Saturday, March 24, 2007

Is our only defense against a 4th Reich, a 3rd Political Party?

The stakes are high. There has never been a time an American history when our Constitutional Republic has been so traitorously and devastatingly attacked from within.

You know the list. The planet is being deliberately murdered by an air head president with an Armageddon death wish.

The Supreme Court is a bought and paid for joke, as are members of the Justice Department, beginning with our toady Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, who jumps and ribbitts whenever Bush says frog.

It's now totally self evident by that Bush's Middle Eastern Wars had nothing to do with non existent (and lied about) WMD's or even Saddam Hussein. From the beginning these wars were simply trading American blood for Iraqi and Afghanistan oil.

Of course, the other ingredient in Bush's wars was (and is) the limitlessly powerful neocon lobby, but the exquisite irony is that it's increasingly apparent this lose/lose ideological lobby really isn't lobbying for ANY country, since growing numbers of Israeli citizens see Bush's bull in the China shop antics has DECREASING the national security of the State of Israel.

The gargantuan transfer of wealth to America's Greek God like elites during these last seven years is without equal. For multimillionaires and billionaires, everything is coming up roses, but for the dying middle class, things have never been so bad. In short, this is a class war, pure and simple, and the aristocrats are mercilessly hammering the commode cleaners (that's us!).

So what to do, what to do?

Well, we tried the ballot box and busted our butts in 2006 to mandate a more liberal Congress, but samo, samo: dems in diapers. Sure, a few (safe!) changes here and there, but LIGHT YEARS away from a resurrection of populist politics. Harry Truman must be spinning in his grave.

Admittedly, this is a still early on (or is it?), but are we now seeing the beginnings of a genuine THIRD PARTY in American politics? It's as if you have two doctors, but the first is a neo Nazi, Bush/Republican "doctor" who is rapidly and systematically killing you.

So time for Doctor # 2, right? But Doctor # 2 is the Democratic Party and the all they have to offer is band aides and rhetoric. Look at the Hillary Clinton doll, machined by the Carville/DLC. She walks and talks, but on one side she's a Democrat and on the other side she's a Republican (just like Judas Joe Lieberman). The point is, SHE DOESN'T REPRESENT US. She's just a smiley faced court jester of America's Dictatorship of the Rich.

The brutal truth is that when you get right down to it our choices are between diaper dems and Bush/Republican neo Nazis.

So isn’t it life and death time to demand representatives who are willing and able to answer to us (which diaper dems DON'T)?

Perhaps this is two presidential elections away -- assuming the Bush/Republican 4th Reich permits us to even HAVE elections in the future. But hopefully a going ballistic and substantive progressive 3rd Party will be baring enough of its teeth by 2008 to show the diapers dems that their spineless, gutless betrayals have caught up with them sooner than later.

This may sound like theory and wishful thinking, but since the statistics and polls are showing over and over again that the MAJORITY of the country supports neither the Bush/Republican neo Nazis, nor the diaper dems, perhaps such a new and fully institutionalized political force in America is inevitable.

After all, having to choose between Gestapo doctors and dem “centrist” band aides is a fool’s choice, but from this alchemy may be growing our salvation.