Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Behind the political sound and fury signifying (nearly) nothing, live the Greek Gods of planet Earth

We shouldn't patronize the "Middle Ages" as that time in the distant past when a tiny minority of humans (called aristocrats) lived like Greek Gods, while everyone else (poor slobs!) was a peon or peasant; because if that's the dynamic of the Middle Ages then THIS STILL IS the Middle Ages.

If the last 6 years have taught us anything, it's that the distinction between Democrat and Republican is trivial. Yes, politics may reshuffle the deck (and as one American, I'm still in grateful shock that the fascists and fundamentalists got the boot from Congress), but reshuffling the deck is as far as it will ever go until we profoundly realize that the core distinction on this planet is still between the haves and the have not's.

Thus, this still really is the Middle Ages if less than 1% of the Homo sapiens of this planet control basically EVERYTHING. Look, let's see it like it is. Bill Clinton keep sucking up to Daddy Bush and the dems have just as many "elites" as the pugs. Godspeed to the political activities of people like Gore and Kennedy, but these people, just like the Rockefeller's and Murdoch's, are living lives of literal Greek Gods. How hard can it be to stand up and be counted on a few political issues, when you have a bank balance of a small country?

The have and have not distinction has NOTHING to do with politics! There's a handful of Germans and Americans, and Israelis and Saudis, and your country of choice, who live in realities 4 or 5 dimensions away from what 99 + percent of the rest of us can only guess at. To them, we're the great unwashed, the necessary suckers whose bones and blood they build their castles on. They need us as their "work force" and cattle consumers, but they see us as inferior life forms.

Cynically (or realistically) put, God isn't love, God is MONEY, and the Greek Gods over the millennia have always known this. All the clichés, aren't clichés. Money really DOES make the world go round, and money really IS the root of all evil.

So each time a "centrist" from the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) starts talking about "bipartisanship", you can be certain they're some Greek God's court jester.

These people have cars they don't even drive and limitless, literally limitless, health care. They can have affairs on a whim in Bangkok and parties in personal jets after spending thousands of dollars for a pair shoes. They have tailors, manicurists, and mansions (plural) and they usually pay less taxes than you do. The stress in their lives is probably one thousandth of an average American (i.e., us, the suckers), and they live very long and healthy lives. Look at Daddy Bush. Lots of them take health aids that cost more in a week than a middle class American makes in a year.

In short, they live like Greek Gods. And so long as nearly all the wealth of the planet is concentrated in the hands of organizations like the Carlyle Group (which has made billions and billion off the Bush War in Iraq), political deck shuffling is moot.

These people are like an anchor to which our ship of state is permanently tethered. So long as we allow the pig, pig rich to continue to be pig, pig rich, our human civilization is doomed, because there are fatal and inevitable CONSEQUENCES of the Greek God life style.

The supreme consequence is what's happening to Mother Nature. The vampire greed of the Greek Gods know no bounds, so if the Earth has to be eaten alive to satisfy the Midas appetites of this one percent of the human race, then you can be sure it's already game over.

So . . .

Well, it's all pretty obvious. WE (i.e., basically the human race) have to take our planet back from the Greek Gods. These multimillionaires and billionaires can no longer be ALLOWED. And how do we do this? Good question, but boycotts and really "effective" politics come to mind.

Our Constitution has made it clear that the United States of America DOES NOT BELONG to the Greek Gods -- it belongs of all of us. And that means we have the right, the "legal/constitutional" right to take it back from these vampires. How? For one thing, by taxing the living shit out of them. And by passing legislation to "somehow" "some way" more evenly distribute the wealth of the Earth.

Call this socialism if you like, but it really doesn't need a name. Jesus justice would be nice. Whatever we call it, the American (and worldwide) rage of the suckered 99% is building and building.

So, message from us to the Greek Gods: We are the country, not you. And we have laws and a constitution that gives us the right to stop living like your servants and suckers. And to the degree that we get the message that your way of life is killing the planet and fanning the flames of wars and tragic violence, we WILL FIND A WAY to once and for all end this obscene have and have not distinction.

And you can take that to the bank.