Saturday, March 29, 2008

Is Dick Cheney your God?

In a marriage or a band or any socially defined game, there frequently comes a moment of truth when you either keep playing by the rules or you say to hell with it and kick over the card table.

That's where America is now: to kick over the card table or not to kick over the card table.

The biggie word for kicking over the card table is Revolution, but radical social reform often works just as well if not better.

This often plays out paradoxically because the textbook example is that things have to get worse before they get better. How many times have you witnessed (or participated in) a marriage that kept limping along because of cowardly enablers, i.e., people who pretend away the chaos and anguish because they don’t have the grit and intelligence to DEAL WITH the torturing dysfunctionality?

Now so long as the enablers have their way, the dysfunctionality never ends, but this needs to be said more precisely. What this means is that the family (there's usually children) keeps playing a moronically destructive game by rules that imprison them like cattle. The bars of their prison are an abstract set of game rules that no one dares to break. Conversely, DEALING WITH the interpersonal hell more than anything else means "kicking over the card table". Let's call it a "Rule Revolution" because the matrix of imprisoning abstractions are simply walked away from, e.g., a long overdue divorce, or imprisonment of a physically abusive spouse, or a legal "intervention" of grandparents to save the children.

Unfortunately, this salvation frequently takes place only when the enabled evil reaches some kind of critical mass and this, of course, is the paradox. Things have to get worse before they get better, where getting better means the dysfunctional game rules are simply ignored.

And odd analogy here is the evolution of mathematics. When a new area of math opens up it’s rarely because it was "deduced" from former mathematical systems (which would simply be a new variation of that system). No, the new area is really NEW, albeit logically related to former mathematical systems. It's a kind of quantum jump, if you will, into a new mathematical dimension. Hence the deductive connections in the history of mathematics can be retrospective, but never predictive.

That's what happens when critical mass is reached in a dysfunctional family. Some kind of line is crossed and the game rule prison of the dysfunctional system is left by either going into a different dysfunctional system, or, far less commonly, by "transcending" the dimension of social game rule slavery, which is indeed an existential liberation, since henceforth such people live from their birthright center of feelings and intuitions and not some concoction of family, religious, and governmental rules -- all, of course, invented by SOMEONE ELSE.

This, I submit, is exactly where our country is as we speak. We're at that "tipping point" where we could slog even deeper into fascist slavery, OR we could "transcend" the whole can of worms by trashing this matrix of religious, political, and governmental game rules which virtually define how and when we breathe.

If some extraterrestrials did an analysis of the human condition, they would classify us as a suicidally dysfunctional species that worships our god-like rule makers.

We're like a person in a prison cell with one wall missing. The missing wall is our freedom to kick over the card table.


OK, ignoring and/or changing the rules may not be easy, but keep in mind that's always the MAIN rationalization of the enablers in a dysfunctional family.

"Oh my God, we're actually going to have to deal with something and find out what life is like without an abusive husband slamming you against the wall several times a day. Oh my goodness, how terrifying!"

Don't laugh. That's us. That's the American people. We could rid ourselves of vampire elites and the Bush Family neo-Nazis in a week (my God, we're the near totality of American citizens!), but better to make a religion out of our cowed cattle farm than stand up like HUMAN BEINGS and take back our planet and country.

This straight jacket of rules in which we are born and die didn't come from some "god”; it came from limitlessly evil human beings (e.g., vampire elites), who know just how to push our buttons to make us moo our way into the slaughterhouse.

May I sum it up with a question?

Is Dick Cheney our literal God? If not, why to we allow him to murder literally hundreds of thousands of people in Cheney/Halliburton money cow oil wars? Why do we allow him to put his foot on our struggling middle and lower class families to push us ever deeper into credit card hell? And most of all, why do we allow him to use our children as cannon fodder to steal Middle Eastern Oil.

Oh yes, one last question. Why have we allowed the neocon cabal to hijack our State and Defense Departments when it is planetary common knowledge that they kiss the feet of the Israeli lunatic fringe right wing? Will we EVER rebel against having our foreign policy turned into a tail wagged by the right wing crazies of ANOTHER COUNTRY?

And on and on and on.

So, tipping point time. Are we going to tip into a point of no return Police State, or are we going to "mutate" into a dimension where these present enslaving rules (e.g., limitless tax breaks for billionaires) will be selected out by courageous and creative humanity?

Divorce or Die. It's that simple