Sunday, April 13, 2008

If Obama becomes President, no forgiving and forgetting!

Remember what the French did to their "collaborators" after WW2? They did everything but burn them at the stake.

Forgive the hyperbole, but this American is starting to smell blood. Impeachment, hell. IMPRISONMENT for the rest of their hateful, neo-Nazi lives; how about that?

Are you listening, neocon cabal? Yes, you, you un-American filth who have NEVER been loyal to the United States of America, you were/are so obsessed with licking the jack boots of Israel's lunatic fringe right wing.

And what about our "press"? You know, that army of traitors who sold their souls for far less than 30 pieces of silver. Breaking the back of these corporate propaganda machines should be our moral imperative. The only problem is that there are so many cockroaches it's going to be hard to decide which one to step on first.

About 9/11 there are no words. Most of the planet is now totally convinced it was an "inside job", so these Bush/Republican traitors should be treated according to their crime (which doesn't mean "imprisonment"). Book after book and monograph after monograph and picture after picture PROVE that the neocon party line is something straight of the German 3rd Reich. And let's not drift off into thinking the Bushivicks were simply inept. No, no, no, it goes far deeper than that, and according to all of the polls (national and international), the human race now believes these Bush/Republican monsters actively facilitated the event. You know, a little greasing of the wheels with vampire elite money and turning the other way about EVERYTHING (e.g., learning to fly in Florida -- good name of a song), and using intelligence organizations (not just ours!) not to protect our beloved Democratic Republic, but to destroy it utterly. Nothing like crooked cops in high places in more than one country to massacre the American Dream.

And what should we do with people who defecate on our Constitution and Bill of Rights at every opportunity? Bush calls it a "piece of paper". Only an evil insect would think that. Or a literal anti-Christ. The point is these murderous psychopaths are contemptuous of laws, constitutions, and most of all "morality." But humans without morality are evil incarnate, and evil is a 12 gage shotgun aimed at the bleeding heart of America. We've already taken several hits, but perhaps for all the doubters, there really is a Loving God, because we are still standing and keeping the moral faith to the end. Tiny Tim was right, God Bless us all every one.

We could go tragically on and on, but the moral is that these monsters of evil (most of all, the vampire rich), MUST NOT BE ENDURED, and if rationality and morality are reborn in 2008, we must not be tolerant of these mountainous historical evils.

Conclusion: these people must be punished (yes, that's the word), and they must be punished to the limit of justice.

Politics is a meaningless game invented by the 0.5% vampire rich to manipulate the human race into cattle pens and hamburger factories, but THIS time we may be able to exert our will in spite of Hillary Clinton, the DLC and their fascist Bush Republican counterparts.

THIS time we may be able to go all the way with the wheels of justice, so for God's sake, let's not lose our nerve and get forgiving and forgetting. The Clinton's, of course, will want to do that after they've been swept into impotency. And while we at it, we shouldn't be forgetting and forgiving of the DLC and the Clintons. These people must be dealt with against the background of what they did and are still desperately trying to keep doing to America.

Just keep remembering the French and their WW2 collaborators. They weren't forgiving or forgetting.

We must never forget EVEN A DAY of these last 7 to 8 years. This will keep us focused on how to deal with these devils from hell.