Saturday, March 24, 2007

Sound Reasons to keep the Liberal/Progressive Faith

Hey, it's not all bad! Lots of articles and op-ed's address the tragedies and cancers inflicted upon America by the Bush/Republican Administration (i.e., the 4th Reich), and God knows, Pandora's Box has been opened and reopened with the 2000, 2002, and 2004 stolen elections. And denial = death for us right now, since one has be impeccably realistic when fighting for our country's life.

However, we shouldn't go SO far in that direction that we gloss over many hard core, realistic reasons for hope.

(1.) To begin with, we DID win the 2006 midterms by an (unreported) landslide. Yes the Congressional dems may not be sufficiently following through with our hard won populist mandate, but at least the elections were light years away from the ineffectual strategies of 2004.

Certainly, other factors came into it, like bin Laden's timely photo op for Bush right before the election (Bush/bin Laden are so joined at the hip!), but our FIRST responsibility now is to take responsibly for success, not whine about excuses. Anyway, however you cut it, 2006 was a triumph! We must never forget where we were before those midterms. Post-2006 is a different universe and we should never stop celebrating that fact.

(2.) The investigative committees are doing their wheels of justice thing as we sleep. But we shouldn't expect overnight sensations, since to grind exceedingly fine, takes time. We should also remember that we have our most aggressively liberal dems chairing those committees, and those bulldogs are not going to un clamp their teeth until much blood is let.

(3.) An incalculably important positive is that the lose/lose neocon ideologies which have taken America's foreign policy hostage for the last seven years are now being seen in poll after poll as "doing more harm than good" to the national defense and security of the State of Israel. Thus, to the degree that Bush pursues his corporate oil wars and Muslim genocide fanaticisms AT THE COST OF Israel's well being, he's going to have a friend turned enemy to the max. There is simply NO WAY he can keep stealing Middle Eastern oil and running his 3rd millennia "Crusade" (in the name of his Armageddon death-wishing God) if our Israeli ally gets trashed in the process.

(4.) This one is tricky since it hurts us as well as Bush, but most national financial indicators are blinking that Bush is quite literally (and very rapidly) bringing America's economy to bankruptcy. Even America's comptroller general (and who would know better?) recently said we're getting closer and closer to being able to pay only the interest on our international loans. By the time Bush is done, we may have to change our name to the United States of China.

For middle and lower class America, things are already bad, bad, bad, but the probability is that we ain't seen nothing yet! We already have 2 or 3 jobs just to keep our heads above water, our retirements (national and otherwise) are vanishing, our health care is ceasing to exist, and our children are going to under funded, second class schools.

All this is happening for exactly two reasons: (1.) Bush’s corporate Middle Eastern Oil Wars and (2.) the inevitable results of giving astronomical tax breaks to America's Greek God like elites. The (small) silver lining in all this is that for most people, economic reality trumps political loyalties and the more Americans realize the Bush 4th Reich is breaking their financial backs, is the more they will vote the psycho out.

(5.) The Religious Right has shot itself in the foot so many times of late with one sexual scandal after another, that its moral credibility is now simply laughable. It still has a little traction left, but they fit the "give a fool enough rope and he/she will hang himself" nearly to perfection. After "Dr." First’s disgusting videotape diagnosis of Terri Shiaveo, it has all been down hill.

(6.) Lastly, the Bush/Republican rape of Mother Nature will certainly be seen by history as America's lowest hour. Our ancestors for millennia to come will hate this administrations guts, since window after window of opportunity is closing to keep our planet from dying. There is so MUCH we could be doing, but the neo Nazis are doing NOTHING, and once again in a politics transcending way, the tentative evidence is that more and more "Earthling" Americans are realizing that Bush is killing our children's futures and they know that, as always, it's being doing in the name of his Oil Wars and designer religious insanities. Indeed, in the name of his religious cult, Bush is doing everything he can to "hasten" the death of the Earth, and many Americans are finally waking up to this fact.

As has so often been said, you can fool some of the people all of the time, all the people some of the time, but you can't fool all of the people all of the time (the Rove doctrine), and snapping out of foolishness is the lesser of the evils when the alternative is national bankruptcy and the rape and murder of our one and only planet.

So if we keep “improving” and waking up at our present rate, 2008 should be at least as much better than 2006, as 2006 was better than 2004. Very few bells and whistles, but we’re on a realistic roll and the vast sleeping tiger of American Progressivism is now wide awake!