Wednesday, June 13, 2007

America is fighting for its spiritual life

America is fighting for its spiritual life.


Let's face it; the Bush years have taken a monstrous toll on our spirits. So many lies, so much hypocrisy, so much greed . . . and so much mass murder.

Internet sites allow the no longer silent majority to share our sorrow and rage about these Bush/Republican abominations and we can learn much from the reader response to these submissions. Many comments are, "We already know about the sleaze and greed, so please don't waste our time with that. We are interested in change, not polemics. We want to know how to get out of this awful mess.”

So may I respectfully suggest at least a partial answer to that question, even though it’s not a political answer? No strategy on high from the Judas Democratic Leadership Committee. No propaganda from America’s Dictatorship of the Rich. Something more authentic and modest.

It has to do with where these political fascists and religious fanatics have wounded us the most. Their criminal greed, hypocrisy, and heartless violence has drained our spirits and disrupted our interpersonal lives. But the good news is that this is something we can do something about! We can recommit to loving our children, listening to music, and allowing ourselves to be enriched by the endless beauties of Mother Nature.

Most of all, we can keep talking to each other -- but not only about "politics". Certainly massive political action is now life and death, but endless political talk can be more part of the problem than the solution.

The Bush/Republican Presidency has declared total war on our world and our very souls, but when your children, homes, and planet are under ruthless attack, it's hard to stay sensitive to matters of the spirit. But just this is our strength; this is our center. We can't let these loathsome greed machines diminish our life courageousness.

Presuming to speak for myself as a vulnerable human being is my line in the sand against these dehumanizing, depersonalizing Bushians.

So I suppose this is a "spiritual" communication. Big word, I know, but it doesn't mean anything especially religious or philosophical. It simply means singing the praises of being human together and keeping the interpersonal faith. It also means telling the truth about what is delicately important in each of our personal lives.

Please note that Bush reality is the exact opposite of what we're talking about now. This is the danger and horror of it. This is a world where irrational cults claim to have a hot line to God and where the obscenely rich (of both parties) buy and sell the Earth. But most of all, it is a bareness of intimacy. One never really knows if there’s anyone home behind those dead Bush/Republican eyes.

Such people are mortally dangerous; not only because they're systematically killing our Democratic Republic, but because their spirits are broken and dead. And this is the heart of what I'm struggling to say. What's happening now in America is only symptomatically a political tragedy, because behind the political dance is a vast spiritual challenge in which the best of us, the best of America, is fighting for its life.

Thus, this is not ultimately a political conflict. It’s a conflict between vulnerable human beings and a Republican Heart of Darkness and our best defense is to keep the faith that our love of life is stronger than their psychotic fear of death.

George Bush and his ilk aren't just brutish greed heads, they are parasites of the human spirit and we must not let them contaminate our humanity by compromising with their absolute betrayal of existential honor.

Lastly, we must risk opening our hearts to each other about such things over and over and over again. Only this will heal our desperately wounded spirits.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)