Sunday, February 3, 2008

The war between the human race and the vampire elites has been raging for over 6,000 years.

Democrats vs. Republicans? Nah. At most, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber.

Wars between nationalities and religions? Symptoms, at best, of the Have & Have Not horror.

There is ONLY ONE WAR on this planet, and it’s the 6,000 year old war between the 0.5% vampire elites (or "Have's") and over 6 billion human cattle (and counting).

Just think about that. It's like an incurable virus or bacterium that has infected humanity for thousands of years and all we do is KEEP DYING FROM IT.

Except THIS virus is not invisible. To the contrary, the vampire elites live like Greek Gods and they have multiple palaces/mansions and servants to prove it.

Probably the biggest scam the astronomically rich 0.5% of the human race now use to keep a low profile is to theorize a "wealth continuum". You know, some people are rich and some people or poor. So what? Isn't that just life?

No, it's absolutely not "just life" a mathematician would say, since the wealth of the vampire elites is a "different order of magnitude" from the relative insect wealth of even so called rich people. For example, the counting numbers are a trivial infinity compared to the "unaccountably" infinite irrational numbers. Forgive this mathematical aside, but hopefully it helps to prove the vampire elites aren't just "rich people"; they are totally different life forms who live in a totally different reality! Forget about all that rich and poor stuff and contemplate an EXISTENTIALLY DIFFERENT HUMAN SPECIES.

The problem is that it's virtually impossible to take it in what it means to have several billion dollars. Yes, that's the "b" word -- BILLIONS of dollars (or at the very least hundreds of millions of dollars).

Politics for such people is like a fly on the windshield. Why? Because they DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO DO, WHENEVER THEY WANT TO DO IT. They answer to nobody. To the contrary, "armies" are strategic "toys" of the vampire elites (played with our cannon fodder children). They buy and use them like fascist cattle prods.

Whoever wins political elections is like whoever is polishing their shoes. Remember, the vampire elites DO EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO DO WHENEVER THEY WANT TO DO IT. And this tiny handful of Greek God elites has been living like this for over 6,000 years. Very roughly, first non agrarian societies had tribal leaders who quickly escalated to Kings and Queens after they raped and enslaved the agrarian populations. And then from there to . . . Paris Hilton, the Rockefellers, the Bushs, the Rothchilds, the Rupert Murdoch’s, the Saudi "princes", and yes, even the Kennedy’s and Gores (and not to forget the frantic wanabee Clintons).

The list of genuinely international elites is actually very small. Indeed, compared to the over 6 billion people on the candy ass "wealth continuum", it's virtually a God country club, because this relative handful people REALLY DO live like Gods and Goddesses.

Behind absolutely everything in the human condition are the vampire elites. And this means EVERYTHING, e.g., puppet religions, puppet governments, and puppet political parties spend most of their time licking the books of the vampire elites. Cathedrals, Mosques, and "Temples" (Jewish, Hindu, whatever) don't build themselves, and political campaigns don't print their own money. Yes, the people (i.e., consumer cattle) play some small role in financing such things, but when the rubber hits the road, the elites simply step in and BUY WHO AND WHATEVER THEY WANT.

The single most important achievement of the vampire elites is how successful they have brainwashed the rest of the human race that their astronomical wealth is somehow "justified". The crap they've foisted on us about how they "deserve" to live like Gods and Goddesses is legion, e.g., Divine Right (were they talking about Lucifer?), Manifest Destiny" (a clever and terribly useful American invention), but perhaps the most nauseating of all is "survival of the fittest".

Quoth the elites: "If you're going down for the third time, trying to keep your three-children-family above water, then hey, Dude, that's exactly what you DESERVE. You're just not 'fit', you know what I mean. Now if you were fit, you'd be a vampire elite too, because the elites ARE elites because of our "fitness". See, it's all justified, fair, and cosmically appropriate, so please take your family and die in a corner where we won't have to listen to your whining!"

This is reality; this is not exaggeration; this is not hyperbole; this is the point blank reality of what the vampire elites are doing to the human race.

Plus, as mentioned earlier, they've got this doo dah of the wealth continuum, where they claim to be simply at the "rich end". No, the rich end (say, 2 or 3 million dollars) is just ONE trip to the Bahamas's for the elites. They spend more money on their health in an afternoon that human cattle (that's us) spend on our children's health in a lifetime. They have so many cars, some of them are never driven, and the fun, fun, fun "yacht and/or mansion competition" exceeds the GNP of a small country.

Indeed, that's probably the best way to think of the vampire elites. They are less "members" of a country, than they are THEMSELVES a country (of course, without the nuisance of taxes, infrastructure responsibilities, national defense, etc., etc.). They're just astronomically wealthy while the six billion plus cattle have 2 to 3 jobs, elite-stolen retirements, castrated health plans, cannon fodder children (for the elite Oil Wars), and taxes, taxes, and taxes (all this b.s. "rebate" business is simply robbing our future).

Two last things:

(1.) We are incredibly indebted to Bush/Republicans for making a vampire elites "low profile" existence impossible. Now EVERYBODY knows who are the cattle and who are the Gods, and this is total disaster for the elites since, like vampires, they can only function well in black secrecy. But the infinite greed of the Bush/republicans has dragged the elites out into the broad daylight and the internet is broadcasting this knowledge more and more to the entire human race.

Why is this good? It's good because 0.5% of the human population has to have their bells and whistles (and secrecy!) to keep the elite/human cow game going. But since the greed psychopathology of Bush plus the "knowledge machine" internet has now made that impossible, it's just a matter of time before vampire elite filth find themselves in the spotlight of several billion indescribably enraged human BEINGS (not "cattle) and then bye, bye elites. So long as the 99.5% were brainwashed and drugged (literally), the elites were safe -- but if and only if. The tsunami of change catalyzed by the "waking up" of the human race is as predictable as it will be implacable, and we have the evil incarnate George Bush to thank for speeding all this up.

(2.) It's also impossible to underestimate the importance of the internet in all this, since even more than the Bush anti-Christ (if that image works for you), it has increasingly become the "town hall" of the Earth and a mostly "progressive" town hall (just why the vampire elites so TOTALLY screwed up about the net could be the subject of a great piece). In any case, the net has already evolved into a virtual "organism" that may well turn out to be the salvation of the human race.

Incidentally, one could argue that our relationship with the net is already so profound (and growing exponentially!) that we should start thinking of ourselves as androids. Works for me. I know when my hard drive crashed and burned, it was like losing an organ of my body and I'm sure many of you have had exactly the same experience. Weird.

May I point out that such pieces as this are not "academic" or talking the talk. Rather they are walking the walk in the 6,000 year war AGAINST the vampire elites.

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, and the vampire elites can't live in the daylight of knowledge -- especially in the context of our friendly and increasingly "organic" internet (and blessings upon it)