Tuesday, December 26, 2006

10 Happy Thoughts for 2007!

(1.) We won the 2006 midterms! Let's say that again. We won the 2006 midterms!

(2.) The Internet is blossoming with liberal/progressive sites in which we now hold virtual Town Hall meetings. Plus, we no longer need the Judas media, since these sites keep millions of liberal/progressives instantaneously informed and interconnected.

(3.) A kind of "awakening" is that dem centrists are finally seen by most of us to be part of the problem, not the solution. The DLC has trained the court jesters of the pig, pig rich (of BOTH parties) long enough. Now we see them for what they are, i.e., traitors to the middle and lower classes. Are you listening, Hillary Clinton and Joe Lieberman?

(4.) The midterms also gave us committees with the constitutional and legal power to dig into the TRUTH of these last six, monstrous Bush/Republican years. For example, why did George Bush darkly “allow” 9/11 happen in the first place? And whatever happened to that original coterie of “advisors” lead by Paul Wolfowitz (remember Mr. Smug?) who buried America’s foreign policy in these quicksand wars? It's also reassuring to remember that these committees are headed by some our most honorable and courageous Democratic representatives.

(5.) Another "awakening" is that Bush/Republican greed went SO FAR beyond what was formerly accepted (and hidden), that Americans (of both parties) are finally beginning to realize that America is a Dictatorship of the Rich. The Bush (or is it Saudi?) Royal Family is simply one of the 2% vampires of greed who literally "own" our country. So long as this truth was hidden (remember, vampires need to live in the dark!), they could drain the blood of America unnoticed, BUT the 98% is starting to genuinely realize that the 2% pig, pig rich are making fools and servants of all the rest of us (the 98%).

(6.) NO ONE ON THE PLANET EARTH TAKES GEORGE W. BUSH SERIOUSLY ANYMORE. Not even his family. And certainly not his political party which sees him as a stinking, living millstone around their neck. He may walk around and practice his smirk, but he doesn't fool barnyard animals anymore. We're getting a taste of how history is going to classify this man, i.e., as a brain dead, war mongering religious fanatic whose true God is money and oil -- in other words, dirty money.

(7.) Karl Rove is becoming a nonentity. Remember him, the "genius" (woo! woo!) of the pugs. Not too much press about Karl these days, is there? I guess he flunked out in 2006.

(8.) And of course not to forget Dick Cheneyburton (often confused with a dyspeptic walrus). Alas, he's still out there, dreaming up his own special horrors for planet Earth, but he too has lost all semblance of national respect. After shooting his buddy in the face and then blaming HIM for standing in the way (!), most people now think of the VP as a fat, aging psycho.

(9.) And it breaks your heart, but even Jeb Bush said the other day he doesn't have any political future. Maybe he would have had a better chance if Florida hadn't had all those rigged elections under his watch. What goes around comes around?

(10.) Lastly, Al Gore still keeps hinting he may run in 2008 after all. What could be more historically perfect and just? Full circling back to the scene of the crime which happened BEFORE 9/11.

(11.) And I know this is # 11, but Peace on Earth to all men and women of good will, i.e., still most of the human race.