Sunday, December 9, 2007

Politics, like biology, is evolving and progressives are at the cutting edge.

Establishment politics is an appendix that burst in the American body politic. The 2006 Democratic Congress may well be a tipping point in American social evolution. These DLC "Democrats" are indistinguishable from the most carnivorous fascist pugs. A very few exceptions prove the rule, but dems are cheek to jowl with the pugs at the hog trough provided by America's Dictatorship of the Rich for their obedient political puppets.

Nancy Peolsi and Harry Reed (our Democratic "leaders"?) have degenerated to swear words for the (no longer!) progressive/liberal base of the Democratic Party. "Go straight to Pelosi!" or "You're full of Reed!" may echo for the next hundred years.

The problem with stretching something "too far" is that it breaks. Duh. Eventually it breaks and that's exactly what happened to the Democratic Party when it was stretched into a veritable clone of the Republican Party by the beltway, Democratic "Leadership" (give us a break!) Committee. These soul selling James Carville types pushed Humpty Dumpty off the wall. The party's over. Man, is it over. And the DLC killed it (with a great deal of help from the openly anti-progressive Clintons).

I don't care if they still have offices and talk their elite sucking up talk, the party's over. Hey, James, don't you get it? You compromised too much. You kissed too many Republican you know what's. Your greed ate you alive. THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS DEAD.

How could it be otherwise? A square is a square and a circle is a circle and if you change the circle into a square, it's no longer a circle; it's a square. If you change the Democratic Party into the Republican Party, it's no longer the Democratic Party; it's the Republican Party. Is this see spot run enough for you?

How could you DLC traitors and greed heads possibly think you could get away with such blatant political/spiritual betrayal? Jeez, are you stupid? Or, maybe that's not it; maybe you think Americans are stupid -- especially, liberals and progressives. Is that the deal? Do DLC dems think American progressives and liberals are retarded? Did you really think we would just "go along" with your immoral, irrational slaughter of what was left of the Democratic Party?

Well, it didn't work, did it? Progressives are actually a pretty bright bunch and we think the DLC is something that belongs in an outhouse. Get the idea? We think you're scum. You betrayed the liberal/progressive base of the Democratic Party infinitely; so, guess what, we're gone! You pigs are on your own (fewer progressives would probably vote for Hillary Clinton, than pugs!).

But how is this all going to play out? We have a party in which the base has limitless contempt for the establishment facade. The beltway dems are TOTALLY disconnected from what is now the single greatest political force in American politics: progressives and liberals.

This is not opinion. This is confirmed over and over again by political polls and the going ballistic of political activism of progressives on the net.

Political evolution is an apt turn of phrase here, because like biological evolution, it's intrinsically beyond the reach of smug predictability, which is EXACTLY where America is right now. Las Vegas can cook up whatever odds they want on political this or that, but the alchemy of this passionate liberal revolution from the establishment Democratic Party could go in a thousand different directions.

The 3rd Party thing seems highly improbable, plus we no longer have a 2 party system in America anyway. We have the dem/pug ONE party system and we have millions of frustrated progressives who are trapped in a political system dreamed up by the astronomically rich to make sure they STAY astronomically rich.

So, arguably the single most important political/social question now in America is what will the powerful liberals & progressives do, since the Carville/Clinton clowns have killed the establishment, elite-worshipping Democratic Party deader than dead?

What comes next? You tell me.