Sunday, August 3, 2008

As always, the challenge is to begin where we are, not where we'd like to be.

Where we'd like to be is supporting a strong liberal presidential candidate, not someone who instantly began sucking up to Israeli right wing extremists and who has already sold most of his campaign to right, NOT left, of center individuals and organizations.

But that's what we've got.

That's Barack Obama.

The problem is who is this man?

The guy who was a prophet of change during the primaries (which WON him the primaries!). Hillary, conversely, was status quo incarnate and now she's scrounging for crumbs and probably won't get them.

So who's got a trusty crystal ball? Is this guy for real, or is he just another pain in the ass Republican-Democrat who lies to the skies? We know all about Republican-Democrats, so who/what is Barack Obama?

He's certainly in the right place and the right time, but is he just another DLC/RNC clone?

Let's face it, the jury is out. He might be anything. Once thing is for sure. He has done a major about face after getting the nomination. But, maybe he knows what he's doing since, let’s face it, no one wins anything who is disconnected from the political center.

The torturing fact is that he's the only game in town. Jeez, McCain is already showing his hand and this man is out of the box nuts. He's Mr. WW3, and in a matter of weeks after being elected (God forbid), nukes will be criss crossing the planet like birds. The Russians and Chinese will have declared war on us (since McCain will have started wars all over the Middle East), and bye, bye western civilization. McCain is walking death. He's also almost certainly already sliding down the Alzheimer's road, so think how much fun it will be to have a president in diapers who has 100% control of enough nuclear weaponry to literally destroy the Earth.

The point is, HE'S THE ONLY ALTERNATIVE TO "wild card" Obama -- which means it really comes down to Obama vs. WW3.

Which isn't a choice.

The perfect description of what's now happening in the United States of America is that we've up to our armpits in a class war. Of course, the 1% vampire rich elites are winning hands down since they have all the power and money.

But class wars have a way of turning into . . . revolutions. So there really IS a "third option" to both Obama and McCain, and it's starting to very, very steadily manifest itself. We would be criminally foolish if we totally discounted this possibility. When the lower in middle classes of a country are going down for the third time in the excrement of the vampire rich one percent "upper class" (yes, "upper" like Greek Gods), all bets are off on consistent stability. When 99% of a country is getting screwed long enough and horribly enough by the elite 1%, people start whispering about revolution.

Let's face it. Politics was INVENTED by the elites to keep the rest of us in cattle pens. But cattle can easily break through cattle pens if there are enough of them and they are being basically tortured and turned into elite hamburger (like our cannon fodder children).

So the Obama, McCain business may turn into much ado about nothing.

Indeed, it is a near certainty that if Obama turns out be belong to the dark side (e.g., the Israeli and American fascist right wing) and/or the 2008 Presidential election is stolen (like the year 2000 and 2004 Presidential elections), then politics will probably (?) be ignored and replaced by some kind of social cataclysm.

Not a talk revolution or a theoretical revolution but a historical revolution.

The bow has been stretched back too far and the arrow of MASSIVE SOCIAL CHANGE is very, very close.

No more murder and rape of Mother Nature. No more trashing of retirements and health care programs. No more turning our children into cannon fodder for oil wars for the vampire rich. No more spitting on science and medical research. No more killing what's left of our economy by gigantic tax breaks for the pig, pig rich (like no taxes on yachts in California). No more poisoning the water, air, and oceans. My God, this list can go on and on and it make take a literal revolution to stop this insane rush to the agonizing extinction of humankind.

So, Obama, you better turn out to be what you pretended to be in the primaries and election-stealers be warned. A social Armageddon may be closer than you think.

The American middle and lower classes (i.e., 99% of the country) are NOT going to go gently into any goodnight.

Message to the elites: In your wildest dreams you can't imagine the critical mass of rage which is now rumbling EVERYWHERE. The Have and Have Not horror is going to turn out NOT be an "irresistible force" when it meets the "immovable object" of human condition survival. We are not going to let you kill our children, our country, and the planet, so if this election is criminally corrupt AGAIN (!), trust me, you will not like what will be waiting for you. May I say that again? YOU WILL NOT LIKE WHAT WILL BE WAITING FOR YOU!

How sad and tragic that we've come to this point, but this is ultimate beginning where we are, and no mistake!