Sunday, December 16, 2007

A cry for help to our traditional Republican friends and neighbors.

Once upon a time, most of us had Republican friends and neighbors. Sure, we didn't agree all the time, but there was almost always a significant degree of mutual respect, much like being the "loyal opposition" to each other's party.

We also shouldn't forget that financially conservative traditional Republicans are AT LEAST as horrified as we are by our plummeting economy and Bush/fascist financial insanities and illegalities in the trillions! And our dollar? Well, let's just not talk about that. Or the housing market? Or pre earthquake fissures in the stock market?

Also, to be fair and accurate, we should acknowledge that traditional Republicans have an honorable history when it comes to environmental issues. Indeed, thanks to them we had many (now Bush-dismantled) governmental protections for Mother Nature.

The list could go on and on, but this was the good ol' days when we had a viable two party system and this dynamic was the engine of American politics -- and "in general" Democrats and Republicans got along tolerably well. Let's face it, we certainly didn't think of them as Democracy and planet killers!

Alas, all that is now deader than dead, since the closest thing we have to a two party system now are fascists vs. progressives. The DLC establishment Democratic Party has basically been eaten alive by the Bush/Republican Party. Establishment Democrats (e.g., Pelosi, Reed, and Clinton) have all turned out to be closet Bush/Republicans. Hillary Clinton is a veritable female clone of George W. Bush and she's the number one presidential candidate for Carville-type beltway Democrats!

And the moral to this is what?

The moral is that Democracy and the Earth are being voraciously murdered by Bush/fascist psychopaths. EVERYTHING we hear now about global warming, ozone holes, oceanic pollution, etc., is the death rattle of the ecosystem of the planet. Also, remember that dipstick Armageddon religious fanatics think the Earth is going to go *boom* any day now, so they don't give a rat's derriere about our bleeding and beloved Mother Nature? Maybe it has something to do with being blessed with 70 IQ's.

And our Democratic Republic (going back to President Lincoln -- a Republican) has been replaced by Bush/fascists with an American early 3rd millennia version of the German 3rd Reich. Remember the German 3rd Reich? If not, let's just say it's what you see on Judas, propaganda television every day: genocide of innocent people, the rape and murder of our one and only planet, and a gargantuan transfer of wealth from the middle and lower classes to less than one percent of the American population (the vampire elites).

In short, a Dictatorship of the Rich Police State. So, the Bush/fascists represent NEITHER traditional Republicans any more than they represent traditional Democrats. This is not and never has been the issue or conflict.

Something ABSOLUTELY NEW is now loose in America and it's NOT the traditional Republican Party. Indeed, it is the mortal enemy of the traditional Republican Party because it is the mortal enemy of human civilization itself.

So, God in heaven, help us out here Republican friends! This all so lose/lose for ALL of us (Democrats, Republicans, and the human race) that we need all the help we can get. Our own party has virtually gone belly up, so all you honorable (and probably equally horrified!) traditional Republicans may help us all far more than the rags that are left of the Democratic Party.

Let's say it straight out. This is a cry for help from what you might consider liberals and progressives (the residue of FDR Democrats) to our Republican neighbors, relatives, and friends who loath and fear what these Bush neo Nazis (which is EXACTLY what they are!) are doing to our Constitutional Democracy and our nurturing, beautiful, and one and only planet Earth.

Bottom line: God Bless America and Mother Earth are fighting for their lives against the 4th Reich of George W. Bush. And right now, we're going down for the 3rd time! Plus, we should NEVER forget that the Royal Bush Family in the personage of Prescott Bush, G. W’s grandfather, tried to do EXACTLY the same thing in the 30's (check out Prescott Bush's name and see what you get -- just make sure you have a barf bag).

Please make no mistake. This is absolutely a cry for help! You folks must realize by now that if we don't WORK TOGETHER to get rid of these literal neo Nazis, our planet and Democracy are doomed. Who would have dreamed that, like, cancer in remission, they survived in the dark cracks of post WW2 until the time was right to reemerge as the metastasized cancer (and anti-Christ?) of Herr George W. Bush?