Friday, March 7, 2008

Elite power has never been so powerful

200ish years ago, the power of the elites in, say, France, was in most respects significantly less than it now is in America -- but it was still enough to catalyze the French Revolution.

It may seem that it was less, but that's because it was limitedly social.

Compared to what? Compared to a hundred new and clever ways the 0.5% elites make certain human cattle stay human cattle. Here's a brief sample.

(1.) Drugs have never been so available (look at what Bush is doing in Afghanistan). Poppies galore! For who? America’s human cattle for openers, but more globally the human race in general. A stupefied species is safe species.

(2.) Trashed education. American education in particular is falling like a stone. It's being under funded out of existence. Why? Well, like drugs, illiteracy keeps the cattle mooing. Stoned and stupid is the name of this game and nothing like this was done even by the "Sun King". The control was all brute force and no fun and games with the "psychology" of the peasants.

(3.) Trashed health care. Here's where it gets, let's say, satanic. It isn't just the absolute power of corporate pharmaceutical vampires and stolen health care plans that workers eared in a life time. It's also genocide.


This is a byproduct freebie of the Bush/fascist money cow Oil Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan (and soon to be Iran?). For them, it's the best of all possible worlds. They get all that free oil AND they get to kill hundreds of thousands of people. And the people are subhuman Muslims (at least in this war).

Africa is a different matter. The history of the aids genocide of Africans was triggered by forced inoculations of the citizens (“for your own good”!). This is genocide on the largest imaginable scale. See, the problem is that the elite vampires don't want TOO many cattle mooing around, so strategies have to be constructed to radically wean the population.

(4.) The contamination of American foods with pesticides, hormones, etc., has basically turned our grocery stores into suicide vendors. Our food is designed (repeat, designed!) to keep us sick (or dying). There are so many hormones in the meat we eat, it virtually glows in the dark -- and so do we. The bottom line is that we have NO PROTECTION from poisonous foods, unless you take it upon yourself to be very, very selective about what you eat, perhaps with some equally selective supplements. Of course, the self care products of supplements are on their way out because several congressional bills are trying to make us see a Doctor just to get a prescription for vitamin C. Oh, the Doc's just love the thought of changing all the health/vitamin stores into "prescription only" businesses.

(5.) The castration of American Science. Our scientific institutions are on a downward slide. First, because it's harder and harder to get literate, intelligent students, and secondly because, like education, American science is being steadily under funded out of existence. Science is just too threatening for the elites. It's a bastion of high, objective intelligence, which terrifies the elites, whose millennia of inbreeding has turned them into stupid billionaires. They aren't rich because they're smart. They're rich because they're evil and if you don't have a conscience, you can easily make tons money if you're willing to kill hundreds of thousands to people to do it. Dirty fighters win, not because they're skillful, but because they fight dirty. It's a simple principle and the essence of the elite "soul". Start wars and perpetuate wars and make billions. Cheney/Halliburton comes to mind.

(6.) Perhaps politics should be the last item as it's the number one brainwashed illusion of the elites (institutional religion is beneath contempt). And once again it can be said almost mathematically: Politics is the will of the elites, NEVER the will of the people. Period. Not to know this is to be virtually sub human. Not to see this SUPREME FACT of American social existence is like not seeing the sun. Politics is the God of our country and it’s nothing but wires on cattle -- Hillary Clinton is a robot among robots.

So what can be done about all this monstrously complicated manipulation of the American Dream into the American Cattle Pen?

In a way the answer is easy. It's simply to dramatically actualize our virtually limitless human potential AND STOP BEING BLOODY CATTLE, because the elites can be elites ONLY in a world of human cattle, and once we "wake up" and transcended that elaborately programmed pseudo identify, the elites will start remembering the French.

It is both OUR power and weakness that such waking up has to happen one life form at a time. You can’t wake up for me and I can’t wake up for you, but neither can the elites block the alchemy of waking up, any more than they can control the creative dynamic of evolution. Indeed, human potential actualizing and waking up from the cattle identity IS ITSELF the cutting edge of evolution,

We ARE the future. Only this empowering realization will save us.