Saturday, March 29, 2008

Are most Americans now progressive or borderline progressive?

Increasingly, all the polls indicate that "conservatism", especially Bush/fascist conservatism, is in the basement percentages of American citizens and voters.

It may be cute to condemn statistics, but the Japanese economy (especially their auto industry) dramatically "defeated" the American economy a few decades ago BECAUSE they took things like quality control and inferential statistics seriously. While junior executives in the American car industry made jokes about a rigorously quantitative approach to business, the Japanese were making managerial decisions based on precisely such quantitative analysis and data and the results are still omnipresent.

So, political polls DO give a very real sense of the American state of mind -- and it ain't "conservative". That pendulum swing has long since had its day.

The only reason it still has political clout is that it has now has next to nothing to do with traditional conservatism. What "passes for" conservatism is now ruthless, genocidal, assassination fascism. In effect, the neocon cabal's neo-Nazi Party (a contradiction which is too surreal for words).

The explosive possibility in all this is that we truly may be on the verge not only a viable American 3rd Party, but a very successful one, i.e., the American Progressive Party.

What if, for example, the Clinton's manage to steal the nomination, using the same fascist tactics the Bush Republican's used in 2000 to steal the presidential election?

What then? Don't we have to consider the real possibility such a theft would catalyze if not a muted civil war, AT LEAST it would catalyze that virtual country of disenfranchised progressive Americans who are the plurality, if not the actual majority, of the United States of America.

Let's face it, Hillary Clinton is the second most hated person on planet Earth (next to the Bush anti-Christ), and if she and her infinitely hypocritical husband DO manage to criminally steal the Democratic (a now meaningless word) nomination, the response would be volcanic. Eight more years of Bush-in-a-dress-fascism is absolutely not acceptable, and presumably passionate progressives would be willing to WHATEVER THEY HAVE TO DO to save our country from the Clinton DLC/Republican traitor machine.

Of course, the pugs would love for the Clinton's to succeed, because defeating her in the 2008 presidential election would be like shooting a fish in a barrel. Ironically, exactly the opposite would be true for Obama who would run over no brain McCain (hey, medical facts are medical facts) like a 747.

The big point here is that for the first time in decades, American progressives are rigorously organized, munificently financed, and at least the plurality (probably the majority!) of the American populace.

And oh yes, we also have the internet and we're bloody going to KEEP it and creatively use it to obliterate Bush Family fascism and right wing lunatic fringe psychopathology.

So, from this progressive cauldron of idealism and "majority rule", where are we going next? No matter WHAT happens, this atomic power plant of passion, rage, and honest to God morality is going to change the face of America radically and permanently.

And President Barack Obama is going to the cutting edge of an American Renaissance.

Camelot, here we come!

ps. Vampire elites. Hang on to your billions while you can, because the human race has finally awakened to the infinite treachery you've been up to for the last 6,000 plus years, and we are going to find a way, believe me, WE ARE GOING TO FIND A WAY to share the wealth of Mother Nature with all God's children. You will no more be able to stop this planetary wealth equality of the human species than sneezing back a Pacific tsunami. Listen! Do you hear the oncoming roar of the approaching 99.5% (at least) of the human race?