Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Politics is history. What's happening now in America is a life and death conflict between the American people and literal neo Nazis.

Politics is for enablers and TV sitcomers. It now has nothing to do with anything.

In the early 20th Century, the German people (for a time) thought the same thing. The tsunami of Hitler Nazism was approaching, but they played meaningless political games, thinking they would solve everything. And the fruit of this Duh-brained silliness was the monstrous 3rd Reich of the 20th Century.

That's an EXACT parallel with what's now happening in American. The dems are the pugs and the pugs are the dems. End of conversation. The only quasi political distinction that now means anything is between fascists and liberals, but none of this has anything to do with establishment politics, i.e., the pugs are the dems and the dems are the pugs.

What's ACTUALLY happening in our rapidly dying Democratic Republic (maybe it's already dead) is now crystal clear: The American people are in ultimate conflict with an American version of a neo Nazi Party. Call this fascism if you wish, but it would be well to remember that another member of the Royal Bush Family, Prescott Bush (the grandfather of G.W.) tried to sell America to the Nazis in the 30's. Historically, the Bush's and Nazis have always been loving bedfellows. And one wonders if there's a swastika or two in those Skull and Bones secret society rooms at Yale -- whose members always included the Bush's.

But didn't the Nazis cease to exist after WW2? Clearly not! They had pockets all over the planet (Argentina comes to mind) in which, like cancer in remission, they kept their satanic flames alive, waiting, waiting, waiting . . .

But waiting for what? Waiting for George W. Bush. Waiting for ANOTHER chance to get a Bush to sell out America.

All that was missing in the year 2000 stolen election was for the fascist thugs of the elites who trashed the election centers to be wearing Nazi brown shirts.

And ever since that date, we have been playing catch up to the "big picture" of what is really happening to our country. Mostly, we thought it was politics, but then gradually, gradually we began to realize that the elite financed crime that dominated Washington had very little to do with the traditional Republican Party.

No, something else was taking over our country, murdering Mother Nature, bloating the elites, and turning our magnificent Constitution into toilet paper.

And gradually, gradually we began to realize that what was happening wasn't politics as usual, no matter how far you pushed the envelope.

So what was (is) this NON political "something else"? If it's not the traditional Republican Party of pre year 2000, than what is it?

It's a resurrected version of the Nazi Party! Period. Everything else is window dressing. The M.O. is identical. Propaganda (the Judas press), probable assassinations, the Bush middle man, the list goes on and on. And 9/11? Well, according to ALL the polls, most American's think the Bush/fascist version is b.s. to the skies -- and its historical common knowledge that the textbook Nazi modus operandi was to terrorize the public into thinking that only absolute fascist control of the country would “protect” its citizens. Sound familiar?

There's something liberating about seeing that politics is now totally moot. Hillary Clinton (the DLC presidential candidate and biological clone of George W. Bush) will do NOTHING about ANY of this if she's elected (God forbid!). Give us a break -- the woman doesn’t even know how to “spell” liberal.

No, the game rules have changed 100%

Our only hope left is that politics-transcending power of the people strategies and passions will save our nation from turning into the first 21st Century Nazi dictatorship.

Politics may still have to be the mechanism, but not (and never) establishment politics, which merely distracts us (like it did the Germans) from the horror which is stalking our beloved country.

Politics, yes, but not politics as the dog, but politics as the tail. The dog is the American people and politics must be the obedient tail. Thus, the ultimate conflict of our lives is between the AMERICAN PEOPLE and the first menacing resurgence of satanic neo Nazism in this century.

And why did the Nazis pick us? Ask the Bush Family.

If we ever needed Tiny Tim, we need him now: God bless us all every one.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

ps Season’s Greetings