Thursday, February 28, 2008

A species evolves only to the degree it transcends its institutional stupidities.

What is an institutionalized stupidity? Easy, it's when you absolutize an arbitrary (emphasis on arbitrary!) social game rule.

For openers, this includes ALL religions. In fact, an institutionalized religion is the essence of absolutized social game rules. Hey, let's say you go to the dark place if you do X, Y, or Z, but you go to the good places if you do A, B, or C.

Sez who? Sez the authorities -- but you should wash your mouth out every time you say the word "authority". Why? Because THERE ARE NO AUTHORITIES. There are just individual life forms, with unique intuitions, feelings, and acts of intelligence.

This is reality. This is what's real. Billions of unique Homo sapiens and ZERO absolute game rules.

Probably the ultimate nut case is the religious fanatic who is always trying to kill other human beings in the name of God (or is that lower case?).

Morons who do such things (hint: check out the Mid East and you'll find NOTHING BUT righteous tit for tat murderers) do them because they have absolutized some kind of rule or some kind of "belief system". In other words they have turned themselves into a conceptual robot and tick tock their way to an equally conceptual "God".

Political morons are equally omnipresent. People who make core life decisions because it's the "political correct" thing to do. The synapses needed for the TOTAL GAME OF POLITICS probably takes up the space of a fingernail. George Bush -- well that's quantum level.

EVERYTHING about politics is an insect world. All those conflicts and meaningless "elections" and blubbering your lips speeches, etc., is stupidity incarnate.

To say it most generally, "civilization" is an encyclopedia of 100% arbitrary rules. Some of the rules may be pragmatic, but NONE of the rules come from a "hot line to God" (deluded psyches notwithstanding).

The ultimate division in the human condition is between "rule people" and people who transcend rules. Ironically, IF the human race is not extinction bound, it will be ONLY BECAUSE the tiny rule-transcending group keeps it going.

Because here, and ONLY here, is where you have creativity, quantum jumps, and, "paradigm shifts".

The dynamic is as simple as it is dramatic. The rule-transcenders are sitting at the same card table as the robots (rule people), but when their unique and personal intuitions and feelings radically conflict with the current duh-game, they just kick over the card table and walk away, because they KNOW that since they don't have to keep playing this lose/lose game, they simply stop playing it. That's why they're not robots. That's why they're never members of institutional religions, political parties, or obedience factories.

It’s like being “carried away” by a football game. You can have heart attacks and physically abuse your neighbors FOR A BLOODY GAME. Sigh.

Same thing EXACTLY for religions, politics, and your card table of choice.

That’s what’s happening right now in our country. It’s a political tower of babble that means NOTHING. If human stupidly was gravity, the Earth would long since have turned into a black hole.

Is this being negative? No, not in the least. It’s being in touch with reality. It’s just that most human beings are obedience machines. If they weren’t, things like religion, politics, and the vampire elites wouldn’t exist.

What would exist? Heaven on Earth. What else?