Friday, March 9, 2007

Politics is part of the problem, not the solution

How much longer will it take before we face the brutal fact that America is a Dictatorship of the Rich? Two or three percent (many say less than one percent) of the country controls EVERYTHING.

Said differently, this still is the "Middle Ages" and practically all of us are still peasants. Nothing has changed but the clothes.

For a time the so called "middle" class was allowed a little financial/cultural wiggle room, but those days are over and the Bush/Republicans are systematically annihilating the middle class. Remember the good old days when one parent with one job kept the game going? Gone, gone, gone are those days. Now the statistics are that most parents are both working and at least one of them has at least two jobs -- and we're STILL financially drowning.

So how does "politics" compute into all of this?

That's easy. Politics is the stroke of genius invented by the Greek God like elites (sadly, of both polities parties) to perpetuate the illusion that commode cleaners for the elites (that's us!) actually have some "vote" (pun intended) in the infrastructure dynamics of our country.


Look at the 2006 midterms. We busted our butts to mandate a liberal change in Congress, but the Congressional dems are walking around with their thumbs up their you know what's, while Bush continues to do exactly what he wants to do, exactly when he wants to do it.


Also, look at the crust of bread types the DLC (Democratic Leadership Council) is throwing to us, e.g., Hillary Clinton. Jeez, does this woman even "exist"? She certainly lives in a different universe from courageous, progressive values and policies.

However, Happy Hillary did vote for Bush's preemptive oil wars in Iraq, so I guess we should acknowledge she does take a stand about “some” things.

The point is, Hillary Clinton and her ilk are simply court jesters for America's astronomically rich elites. It's exactly like a dysfunctional family. You've got the alcoholics, wife beaters, and druggies, etc., and then you've got the necessary "enablers".

Which gets us back to politics in general, because dem centrist are merely contemptible special cases of this vast fantasy game called "politics".

Politics is supposed to be hard wired into our social/cultural lives. It's supposed to be the mechanism which articulates and manifests the will of the majority. After all, we're a Democratic Republic, right?

What a joke! We're about as far away from being a Democratic Republic as coral reef. But what about our Constitution? What about it? The Bush/Republican are doing everything but turning it into toilet paper.

But surely we are at least living in a country that respects the rule of law? Well, if our Attorney General is any indication, "law" is merely the collective paper rationalizations for Bush/Republican criminal acts.

This isn't to say that our Constitution and law are totally meaningless. To the contrary, they are still our best hope for living in even a token Democracy, but money talks and talks and talks, and this talking of money is now and always has been the true God of America. The "Robber Barons" had nothing on the Bush/Republicans. It's just that then (as now) the hands inside the collaborating political puppets were ripped away to reveal naked fists.

Similarly, the Bush/Republican feeding frenzy at the hog trough has now reached has point that even the strategic pretense of Democracy has been dropped, and the face of politically unconstrained corporate fascism is seen in all its slobbering nakedness.

So, who's really pulling the strings here?

Alas, not us, not Democracy, not elections, not Constitutions, and not even the rule of law.

The strings are being pulled by people who literally live in mansions and who OWN America. For these people, life is an endless vacation and they spend more on their health in one day than all the rest of us do in a year. The have cars they don't even drive and they buy degrees for their children at the "best" schools. They have affairs in other countries at a whim and in the game of life, they have ALL the trumps.

But what about all of the rest of us commode cleaners for the elites?

Oh, no problema, since they let us play the enabling game. They let us play the game of politics.

One has to do something to keep the cattle in their corals.