Friday, June 29, 2007

MONEY is now and always has been the true God of both politics and religion.

Arguably, the single most important event in the history of Christianity is when Jesus Christ whipped the money changers out of the “temple”, because then it was obvious there was absolutely no difference between political types and religious types and they both had their heads up the you know what of Mammom.

The interweaving of priests, religious fanatics, and the "administrators" of your religion of choice and establishment politicians is simply impossible to disentangle.

Said differently, political institutions (with exceptions which prove the rule) and religious institutions (with exceptions which prove the rule) aren't "alternatives" to Dictatorships of the Rich. Indeed, the precise opposite is true.

Politics and religion are stuporous games dreamed up by Greek God like elites to delude a populace that they have some (any?) input into the national and international policies of that nation.

Hence, Royal Families (e.g., the Bush/Saudi Royal Family) are always blathering about religion because religion supplies the needed "moral justification" for the infinite greed of the pig, pig rich.

Over the millennia the 1% continues to subjugate the 99%, not because they're geniuses (to the contrary, since inbreeding typically results in family morons like G. Duybya), but because they have brainwashed the peasants (that's us, folks) into thinking that the astronomical wealth of multi millionaires and multi billionaires has the blessing of some brand X God. God, here, becomes the moral/ethical bank which always cashes checks for Rupert Murdoch, Saudi "princes", and Paris Hilton. Of course, this self same "god" ignores the heartbreaking sickness and literal starvation of African children, the criminal theft of much sacrificed for retirement and health programs for the American middle and lower classes by Bush/Republicans, and the rape of Mother Nature by Texas corporate energy vampires.

More recently, the pig, pig rich have put more of their money (literally) on plan B, such as the Democratic/Republican Party. In short, since religion is definitely losing its social edge (hence, frantically defensive religious cults), politics seems to be the upgrade solution. Gee, the more we think we actually have some representation in Washington is the more we'll shut up clean the commodes of American Royalty with at least a few crumbs of hope. God forbid, we realize we have NO representation in our ONE party system (the dempug party). God forbid we realize Greek God like elites literally control EVERYTHING in the game of life while all the rest of us are still trapped in the peasant Middle Ages.

Bottom line, politicos and religiosos belong heart and soul to America's Dictatorship of the Rich and will lick their master’s boots for a pocket full of change. Our Judas media, for example, presumably sold their souls for even less than 30 pieces of silver. Trash and traitors come cheap.

It simplifies things to see that religion and politics are simply two sides of same corporate fascist “coin".