Saturday, June 27, 2009

Does human misery come from victimization or a defective species?

(1.) Explanation one: The social matrix of the world we're born into is fundamentally a host for The Beast (mentally ill religious fanatics, astronomically rich parasites, and the KKKesque, psychotic right wing of every country on the planet). This is clearly a victim explanation, much like being an innocent child born into a defective, dysfunctional family. Said more formerly, this is the sociological explanation for our slave civilization, i.e., the American police state Dictatorship of the Rich.

(2.) Explanation two: We are victims of the power and wealth of roughly 1% of the planet, i.e., astronomically rich elites -- Paris Hilton comes to mind. Against such limitless wealth and power we (basically, the entire human race) are simply cattle on the way to the slaughter house. The evidence is overwhelming that the Haves are committing systematic genocide all over the planet. They think we need to be weaned of around two billion cattle (oops, I mean human beings). They already got a good start in Africa and New Orleans was probably just a fun experiment.

(3.) Explanation three: Lets face it; the world is chiefly made of deadweight, deadbeat, brain dead enablers and scabs, without which The Beast would have no social acceptance. We should never forget that "social acceptance" is the very life blood of The Beast (or the Haves), so the enablers and scabs (e.g., Bill Clinton's right of center army of DLC deadbeats), are the absolutely necessary putrid underbelly of The Beast. No enablers, no Beast. Oh yes, what about Obama? Obama who? He doesn't even exist. He's done about 3% of what he solemnly promised he would do during the presidential campaign, so, next to Bill Clinton, he’s probably planetary enabler number two. Lastly, please note that explanation number three is also a victim explanation. However much we may rage about it, the enablers give acceptance and power to The Beast -- and have done so for thousands of years.

(4.) Explanation four: First, we should note that we could articulate several more victim explanations, but that's of no consequence, since the time has come to look at the REAL explanation -- which, guess what (?), isn't a victim explanation at all.

OK, what follows will be vigorously objected to by many readers. but perhaps also vigorously agreed to by even more readers.

However, before entering into this, may I ask the indulgence of many of my reader friends (or whomever) that what follows may well be the end of many (most? all?) of my future submissions since for me it is the absolute bedrock account of this pitiful human carnival we all are putting up with.

The victim explanations are trash. ALL of them! Certainly they each have their role in this convoluted sitcom called the human condition (also called "consensus reality"), but in the words of my high school debate coach, they all put the emPHAsis on the wrong syLLAHble.

Here's a little background for the asserted real explanation.

First, since it’s obvious to barnyard animals that the scam of "politics" (ALL forms, ALL parties) is not only not part of the solution, it IS the problem since it was invented by and for the elites to recycle the status quo (jeez, just look at Clinton and Obama), first things first should be to turn to APOLITICAL activism when dealing with The Beast. Revolution is certainly one possibility, but there are also several non-violent ones (e.g., national/international boycotts, strikes, etc.).

The core evil of life is festering in places like the Israeli extremist right wing -- or ANY collection of murder in the name of God multi millionaires and billionaires. But what do we do with these infinitely righteous psychopaths? Well, with abundant help from suck up Bill Clinton, we allow the AIPAC to wag American Middle Eastern foreign policy like a tail. Gee, wouldn't it be a miracle if Americans got to decide our OWN foreign policy? Don't hold your breath.

Time for a brief pit stop since this list of anti American (and anti EARTH) atrocities could go on and on. But you see that's just the point. We already know EXACTLY who are the psychopaths and murderers! We know EXACTLY who keeps destroying the American economy, we know EXACTLY who keeps metastasizing the Middle East cancer to the entire planet, and we now have scientific and observational evidence piled to the moon that 9/11 was a national/international inside job.

And of course we know EXACTLY who keeps raping and murdering Mother Nature. Duh, how about fossil fuel Earth killers, retarded haters of science, and "preemptive" warmongers who use our children for cannon fodder in their money cow oil wars?

It's time for the bottom line (and maybe one of my last ones). We now know EVERYTHING about the dynamics of evil (i.e., The Beast – who they are, where they are, etc.)), and we know politics is the very life blood of The Beast, and we know ONLY apolitical solutions can save our country, human civilization, and the life and death ecosystems of human existence (as well as thousands of "innocent by stander” species), but we still keep sucking our thumbs in consensus reality, babbling about elections, political parties, and elected traitors. Since we could realistically, apolitically DESTROY THE BEAST in a matter of weeks (the power we could focus is effectively limitless), the conclusion is as inevitable as death!

We "allow" The Beast, we "allow" the miraculous Earth to be ravaged and mangled, we "allow" our descendants to have no future, we "allow" the gaggingly righteous Israeli fanatics to steal an entire country while turning Palestine into a WW2 concentration camp, etc.

Any species which would allow the criminal theft of ethical/rational nations, the murder of civilization itself, as well as its own self extinction and the suicidal betrayal of its planetary home, is not being "victimized"! The evil is as exquisitely obvious as how to deal with the evil.

Thus, there is only one POSSIBLE explanation of such infinite stupidity, betrayal, and cowardice. The human species is radically, ontologically, spiritually, existentially defective. There can be no excuse in this or any other universe, whether there is a God or whether there is not a God, for how we are dealing with the ultimate (and TOTALLY solvable) challenges of human existence.

The Beast is the God of this planet because humans are cosmic slobs bound for an appropriate and inevitable extinction.

Victims, hell! We are allowing EVERYTHING and the Earth is probably holding its breath until Homo sapiens reap the inevitable extinction fruit their pathetic defectiveness has sown.

300 more years, tops.


W. Christopher Epler (Bill)

Addendum: I almost didn’t add this because it’s going to be tip of an iceberg (as opposed to a monograph), but I know in my quarks many readers (pro or con) are going to challenge me with being a member of the very species I am throwing into the trash heap.

Not a problem. Over the millennia, many Homo sapiens have “transcended” their species. Not physically or biologically perhaps (even though suddenly computer/android possibilities are exploding), but in ways impossible to briefly articulate.

May we go back to “consensus reality” (a good jumping off place)? Consensus reality is basically the mind set of the human species. The context for this is simply out of reach in a mere “addendum”, but it is similar to the ancient oriental intuition of “maya”. Consensus reality is a language/thought version of life. It’s what we see when we look at raw givenness “through” totally arbitrary and programmed though-forms (the Hindu/Buddhist name/rupa).

The thinking about point of view, for example, presumes to put reality into perspective (from what vantage point, one wonders). It is also the essence of what we mean by words like ego/personality. The famous “separate self” (separate from the equally famous “external world”) is the fundamental identity of human beings.

But, this is really an intelligence embarrassment since NOTHING is “separate from” reality and equally NOTHING is an island of self existent being. Sorry about the philosophical jargon and I will shut up about all this as soon as possible.

The point I am struggling to articulate is that just because you have two legs, two arms, and a head may mean you are a certain kind of life “form”, but life is n-dimensional and you may be a VERY different being beyond the relative appearance.

Any speculation about a deep connection between the profoundly defective Homo sapien species and “consensus reality” (a criminally simplistic version of the reality/universe) is beyond the scope of this paper, but it is almost certainly true that this effectively universal mind set has programmed our species to act out delusion.

Life is clearly a unity in process and eternally beyond the reach of pseudo separate selves and arrogant thought (basically, internalized language). Thought is the long arm of conditioning, but liberation is groundedness in transcendence. Only if and when the human race realizes that “awakening” (to use that beautiful word) is not that the dreamer finally wakes up from the dream but that SOMETHING MORE REAL THAN THE DREAMER wakes up from the dreamer, will the human species be free.

Some readers may feel offended that our species is being discounted (hey, ye shall judge them by their fruits), but miss the affirmation in the addendum that (however radical this may sound) our species is almost irrelevant.

I have given much of my life to try to “help my species”. However, I think that is now finally over for me because apparently our species is simply beyond help. If you could give an IQ number to a species, I think Homo sapens are down there in the 80’s (sad, sad, sad), hence I am in the process of cutting myself loose and returning to dimensions inaccessible to these defective creatures.

I feel a certain sadness that this means I’ll no longer be fighting the good fight against The Beast in general and the Israeli lunatic right wing fringe (the core evil of our desperately wounded planet) in particular, but one can go on only for so long when the ultimately evil and dysfunctional tragedies of a species are COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD, plus how to remove these dysfunctional evils are also COMPLETELY UNDERSTOOD, and yet the species in general takes no responsibility for anything and simply waits (however unconsciously) to go extinct. Well, be my guest and don’t bother to shut the door behind you. Believe me, you won’t be missed.

Several human species were experimented with by evolution. Clearly the wrong one briefly survived.

Oh well, it’s a big universe and intelligence/spirituality isn’t limited to mere appearance.