Sunday, March 25, 2007

Has Bush pulled the bow so far back that he's finally loosened the arrow of American Socialism?

Isn't it time to rip our country away from America's Dictatorship of the Rich?

It's astonishing how many well intentioned Americans are still tricked into thinking that we’re living in a Constitutional Democracy. Not surprising really, since the Greek God like elites have their hands inside all the media puppets, but break troughs of awakening are happening in spite of (because of?) Fox Snooze, "Clear Channel", and relentless, un-American Murdoch/Gobbles propaganda.

This should be our mantra: AMERICA IS NOT A DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC.


America is an "oligarchy" (to use a fancy word); it's a Dictatorship of the Rich -- and always has been. Remember the "robber barons". Jeez, small time compared to Cheney/Halliburton. The robber barons were sparrows compared to corporate Texas energy greed vampires. At least they weren’t able to murder Mother Nature.

And make no mistake the Bush/Republican greed vampires ARE killing our one and only planet. This isn't hyperbole. It's really, really happening. The Earth is dying. Why? Because the Bush 4th Reich is run by a dim witted religious fanatic with an Armageddon death wish and a lust for fossil fuels so limitless that he's willing to trade the blood of our children for stolen Middle Eastern oil.

So the thread that runs through EVERYTHING (including fascist-enabling diaper dems like Hillary Clinton and Judas Joe Lieberman) is that America is controlled by Greek God like elites. One or two percent of our country absolutely subjugates the middle and lower classes, i.e., that's us.

Thus, this should be our second mantra: WE ARE IN A CLASS WAR -- and we are losing. God, how we're losing! The pig, pig rich are stealing EVERYTHING. Look at our vanishing retirements. Look at the under funded, second class schools our children are now condemned to. Look at our non existent health care. Look at the death of American medical research. Look at the going belly up of American science in general.

So where is all this money going? Duh. To the top 1 and 2 percent. These fascist greed vampires are bleeding us dry! It's not enough for them to have 2 mansions, they have to have 3. It's not enough for them to have 5 cars, they have to have 7. It's not enough to spend more money on their health in one day than we do on our children's health in a year. It's not enough for them to pay the same percentage of taxes we do; they don't want to spend ANY taxes. It’s not enough for them to have a two weeks vacation. They want their lifetime international vacation to be 24/7.

In short, back to square one. Back to the absolute necessity of wresting our God given Constitutional birthright back from the infinitely avaricious Dictatorship of the Rich.

Some how, some way, we've got to get their loathsome platinum teeth out of our throats. We've probably waited a hundred years too long as it is. If ever in American history the time has come for an American Socialist Party, it's now. The alternatives are neo Nazi Bush/Republicans and diaper dem enablers.

Actually the word "socialism" (it's just a word) is irrelevant; we can use something else. Call it the America First Party. We can call it whatever we like, but the only thing that can save us from the Bush 4th Reich is a fully functioning Liberal/Progressive Party. Ironically, to be accurate, it would really only be our 2nd political party since the (former) Democratic Party has betrayed and degraded itself out of the pageant of history.

Self evidently, America has hit bottom during these last seven years, but maybe that's not so bad since the bottom is where all the bounce is. And maybe finally, finally the middle and lower classes are actually beginning to revolt against being commode cleaners for the pig, pig rich.

We have the laws, we have the Constitution, and we're the vast majority of the country. What are we waiting for?