Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's finally obvious the banks of America ARE America

Behind the financial labyrinth of America's broken economy are banks, banks, and banks.

Have you had the interest on your bank credit cards doubled yet? Well, that letter is probably in the mail.

Now let's get this straight. Banks are in dire straits because of the stupidity and infinite greed of the bankers, but we're supposed to "rescue" them with an unending progression of "bail outs" (continuing with tough talking, but mouse acting President Obama).

Wow, is that a win/win business or what? Do whatever you like; mislead, lie, and effectively steal TRILLIONS from working class Americans, but when you get into trouble, turn to those same working class Americans (taxes!) for bailouts . . . and bailouts . . . and bailouts. It never ends. Banks are bailout machines. That's their life blood. Well, really it's "our" lifeblood since banks are like financial vampires plugged into all of our necks.

But of course even bailouts aren't enough to keep the most defective businesses on the planet afloat. Ergo, INTEREST RATES. Banks are gouging even their best customers for more and more interest on their kiss of death credit cards.

You want to commit financial suicide? Hey, just take out a credit card from a Vampire Bank. In due course (actually, very quickly) they'll manipulate you up to an interest rate you'll be trying to pay down ten years after your dead.

But bail outs and credit cards are just two ways the banks of America (e.g., Bank of America) have radically helped to destroy the American economy.

And with a different cast of characters and different vicious strategies, it's increasingly obvious the banks of America ARE America.

Who, more than any other aspect of American society, does President Obama handle with kid gloves? No, it's not even Wall Street. It's limitlessly rich and certainly limitlessly powerful banks.

How ironic that these Midas ghouls and paper shuffling wimps are exactly the people and institutions the MOST distant from the real world of working class Americans.

Hey, its non stop play time at the bank. Doesn't anyone ever have to "lift" anything or "repair" anything or "invent" anything? Do they ever have to DO anything -- but paper shuffle?

No, they live in a surreal paper reality of money, contracts, and (most of all!) debts. And we should never confuse this play time money with authentic "wealth". Wealth is the real thing. It's our national resources, the labor or millions, and the passion of entrepreneurs. Its water and the cornucopia of the Earth. In short, wealth is "real", but paper money is just numbers on a page or a wad of elaborately constructed paper rectangles you can’t even eat.

But bankers have hypnotized us into thinking this is exactly backwards, i.e., MONEY is what's real, and all the other "stuff" (including the planet and our labor of a lifetime) is fundamentally irrelevant. Reality for them stops at the doors of the bank and whatever is "outside" (for openers, the human race) has only a symbolic reality.

Banks see each of us the way our genes see us, i.e., we're just "hosts" for the passage of something. But the money game works only because banks are the virtual Gods of human existence. All that paper shuffling (and cash shuffling) is the "reality" behind the "appearance" of the lives of your children, the Himalaya's, the solar system, and even death itself.

But how did all this literal insanity happen? Of course it evolved over millennia (most recently, in the Italian city states during the Middle Ages), but it is now the abstract paradigm in which the human species is seemingly hopelessly ensnared.

Lastly, to put all this more writ large, consider the following observation and question.

(1) Naturally, talking about banks means we're talking about the elites (aka, the "Have's"). So banks are an effective synonym of the elites because banks are the lovingly constructed sledge hammers the elites are holding over all of us; and

(2) What countries or cultures come to mind when you think of banks and/or money, money, money people, because these countries and cultures are the ultimate jailers of human existence. You show me a vampire elite and I'll show you a thousand people who are staked to the money game for the rest of their lives.

The money game is evil and the people who dominate the money game are evil. And banks are the nauseating face of the money game.

Again, please, please keep asking yourself what countries and cultures are historically identified with this incalculably evil money game, because these are the countries and cultures who have tricked and wormed their way into the very heart of human existence. And where the money game rules, there is no creativity, compassion, humanity, or joy -- just vermin money changers.

So, money, banks, elites, and the cultures and countries thereof are death itself. Banks are the institutions of death and these countries are the countries of death and these cultures are the cultures of death.

Let's see, what was it that Jesus did to the "money changers" in the temple? Something about scourging them out of the temple (the Spiritual Sanctuary) wasn't it?

All this insanity and evil is usually so far behind the scenes its virtually invisible, but when you get your notice in the mail about how your credit card interest rate is going through the roof, or when you hear about the next bank bail out (how many now -- I've lost track), or the next time you're reminded that country X and/or culture Y is a putrescence of murder in the name of God billionaire psychopaths, these may well be our final warnings that cash-register-souled money changers (and we all know exactly who they are) are now openly pushing the human species into extinction.