Friday, December 14, 2007

The horrific question: How much are Democrats afraid to speak out because they fear assassination?

It's amazing how much America changed after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. In a sense, the idealism, confidence, and optimism of the Democratic Party were assassinated as well. And then the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King. And then the assassination of Bobby Kennedy.

And then the assassination (?) of Senator Paul Wellstone -- with the strategic Iraq flip/flop to the pugs in the Senate after his death.

And the anthrax in the mail that was sent only to high profile Democrats.

Clearly, whoever hates the FDR Democratic Party is willing to murder over and over again.

The impotent anthrax investigation might just as well have been conducted by dogs and cats and the JFK assassination was virtually demoted to a "conspiracy theory" (the catch all Republican spin to cover their crimes). But wait a minute! You mean he WASN'T assassinated and all those Democrats DIDN'T get anthrax in the mail?

No, those are all conspiracy theories and Democrats just like to shoot and poison themselves.

And 9/11? God knows.

How many desperately needed Democratic Presidential candidates are taking a pass because they simply want to stay alive a few more years?

Organized crime politics knows that a dollop of terror works wonders to stifle a Congress, so who needs a majority if home grown terrorists are muzzling elected Democratic officials quite nicely?

This doesn't mean the elite hog trough isn't congested with both dems and pugs, but it does mean the dems may be given "offers they can't refuse".

There's not much more to be said about this since fear is not something you can explain away.

But haven't you noticed that post Senator Wellstone and anthrax, the Democratic Party abruptly became Republican light? Doesn’t this plausibly mean “they got the message”?

Let's pray that our Constitutional Ship of State isn’t being sunk by murdering rats from hell.