Saturday, June 16, 2007

A futures trader would invest billions on the liberal/progressive "trend"

Here's another way to say this. If you plot the polls over a time line where the dependent variable is "liberal/progressive values", the slope of the line over the last several years is consistently positive.

Sure, it's up and down and occasionally flat, but the overall trend is positive, and when a futures trader sees a long term trend even less consistent than this positive progressive trend, he/she starts thinking it's time to invest and invest big.

Predictably, the Judas media is trying to bury this trend, but the nice thing about vast political and/or financial trends is that they answer to variables pitifully beyond the GED IQ's of anchor persons from Fox Snooze and "Clear Channel" (that absurd contradiction in terms).

Science well knows about hidden and uncontrolled variables and that observed effects are typically the surface merely of n-dimensional dynamics. In statistics, these dynamics are called "white noise" and any statistician knows the big picture context of a given process (in this case, political trends), is fundamentally an unknown matrix of conditions, relative to which we struggle to abstract out a few significant factors. In short, we understand only a few square inches of the charging elephant.

Exactly the same is true for national and international trends. The good news is that these trends are “independent” of the elaborately constructed lies of the corporate press. The once upon a time journalists of yore respected this political white noise and never tried to provide fast food propaganda.

Hence the best measure of what's "really happening" in America is NEVER the Judas press which is pure propaganda from America's Dictatorship of the Rich. Rather (glitches notwithstanding) it is rationally constructed polls.

Science, of course, is never influenced by the press; moreover our ONE party system (the Democratic/Republican Party) is simply a political game invented by America's Greek God-like elites (the 1%) to delude the rest of us that a lifetime of cleaning the commodes of the pig, pig rich (of both parties) is what God intended.

But back to white noise and trends. The trends are measured by polls, not Rupert Murdoch's intellectually challenged collaborators (remember how the French handled their collaborators after WW2), and the polls are nothing but GOOD. The wonderful thing about white noise variables is that they transcend neocon "think tanks" (e.g., the AIPAC comes to mind) utterly. Indeed, by definition, they transcend any think tank since big picture politics is the dog, not the tail, and the dog belongs to itself not the Democratic/Republican Party.

The two axioms of American politics:

(1.) America is a Dictatorship of the Rich, where 99% of us pay the taxes and fight the Oil Wars for the 1%.

(2.) American politics is a meaningless game invented by America's pig, pig rich to delude the 99% that we have some (any!) control over American national or foreign policy. This is like thinking television is reality and we are actually participants in 80 IQ sitcoms.

And yet, despite these two axioms the white noise variables continue to generate an overwhelmingly positive trend for liberal/progressive values.

The big picture stuff in politics (and economics) is not unlike the pig picture stuff in science in general, and what's REALLY going on behind the scenes of our one party system and the seemingly limitless power of the vampire rich is revealing itself the snapshot glimpses of nationwide polls.

Lastly, remember where we were Internet-wise 3 or 4 years ago. The Nazi pugs even at the peak of their power couldn't shut down the net, and now it's virtually the REAL other half of our pseudo two party system, i.e., there's the Democratic/Republican Party and the "Internet Party".

The future belongs to the trends and Internet, not the vampire rich and Bush/Republican Nazis.

Knowledge is power.