Friday, February 8, 2008

Deadbeat human enablers wear a straight jacktet of political, religious, and governmental "rules".

Consider the nearly limitless passion and money liberal, moderate and even independent Americans have poured into trying to rescue our raped and dying country from the Bush/Republican neo-Nazis.

We didn't start this "war". It all began with the year 2000 stolen Presidential election, swiftly followed by what most Americans are now absolutely certain was a traitorous 9/11 "inside job". And then on from there, deeper and deeper into this fascist hell on earth in which it's probable the 0.5% vampire elites have been committing selective human genocide. They want us around. No, they NEED us around. They need commode cleaners and consumers, but they don't want TOO many human cattle, so mysterious "epidemics" (e.g., the sudden explosion of AIDS in Africa), the “set up” New Orleans hurricane, the Iraq & Afghanistan Cheney/Halliburton money cow oil wars massacre of our cannon fodder children etc., etc. all help to "wean" the human race down to the tidy Dark Ages herd the ultimate "Have's" prefer.

So, what to do, what to do? Well, politics comes to mind. Let's just vote the bums out, right?

No, that fantasy is now deader than dead and it almost makes you cry to realize that the "game of politics" was (1.) invented by the elites to give us a bone to gnaw on while they live like literal Greek Gods, and (2.) 100% part of the problem and NEVER the solution – corporate Hillary Clinton comes to mind.

You want proof? Actually you probably don't since even barnyard animals have now awakened to the realization that the vast social structures, institutions, rules, and rituals of civilization are all lose/lose for the human race and 100% win/win for the vampire elites. To the contrary, this super structure of "commandments", pseudo laws, game rules, and regulations is a kind of abstract collective "glue" which holds together the literal social PRISON in which we are living out our human cattle existence.

This is so simple. Look at our world. Nothing there but vampire elites and human cattle. Yes, some of the human cattle are at least minimally enlightened and are trying to hold the line as "activists". However, the huge majority of the herd are fundamentally defective life forms. These are the deadbeat enablers and they are bedrock explanation of everything.

The illusion has been that the vampire elites are what they are because of their brilliance and strength of will. What rubbish. Ironically, the truth is exactly the opposite, since the social and biological inbreeding of the elites has rendered them more and more effete.

No, the "critical variable" here is not the elites, even though they control EVERYTHING on planet Earth. The REAL critical variable on our bleeding planet are the deadbeat enablers, who make up (what?) 90% of the human race. The number is just a guess, but what is NOT just a guess, is that they make up the VAST MAJORITY of the human race.

Said differently, the deadbeat enablers are the "host" of the elites. Indeed, they are probably the host of whatever passes for human evil. The elites are the elites BECAUSE OF the enablers, not visa versa.

Enablers are those Duh brained neighbors who have television sets for brains and whose religion is the obedience of stupidity. In some sense they "cause" the vampire elites. Their sloth, cowardice, and stupidity are the hellish brew which is poisoning the human race.

The single most important way they do this is that they mindlessly obey all the TOTALLY ARBITRARY rules, regulations, "commandments” and rituals of "the social game of the world". The tragedy is that to the degree that our species "swallows whole" these game rules, is the degree to which we are simply machine creatures who tick, tock our way to death.

To borrow a much stretched analogy, these "game rules" are the crown of thorns worn by our species. And so long at we don't RISE TO THE CHALLENGE OF TRANSCENDING THESE GAMES RULES, we will be doomed to wear this elite-constructed straight jacket until our species becomes extinct -- which is inevitable, since evolution likes change and invention, not the Duh brained obedience of machine organisms.

Stupidity is obedience. Intelligence is transcendence, and Homo sapiens (in general) are obedience incarnate.

Sometimes in one's personal life you have to make a decision between your "family of origin" and your own unique existence. It's mostly a matter of trust. Who/what do you trust more? Your own intuitions and feelings or the calcified games rules (again) of your family of origin. For the fortunate few, the choice doesn't have to be made, but since dysfunctional families are the rule and not the exception, this is indeed perhaps the most important moment of truth of our individual life.

This is basically the same dilemma for the human race. Who/what do we trust more? Our own fundamental human nature or this straight jacket of religious, political, and governmental "rules and regulations" which program our lives?

Religion is probably the ultimate straight jacket, but more pragmatically the straight jacket is "politics".

Look, we are going down for the 3rd time as a species. The Bush slime is taking over everything like a science fiction movie. Let's face it; we are living in a BUSH WORLD. And in a "Bush World" there are rules for absolutely everything.

But this is a DYSFUNCTIONAL WORLD, exactly like a dysfunctional family, and the human race has to choose between that loathsome reality and the transcendental intuitions, knowings, and feelings of the human species.

The key point here is that so long as we "play the human game" by the present political rules, we are programmed to live like obedient (and stupid!) cattle, because this conditioning is lose/lose for the human race.

All we have to do to change everything (for the better) is what you do when you choose yourself over your dysfunctional family of origin, except in this case, it is choosing our human nature creativity and intelligence over these idiot game rules that program us to live like cattle.

The elites are the crown of thorns of the human race. WE DO NOT HAVE TO OBEY THEIR RULES. Said differently, we do not have to be deadbeat enablers, who are ultimately robots of obedience.

A dysfunctional family CAN BE LEFT. And so can a dysfunctional world. Only fools think a Bush World is our only human option.

Creativity, intelligence, transcendence and courage are all hard wired into human nature, so why are we settling for stupidity, obedience, religious fanaticism, and vampire elite political "games"?

Since we all know this coming election is not going to significantly change ANYTHING, it’s time to leave this dysfunctional society and start actualizing our birthright potential.

Meaning what? Meaning its time to start creating a NEW WORLD. To hell with religion. To hell with politics. To hell with vampire elite social/political rules and regulations. It’s time to be empowered children of the universe openly, creatively, and gloriously. It’s time to stretch out our eagle wings and fly away from this TOTALLY AVOIDABLE brain dead tragedy called the human condition. Intelligence is calling . . .