Saturday, December 1, 2007

Politics is the will of the elites; not the will of the people.

Politics is evolving into a social dinosaur. It was invented by the Earth's elites delude the "masses" (their word for us) into thinking we have some (any!) input into the national/international policies of our government.

Yeah, right. Washington really is hanging onto our every word, aren't they? The dem/pug party (our one party political system) is wearing out their tongues licking the boots of the elites and/or the fascist thugs of the elites.

In other words, politics is a great success . . . but not for us (us, meaning 99+ percent of the human race).

So who are we? Well, we're not the elites, that's for sure, so just what is our role the social scheme of things. Remember the elites are a mere one percent of less of our country, so what's the story about all the rest of us?

That's easy. We're the money cows for the elites. Consumer cattle, that's us and we are kept in our pens by the cattle prods of the elite’s fascist thugs. So, Democrats and Republicans? What a joke. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumber.

But what about our constitutional rights? What about them? They've been shredded by the Bush/fascist/neocons. All part of the big cattle coral. Cattle with "rights"! Get serious. Cattle consume or they're sent to meat factories (like our cannon fodder children shipped to Bush's Oil Wars). Or they die with their boots on while working three jobs to pay taxes for the Bush/Cheney Oil Wars (also money cows). And oh yes, to fund munificent tax breaks to the elites. Yeah, tax breaks for the 1% and back breaks for the 99%.

But this is insane. Even a dog or cat would know it's insane. One percent are Gods & Goddesses and the other 99+ percent live like cattle. And what keeps all this social insanity in place? Politics, of course, which is exactly what it was designed to do and it's doing it with Democracy-killing and planet-killing success.

OK, time for radical social transformation. This transformation can and should be peaceful and legal, but we're not talking about tinkering and adjusting. Specifically, we're talking about BEDROCK changes in how the will of the majority is honored and expressed in human civilization. And that ain't politics!

Politics hasn't left liberals, moderates, and independents behind; it's exactly the opposite. WE HAVE LEFT POLITICS BEHIND.

Politics is the modus operandi that keeps alive the only distinction that now means anything on planet Earth: are you an elite, or are you a cow?

Well we're not elites and we have ZERO political/social representation, so we have only one option left (besides waiting to die) and that's to take the same intelligence, justice, courage, and realism our forefathers took to the creation of our noble (albeit now trashed) Constitution.

Ironically, the kiss of death is for folks to discount this option as meaningless, idealistic abstraction. In fact, to discount it thus is MUCH WORSE than pugs and fascists, because these cynics are the ultimate enablers of the elite/cow civilization.

So enablers please take a hike and leave the matter of creating radically new social forms to resurrect Democracy in human civilization to those of us who passionately feel it IS possible.

Where to begin? Nothing could be easier. We DON'T begin with the "Democratic Party", since the once upon a time Democratic Party has fundamentally ceased to exist. That time is over. Never again will we be able to morally and rationally commit to an elite boot licking Democratic Congress.

Now for some of you, all this is "being negative" and/or meaninglessly idealistic, but, hopefully, millions of Americans have got the point that WE MUST HAVE NEW SOCIAL FORMS TO EXPRESS THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE. Traditional/establishment politics expresses the will of the elites, not us.

New social forms like what? Yes, here's the essence of the challenge. And here's where we have to keep a force field around this vision to protect it from cynicism and resignation. What's sadly frustrating is that the big picture of this is painfully simple. The world belongs to the elites, the fascists are thugs of the elites, and the Democratic Party has sold its soul to the elites. Ergo, it's 100% up to us to create new social forms to stay in the flow of civilization.

Thinking the Democratic Party is going to help us is exactly like the woman with an abusive husband clinging to the fantasy that "he will change" and all will be well. Well, abusive husbands virtually NEVER change and neither will the Democratic Party. It is surrounded by so many fail safes; we could never "liberalize it" in a hundred years. So, let's just kiss it off and give our best time and energy to things that DO hold the promise of peaceful and legal social revolution.

Nationwide, targeted boycotts of America-killing and Earth-killing corporations would be as good place to begin. If we had a high profile collection of individuals or institutions which supplied us with a list of, say, 10 circulating corporations to boycott, the civilization changing potential of such a "will of the people" strategy would be literally limitless.

Boycotts not only would work, they DO work and the HAVE worked, but for this to be a quantum jump change to a social form which would empower us to take our world back, it would have to be vastly and realistically organized. But, wouldn't it be worth the effort? After all, we're talking about an ALTERNATIVE SOCIAL FORM to the Democratic Party, so we've got to be willing to hang in there and fight the good fight to make it happen.

It can't be said strongly enough that we're talking about a social revolution. Yes, a legal and peaceful revolution, but, to say it straight out, we're talking about a social form that actually expresses the will of the people and the Democratic Party now only expresses the will of the elites.

The irony is that such radically new social forms (including national strikes and constitutionally mandated petitions and referendums) have little to worry about from the fascists and elites, since they will almost certainly make the same mistake they made with the internet, i.e., to not take it seriously until it was too late. EXACTLY the same thing will almost certainly apply to these radically new social forms.

And for those of you who are observing that most of these forms really aren't "new", of course you're correct. But that's not the point. Who cares if boycotts have been used before since it was always in a very token way?

However, what we are talking about now are massively orchestrated strategies to boycott nationally (and hopefully even internationally) in the MILLIONS. Just think about that. God in heaven, the power of such a social form would be unbelievable.

So the bad news is that the dem/pug one party system utterly belongs to the elites and this one percent of the human race has stolen our government and even the planet (both of which they are rapidly killing).

However the GOOD NEWS is that this left us so spinning in the wind that we are now creating quantum jump social changes (e.g., national/internal boycotts) to replace meaningless social forms like the Democratic Party.

Hey, Democratic Party, you know what? You can be replaced! And you know what else? We're already doing it . . . with limitless help from the internet.

So, my middle and lower class brothers and sisters, keep the faith. If we work together with new and consummated social strategies for social change, the elites will inevitably stop being elites and the Have Not cows will stand up like the human beings we truly are and claim our God and constitutionally given birthrights.