Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Bush/bin Laden Siamese Twins

It's long been noted that Osama bin Laden is joined at the hip with George W. Bush. The most recent antic of the man Bush can NEVER catch (?) was Osama's photo op for Bush during the 2006 Presidential election, which made a HUGE difference! Wait and see. A few weeks before the Presidential election and Osama will "pop up" again. Las Vegas probably already has high odds it will happen.

Also, the Royal bin Laden family is joined at the hip with the Royal Bush Family. Pictures of the bin Laden's at the Bush ranch show the sheety sheiks virtually in the laps of the Bush's.

Isn't it odd how we seldom talk about Osama bin Laden? Why? Easy, it's because we KNOW Bush and bin Laden are virtual blood brothers, so why waste time playing the game that Bush is "chasing" Osama? Even dogs and cats know this is a lie.

Osama bin Laden falls into that same denial chasm we plop the "inside job" 9/11. Most of the country believes (in poll after poll) that 9/11 wasn't just ineptly "allowed" -- it was actively ENGINEERED. And we also suspect (know?) that the engineering wasn't restricted to the neocon cabal Americans.

The thing about 9/11 is to ask WHO BENEFITED FROM IT? This makes it so simple.

What political party "benefited" from 9/11? Duh, the pugs, the pugs, and only the pugs.

Next question: What COUNTRY "benefited" from 9/11 and I mean DRAMATICALLY benefited from 9/11? Since we all know the answer, we’ll leave it as a rhetorical question.

These last eight years have had an Alice in Wonderland aspect. A virtual infinity of Republican/Bush/necon lies, and horror shows like 9/11 which just sit there in a kind of science fiction denial land.

And bin Laden, the allegedly ultimate bad guy who Bush could have easily captured in the field, but we did everything but drive the guy to safety in a Porsche. It should have been shooting fish in a barrel, but Bush couldn't even hit the barrel (much less the fish).

And here's all this Iraq and Afghanistan business which has the SOLE PURPOSE of making billionaires, mega billionaires (hint: Cheney/Halliburton). And what are we doing about this exchange of our children's blood for stolen Middle Eastern Oil? 3 guesses: nothing, nothing, and nothing.

The shaming tragedy is that most of us already KNOW these things, e.g., the 9/11 inside job, the Iraq/Afghanistan money cow oil wars, and the Bush/bin Laden Siamese twin. But the castle of denial reaches to the sun and so we just "give up". It's like being brainwashed that the Pacific Ocean is really made of styrofoam. We know its nuts, but we just "go along" with the psychosis.

Same thing with 9/11, Osama bin Laden, and Iraq/Afghanistan money cow Oil Wars (for which our children are cannon fodder).

But truth has a way of "trickling" through the cracks, especially with the colossal help of the internet, and when 9/11, bin Laden, and the Bush/Cheney oil wars (tip of the iceberg), finally rise with the strong truth wings of the American Eagle, then politics will be transcended with the rule of law and a Constitutional Republic -- and propaganda will be replaced with prisons. Where else would you put these infinite traitors?

And you know what? These anti-American scum KNOW this -- and you better believe they are running scared.