Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In one form or another, America is headed for Revolution

Obama is waffling more every day while the DLC Clinton right wing machine keeps desperately trying to take over the Presidency.

Should we be surprised? We should NEVER forget the DLC Clinton machine is what puked out the 2006 Congress of dem traitors, and just one example of an historical Clinton atrocity is their repeated support of Monsanto Corporation’s trashing of sane and "green" production of food.

The following excellent submission says it all: http://www.opednews.com/articles/Monsanto-and-Hillary-Clint-by-Linn-Cohen-Cole-090209-290.html.

Obama still deserves our support and Godspeed to him, but with the passage of every week, he keeps sliding more into "status quo" politics, i.e., NO FUNDAMENTAL CHANGE OF ANYTHING.

At the end of the next four years, it’s already probable the best we can hope for is a "decorated cage".

Of course, all this was 100% predictable since politics, even at its "best" is social game invented by and for the elites. Notice the Obama Administration is incomparably more generous to Wall Street than "Main Street". The sad, sad truth is that working class Americans are getting precious little from President Barack Obama.

Naturally, this is NOT Obama's Presidential campaign promises, but elitist lobbies like the AIPAC and Monsanto (both of whom "own" the Clintons), are showing the world again that this is the United States of Lobbies, not the United States of America.

In short, the "will of the people" (which was a MASSIVE mandate for radical change) is being laughed at by elitist, special interest lobbies. Indeed, the Chinese are accusing us of being the United States of Israel.

Ironically and tragically the rest of the world is not fooled by any of this Clinton/lobby/elite trashing of the will of the American people – which please remember, gave an overwhelming mandate to Obama for radical change.

But Obama is just reshuffling the deck, when what is needed is kicking over the card table and leaving the room.

So how do we get the Clinton, AIPAC, Monsanto, etc., etc., claws out of the jugular of America? NOT WITH POLITICS!!! That's the single most important realization for the betrayed soul of our "Dictator of the Rich" country.

And make no mistake, America IS a Dictatorship of the Rich and has been so for decades. That's why the lobbies are the true government of America. American elections are simply ignored in what is now probably the worst "banana republic" on the planet.

So, politics = the status quo = the American Dictatorship of the Rich = The United States of Lobbies. If we didn't get the message after the 2006 Congress of Clinton machine traitors, what's STILL HAPPENING in America is heart breaking proof that electoral mandates mean little or nothing in “our” (what a laugh!) country.

And the alternative to "establishment" politics is what? The alternative to decorating our cage is what? The alternative letting a handful of multi millionaire and multi billionaire lobbies spit on our Democratic and Constitutional Republic is what?

Revolution, of course. There is no other option. However, we must stay open the possibility that radical change doesn't have to come from radical violence. It may sound idealistic, but surely "nonviolent" revolution should be our highest priority.

Here's another way to say this. "The Beast" (i.e., mentally ill religious fanatics, the extremist right wing of every country on the Earth, and parasitical, astronomically rich elites), is the "reality" behind the "appearance" of politics.

Well, we too need a reality behind the appearance -- an ALTERNATIVE reality, of course, and one at least as powerful as the Beast.

In short, we need something that doesn't merely reshuffle the deck and decorate our miserable cage. We need something that kicks over the card table, leaves the room, and LIBERATES humanity from this political cage of the Beast.

Very simply, we're talking about apolitical, nonviolent REVOLUTION.

Impossible? Well not so fast. Actually there's a multitude of ways we can transcend the lose/lose game of politics and save our country, planet, and lives -- all of which the Beast is systematically murdering.

9/11 would be a good place to begin. We must be bulldog-like about this infinite treason and keep up a steady drumbeat of investigation and mutual communication. There's absolutely no doubt that MILLIONS of Americans (and even vastly more millions from other countries) have long since flushed down the toilet the pathetic (and even clumsy) pack of lies spun by the Bushivicks about this fascist engineered event -- indeed, almost certainly, a national/INTERNATIONAL event. The more we tug at these threads, is the more we will inevitably destroy the Beast, because planet-wide, common humanity will NOT ALLOW these traitors to go unpunished.

Systematic and surgically targeted national/international boycotts would also bring down the Beast.

These are just two totally apolitical strategies that would with absolute certainty DESTROY THE BEAST.

And please note that the engine of change in both cases is not "weaponry" but knowledge. It's hard to estimate how many Americans are now open to violent revolution; however, a powerful counter argument is that history has taught us that Revolutionary blood baths almost always end up making everything worse.

Plus, if most of the above is true, such militant revolutions would be totally unnecessary.

The operant turn of phrase here is "knowledge is power" and when you factor in the internet, we're talking about going international with this sharing and quest for knowledge. Naturally, the same would be true for national/international boycotts.

To wax hopeful, such planet-wide, electronic "town hall meetings" could also be extended to deal with even more of America's vast "unfinished business", e.g., the assassination of JFK (in which Daddy Bush played a documented and exceedingly odd role), the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Bobby Kennedy, and most recently, the probable assassination of Senator Paul Wellstone.

Since knowledge is the essence of these life and death strategies, here's an admittedly off the wall suggestion that almost certainly would work. What brought down Watergate was of kind of "mole" who supplied much (most) of the information that eventually got translated into the legal, constitutional hurricane that blew away the filth of Richard Nixon -- but not, alas, Henry Kissinger who was even more of an anti-Christ than Dick Cheney.

That's what we need for 9/11, etc. We need some "moles". That is to say we need some "insiders" to supply us with critical facts, dates, etc., we can use the same way they were used in Watergate. Hence, the suggestion is that we offer REWARDS (and substantial ones) to people who either "secretly" supply critical information or, even better, go public (for which they would be paid more). The caveat, of course, would be that IF AND ONLY IF their inside information (about national/international "inside jobs") led to congressional committees or courtrooms, would these individuals be paid the agreed upon "reward".

The Beast (aka, the "Have's" and religious fanatics) is the God of the Earth and has been so for millennia. Politics will never come within light years of The Beast, since politics was INVENTED by and for the elites. It's the bone they throw to the human race to delude us into thinking we have ANY significant role in government.

If the human race doesn't "quantum jump" to the awakening that politics is not part of the solution, it IS the problem, the extinction of our species is realistically inevitable in the very near future. Exaggeration? Look at the hundreds of scientific articles on the net, in books, and magazines that are predicting the rapid destruction of what's left of the life and death ecosystems of humanity.

Its see spot run simple: The Beast vs. the continued existence of the human species. If we don't transcend this lose/lose game of elite, establishment politics and take 100% responsibility for apolitically destroying The Beast, evolution will select out the pitiful "human experiment" before it has a chance to even get started.


ps: The good news (and Lord, we need some) is that massive sharing of knowledge on the net is already in full force. It needs some goosing to be more systematic and “focused”, but we already have the means to destroy The Beast with mountain ranges of knowledge, facts, and evidence. More specifically, we need to “internationalize” sites, submissions, and communications to include EVERY country on the planet. This is the imperative “next step” in the evolution of our virtually limitless “information machine”.

ps2: Plus, we need to buy some moles!