Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Earth's Gruesome Twosome: The Israeli/Palestinian War and the elite/Nazi international cabal

It's probably improper to speak of the "resurrected" Nazi Party, since it's now increasingly obvious the Party never died -- it just went into remission. And it's not really uniforms, arm bands, and torchlight ceremonies (although, who knows what's still to come), as it is a world view of such absolute evil that it would make Jesus weep.

Indeed, it would be much easier if we could corral this evil point of view into a single country, but exactly like the elites, this homicidal organization is "meta-national" (may we coin this word?), i.e., always under the radar of the laws and constitutions of governments.

These people (elites as well as Nazis) are just "out there" in the meta-national ozone and effortlessly slip though all the cracks and interstices of civilization.

The elites, for example, are frequently referred to as vampire elites and the image fits PERFECTLY, since they are draining the blood of our one and only planet and MUST have secrecy to cover their tracks from 99% of the human race (that's us!). Organized crime also lives in the meta-national and one wonders if they too share the bed with Nazis and elites. Florida comes to mind.

And as if we didn't have enough on our plate, like other countries we also have to deal with the heart breaking blood bath that is the nadir of hell itself on our planet: the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. The infinite irony is that polling suggests that BOTH countries are made up of citizens who long for a diplomatic healing of this endless horror, but they have little or no voice or influence. Sound familiar?

Indeed, diplomacy would be the healing rain which would heal not only the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, but ALL Middle Eastern conflicts. Another example (closer to home) is that most Americans want diplomacy to deal with Iraq, not more "surges" of American deaths and throwing" more multi billions of dollars at a War which planetary common knowledge now knows has been from the beginning only about oil and religious fanaticism. It is even frequently referred to as a "Crusade" -- of course these fanatics are too illiterate to know what happened to the last ones.

The tragedy is that the Israeli/Palestinian war is not what a mathematician would call a "closed system". To the contrary, it probably polarizes more of the planet than any other single event. The Israelis are our allies, but we are helping them in a war that MOST Americans and MOST Israelis and MOST Palestinians want to be ended with diplomacy and fairness to all, insofar as that's humanly possible.

Plus, we Americans are continuing to make vast financial sacrifices for this war. Yet, believe it or not, the issue is less resenting this, since most Americans are still supportive of Israel, as that we can simply no longer "afford" it! OUR OWN governmental infrastructures (e.g., roads, bridges, ports, etc., etc.) are falling into literal ruin.

Also please remember that this bottomless pit of financial aid (military action must be factored into this) is made possible only by increasingly burdensome taxes on America's middle and lower classes., since rich people in Bush America basically don't pay taxes anymore. Thus, America's Joe Citizen is paying for all of this. The same citizen who now has to have two or three jobs and who NEVER takes his/her family on vacations. The same citizen who has lost his/her retirement and health care.

So, just for the record, the funding for the Bush/Cheney Oil Wars, astronomical tax breaks for America's vampire elites, AND astronomical financial aid is all coming from US, America's sucker middle and lower classes, and we are losing EVERYTHING to pay for all of it -- "aid" included.

So if on the one hand we can purge ourselves of this elite/Nazi contagion (note that they're no longer under the radar and that's a BIG improvement), and on the other hand we can disentangle ourselves from intensely controversial military/financial commitments regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, maybe we can actually be a (non bankrupt) Constitutional Republic again.

Hey, this is the Christmas season. Anything's possible?