the presidential dem candidates

Think of it like this. Basically, we're going to be playing a kind of game, and it's called see if you can find ANYTHING substantively or significantly different in the speeches of these 4 stooges.

Here's a suggestion. Don't waste your time trying to find pro progressive remarks or anti vampire rich elite remarks, since for all four of them, progressives will be the "enemy" (as always!) and the billionaire elites will be the Gods and Goddesses (as always!) of this enslaved, Have and Have Not planet.

And Biden, please don't be so grovelingly obvious in the future. At least "act like" you're an ethical, rational adult. Not to worry. You’ve got lots of company. For much (most?) of the human race, money is far more craved than morality or rationality anyway.