Thursday, January 31, 2008

Are the vampire elites a symptom of a slob species?

Politics is a meaningless game invented by the international vampire elites (the 0.5%) to make sure 99.5% of the world's human cattle stay in our cattle pens. This has been the way of the world for approximately the last 6,000 years.

So, behind the meaningless sound and fury signifying nothing of politics are the vampire elites. But for that matter, behind effectively EVERYTHING in the human condition are the manipulating vampire elites.

So, is this at long last the dead center (literally) of the Earth's Heart of Darkness?


Because "behind" the vampire elites is something even worse -- worse at least in the sense that there's nothing we can do about it.

Behind politics are the elites, but behind the elites is a defective species, i.e., Homo sapiens, i.e., "us".

On a scale of one to ten of allegedly "advanced" species, we’re probably a two.

This is so obvious. How ELSE could the vampire elites be controlling the human condition if it weren't for the fact that PRACTICALLY ALL OF US "permit" it? Hell, if we really got our act together, do you think this social chess game would keep us from deleting the elites in a week?

If this isn't obvious, then the sun isn't obvious. 99.5% of the human race out votes, out fights, out thinks, out energizes (with countless etc's), the 0.5%. Yes, yes, yes, they've got the pseudo legal upper hand, but "legality" means BLOODY NOTHING if it's not grounded in authentic morality. And nothing about the elite world has ANYTHING to do with morality and rationality.

The elites are pure evil. End of conversation, and 99.5% of the human race should be able to kick the ass of this evil in a thousand different ways.

But we don't and the only explanation for WHY we don't is, let's just say, biologically unflattering.

We allow this filth to have their way, not only with us, but with the very planet, because as a life form, we're too ineffectual to do otherwise.

And are there exceptions which prove the rule? Are there individuals and institutions with nobility and courageous intelligence? Do members of our species "occasionally" rise to the challenge of high intelligence, courage, and spirituality?

Of course, the answer is yes, but also of course, such manifestations of "quality" (let's just use that word) are very, very exceptional. Indeed, quantitatively relative to Joe 6 pack and Boobus Americanus, these exceptions are pitifully rare.

This could all be written up in very convoluted ways, with paragraphs of statistics, and maybe a chart or two, but may I simply submit the excruciatingly obvious fact that the huge majority of the human race are "enablers" who have neither the brains, courage, or ethics to fight the good fight -- because there ISN'T any "good fight" happening on this planet except from a handful of worldly "activists".

If most of us look around our neighborhood, what we see are houses filled with stupefied enablers. Said differently, our species is defective because there's just too much DEAD WEIGHT. The human monkeys who see no evil, hear no evil, and CONFRONT no evil.

Statistically speaking, such people are a representative sample of the human population and from such a population can come glorious exceptions like science, art, and moral courage, but "human nature" has always historically been predominately DEAD WEIGHT. That should be the name of our species: Homo DEAD WEIGHT. Naturally, it’s tricky to talk about a species of which one is a member, but facts are facts.

One last way to say this is that the elites (as the ultimate face of evil on our planet) aren't living their Greek God like lives because they are so amazingly powerful and intelligent. To the contrary, their social/biological "inbreeding" is making them more and more effete.

No, they are living Greek God like lives because "human nature" is too defective to stop them.

And yet another very complicated variable in all this are the lives of people so “disadvantaged” or mutilated that they are really impossible to evaluate and this includes (what?) half the human race? People living in ghettos and ghetto countries are barely existing, so what CAN be expected from their tragic and hopeless lives?

However this absolutely doesn’t change the fact that fascism is now and never has been the result of empowered elites, but rather the criminal enabling of our deadbeat neighbors.

It’s also why the defective species problem is so much more serious than the vampire elite problem, because with vampire elites we can at least imagine revolutionary social change. Usually not a good solution since revolutions almost always end up making everything worse (e.g., Russia and Iraq), but FUNDAMENTAL changes in human nature (if they even happened at all) could take tens to hundreds of thousands of years. Mother Nature doesn't like to be hurried.

But, alas, the human nature we are stuck with for the present is a virtual host for the "Have's" and vampire elites. Our nature is so contaminated with sloth, stupidity, and cowardice that the elites are in a certain sense inevitable. Or more generally (and spiritually & philosophically) EVIL itself is inevitable.

It would be criminal not to acknowledge over and over again such human triumphs as science and that collection of individuals over the centuries who keep reminding us of our virtually limitless human potential, BUT these (ironically like the elites) are the very rare exceptions. The rule is that humanity is mass of dead weight in the billions which it would take a God to transcend.

To conclude this with contemporary specifics, the tragic and heart breaking political/social condition we now wake up to in the morning is not the result of brilliant Republican sociopaths (who are mostly just nuts and rich) but because of the crushing dead weight of human nature.

So it seems the ultimate question is whether human evil the result of ordinary human beings not “rising to their spiritual and intelligence” potential, but rather the Bush-like (and extinction bound) biological acting out of a tragically defective life form.